1. Aaron, brother to Moses, 512.31; 515.2.
  2. Abnegate, whoever had learned to, self and labor for the good of others, was already above grade fifty, and his ascension should be perpetual thereafter, 418.9. to, one's own self. This is the most difficult law, 707.15.
  3. Abnegation, without, of one's self, no man shall have peace of soul either on earth or in heaven, 498.13; 419.13.
  4. Abortion, some very young, slain by their mothers and fathers, 207.9.
  5. Abram, birth of, prepared for by Jehovih, 301. chap. xiii. was an I'huan, appearance of, 328.7. grade ninety-five, 326.11. a maker of baskets, 327.3. could see without eyes and hear without ears, 328.8. servant in a king's family, 328.10. inspired by the God Vishnu, 328. U.B.9. name changed to Abra-Ham, made chief rab'bah, 327.1 to 3. Cpenta-armij spends twelve days with 348.8.
  6. Abraham visits Sodom and Gomorrah, 329.5 to 330.9. commanded by an angel to offer up his son Isaac, 330.10 to 331.20. declares even the chosen of God can be deceived by evil angels, 331.1 to 332.10. to be a father to many peoples, 333.3. 's wife Sarai and her maid Hagar, 333.5 to 335.18. accused of being father to Ishmael, and of attempting to burn his son Isaac as a sacrifice to his God, 336.25 to .32. inquires of God (Vishnu) concerning the people of the kings and the Faithists, also of marriage, gifts, government, learning, servitude, products of labor, the lazy and they that shirk, and of lands, 337. chap. xii. 's son Isaac takes Rebecca to wife, 340.1 to 342.16. establishes his people in families, 342.17. 's record cleared up in regard to him and Ishmael and Isaac, 343.19 to .21.
  7. Absolve, thou shalt, them that are depressed because of their sins, 209.16.
  8. Absolved, and thou shalt be, and forgiven thy sins, 778.23.
  9. Accomplish, rather is it wise to, whatever work Jehovih hath put in thy way, than to desert it for sake of personal comfort, 160.29; 211.9 to 10.
  10. Actinic force, 585.34; 594.15 to 595.16.
  11. Adam, the Par'si'ean word, adopted instead of the Vedic Asu (which see), 450.11.
  12. Adavaysit. See under Ship.
  13. Adept, at eighteen he (Thothma) was admitted as an, in life and death, 450.15. college students, who had attained, 454.13.
  14. Adeptism in the Father's kingdom, 815.15; 838.21.
  15. Adepts, Chamber of 659. during Thothma's reign, 456.30.
  16. Adeptship attained to, so that the angels could carry him up and down within the pillar, which was fifty lengths of a man, 446.11.
  17. Adonya, the earth Gods, that is the Lords were now called, 56.17; 73.69.
  18. Adult, ye shall persuade any, to come into the Father's kingdom 852.2. neither shalt thou strive to teach any, man or woman who is without faith in Me, 827.14; 51.6.
  19. Advise, neither shall one man, another without becoming bound to him that followeth his, 750.20.
  20. Aejin, Ahura and his emissaries discovered that by pressing down the front brain of infants they could be made capable of Su'is, 297.19 to 22. the person so communing with the spirits was called in the Egyptian language, and ranked next to the Sun King, 335.21; 368.26; 373.24; 632.45; 639.9.
  21. Affiliative, making thyself, 797.29; 710.17; 749.37; 798.7.
  22. Afflicted, when the wealth of the rich man is stolen, do not mortals say, Poor man, Jehovih hath, him, 483.3; 521.30.
  23. Ahaoma, earth food, 475.30.
  24. Ahura (Ctusk, a former Lord of Jehovih's host), renounces Jehovih and founds a kingdom for himself in heaven, 293.1 to 3. history of, and his kingdom, 293.1 to 301.36; 303.4, 5; 305.1 to 311.30. takes the name Ahura'Mazda, the All Sufficient High God, 294.7. takes the name Ahura'Mazda, the Holy Begotten Son of All Created Creations, 296.7. receives messages from God, and replies thereto, 293.4 to 294.15. is interpreted to God by Jehovih, 294.16, 17. finds a way to raise up prophets and seers, 297.18 to 298.24. claims to have been the inspirer of Zarathustra, 298.7. 's kingdoms disturbed by the lack of advancement of his Sub-Gods 298.8 to 299.15. 's Sub-Gods send an address to God in Mouru, 299.16 to 300.29. issues a proclamation, but with little effect, 301.34 to 36. has 30,000 parade ships built, and cruises in atmospherea, 306.13 to 307.20.
  25. Ahura, while, is cruising, his throne is plundered by Ootgowski, 307.21 to 308.30. cast into hell, delivered out of hell, sentenced to take his kingdom and people and deliver them into righteousness 309.1 to 311.30. before Cpenta-armij, 334.1 to 335.8. spoken to by the voice of Jehovih, 335.9 to 336.15. removes his plateaux away from the earth, 336.16 to 343.14. prays to Jehovih as to what he shall say or do in the matter of Anuhasaj, 390.1 to .3. sends word to Anuhasaj in his own way, 390.4 to 392.35. and God unite their kingdoms, 433.1 to 434.10. prays to Jehovih that he may go to Osiris and Te-in and Sudga and plead His cause, 436.6 to .8. visits Te-in, and the interview between them, 436.9 to 439.32. visits Sudga, and the interview between them, 439.5 to 441.17. visits Osiris, and the interview between them, 441.5 to 443.26. invited by Lika to visit him, 488.1. speaks before Lika and his Holy Council, 488.2 to 493.34. delivers Anuhasaj from a knot in hell, 499.6 to 500.9. and other Gods and Goddesses make the sacred circle, and after many days they restore Anuhasaj to reason, 500.10 to 502.30. after the same manner delivers Anubi (Chesota), 502.1 to .2. takes Anuhasaj and Chesota before Lika, and they are judged, 502.3 to 504.22. sends his Brides and Bridegrooms to etherea 504.1 to 506.22. removes the remainder of Vara-pishanaha to Hao-yusta, the kingdom of Anuhasaj, 507.1. speaks at the time of the judgment and sentence of Osiris and Te-in and Sudga, 512.38 to 514.11. goes to etherea with Lika and his hosts 531.9.
  26. Airavagna. See under Ship.
  27. A'ji, first degree of density of an atmospherean world, 6.8. the earth in, 800 years, 94.7. what, is. Drujas delight therein, 305.9 to 306.10. great power of, 302.16 to .18. mortals must have sufficient, that the race become not extinct, 264.16. the earth of this region (Jaffeth) hath been in, 1300 years, 265.8. when, cometh near a dawn of dan, loo'is shall fly swiftly, 303.1 to 3. earth in, 557 plate 32. remarks under, 564 plate 39. earth passing through, aggregateth and groweth, 616.56. of 400 years, will fall upon the earth, 687.7, 9, 12. See 308.2, 3; 602.9; 689.4.
  28. A'ji'an fields, 174.9; 178.11. forests, most rich in adamantine substances, 479.3; 471.4; 487.11; 687.3; 689.1. habitations, how, are made, 135.12; a throne of A'ji, 135.11. swamps, 466.10. vortices, 177.4.
  29. Alexandrian Library destroyed by Looeamong, 736.21.
  30. Algonquin, See under O-pah-e-go-quim.
  31. All Highest, he who liveth the, he can, 202.9; is not this the, man should aim at? 204.19; 224.7. because of unbelief in the Great Spirit man has set himself up as the, 217.17; 78.7; 179.4; 200.12; 201.13. I will show them that without an, Person there is no resurrection for angels or men., 389.7; 100.25; 240.9; 201.14 to .16; 65.5; 84.35; 151.23; 187.14; 237.14; 283.36; 534.3; 697.34; 916.3, 4.
  32. All Highest, worshippers or the spirits instead of the, 912.24.
  33. All Highest, is thy neighbor, 916.3 to 4.
  34. All Light, incomprehensible, 120.14; 207.3; 352.6. answereth everything in heaven and earth after its own manner, 251.28. to the summit of, even Gods have not attained, 551.22.
  35. All Person, a man without perception of the, 52.3; 242.30, 31. thou, O E-o-ih! incomprehensible, 104.12; 240.17 to 241.22. many who perceive the, and many who deny Him, 111.12; 144.16. he who hath attained to understand that all things are but one harmonious whole hath also attained to know what is meant by the term, 546.21; 777.25 to .29.
  36. Almighty, shall a man lose sight of the, 82.4. the Unapproachable, 93.17. never attain to the, 282.21; 683.2, 3. none can stay the hand of the, 796.35.
  37. Almighty, look back to mortals and call them to the exalted heavens of the, 911.3.
  38. Almighty, but they have built not an edifice of unity and glory to the, 912.9.
  39. Alms-bowl, to be carried one year by every king in the Kingdom of the Sun, 202.10. to be carried one year by Asha, 203.11, 12; 207.7; 209.1. carried three years by Sakaya, 704.9; 195.35; 380.7.
  40. Ammonites, who were of the Foneceans, 333.2.
  41. An All Higher, forever and forever do I keep before them the testimony of, 61.12.
  42. Ancients, wherein every cycle asserteth itself wise and the, fools, 110.1 to 3. were for the past era, and not for the present, 568.3 to 6; 747.15. man nowadays is not so foolish as the, 557.20 to 24. doctrine of the, 713.12 to 714.25; 715.20.
  43. Angels, the, who are good labor for those beneath them. This is their work day and night. They go not away to idleness forever, 117.17. who sayest thou the, are, 492.8 to 10; 653.24 to 27; 914.19 to 32.
  44. Angels of God, the rank of all such, 912.22.
  45. Angels of heaven, the Lord brought the, to man, 43.2. commanded by the Lord to give up their forms, 43.8.
  46. Angels of Jehovih, the rank of all such, 912.22.
  47. Animals, no desire for spiritual life, nor with capacity to accumulate spiritually, 231.14 to 232.18. are completed in the place of their dwelling. It has no aspiration to make itself better or wiser, that it may contribute to the creation, 241.5. how they were first created, 596.8; also 819.16, 2 to 7, 20; 821.19, 395.14. spirits of, survive in heaven for a season, 785.8 to 786.12. talking, man and woman were the only, created in all the created worlds, 193.3.
  48. Anra'mainyus, my everlasting enemy, 139.3.
  49. Anubi, the, Sub-God of the heavenly kingdom of Me-de, 378.4 to 6. 's labor on earth. 380.1.
  50. Anubi, rites and degrees of, 380.2 to 381.12.
  51. Anubi (Chesota), master of the scales of heaven, savior of men, son of De'yus, 386.7.
  52. Anubi's city Aubi and his duties under De'yus, 387.22 to 388.24;407.10. gives up his place in fear of the drujas, 435.13 to 16. cast in to hell, 436.12. after 400 years (436.3) is delivered out of hell, but is in chaos, knowing nothing, wild, screaming, I am not the Savior, I am not, I am plain Chesota (his real name), 502.1,2. restored to reason (502.2), taken before Lika for judgment, and judges himself, 503.13 to 504.18.
  53. Anubis, Rites of, and plate 82, 640, 642.
  54. Anuhasaj, a one time mortal, 393.18; a former Sub-God, comes before Ahura, 337.4 to 339.15. shatters the line at the time of raising Ailkin, 341.2 to .5; 342.9. told by Satan (self) how the whole earth and her heavens may become his, 381.4 to 382.13. attains to be Lord God, and is crowned by God Son of Jehovih, 382.14, 15. receives more advice from Satan, and follows it, 382.16 to .21. invites to a festival those whom he knew would willingly do his bidding, and speaks before them, 382.22 to 26. replied to by his Lords and Lordesses, 382.27 to 384.46. again speaks, and then declares the assembly dissolved, 384.1 to .9. and his Lords and Lordesses all receive advice from Satan, 385.1 to .4. resigns the Lorddom, and sends for his Lords and Lordesses, 385.9 to .12. crowned, our God of the earth and her heavens, the Very Lord God in Jehovih. Thus became a false God, 385.13, 14. manner of crowning, 386.15 to 19. declares the establishment of a De'yus, 386.1 to 6. appoints his rulers, and they resign the Diva, 386.7 to 387.18. and his host go to Hored and found his two capital cities, 387.19 to 388.26. assumes the name De'yus (Dyaus), and declareth himself against Jehovih, 388. chap. xii. and his Gods entreated by God of Craoshivi to return, 390.15, 16. makes the laws of the Lord God, and they are ratified, 392. chap. xv. orders the destruction of all vessels plying to the upper plateaux, the locking up of all libraries, and surrounds his kingdom with a standing army, 394.3 to 11. gives a feast, and makes a speech, 394.12 to 396.27. officers his army to go down and subdue the earth, 396.28 to 35. had had 2700 years' experience, and was not a dull God, 398.1. addresses his five chief friends, and they reply, 398.4 to 399.10. assigns his army of three thousand million angels, one-third to Te-in for Jaffeth, one-third to Sudga for Vind'yu, and one-third to Osiris for Arabin'ya and the regions west and north, with Baal and Ashtaroth as his earth managers, 399.11 to 400.17. invites his five warrior Gods to Sanctu to a feast, 412.10, and each of them speaks of his exploits, 412.4 to 7.
  55. Anuhasaj declares before them his doctrines and creation, to be given to mortals, and they are so given, but are not deemed sufficient by the learned men, 412.11 to 414.3. 's three Gods, by advice of Satan, consult with one another, 414.4 to 415.17. 's three Gods make a bible (Osirian) in their own way, and give it to mortals, 415. chap. xxix. Acquiesces in all his three Gods had given to mortals, 418.1,2. and his false Gods prosper in heaven 900 years, but in 950 years begin to quarrel and fight among themselves, 418.5, 6. now has twenty-eight thousand million spirits in his kingdom, vast cities with streets paved with heavenly diamonds, and yet each and every God begins to see coming danger, 418.8 to 10. Satan again visits, and his Gods, first praising and then chiding them, 419.12 to 420.21. calls a meeting of his Gods in Hored. Osiris and Sudga come, but not Te-in, 420.1 to 421.12. receives Osiris and Sudga in great magnificence, 420.2 to 421.13. sweetly tells his tale, even as Satan had taught him, 421.14 to 18. and his two Gods find fault with one another, and the conference breaks up "amidst a most disgusting quarrel," 421.19 to 423.37; 431.1. left alone, soliloquizes, and is presently informed that Te-in had seceded, then Sudga, then Osiris with Baal and Ashtaroth, and then Uropa and Guatama,431.2 to 6. then is silent for a long while considering, 431.6. decides to lower Hored nearer to the earth, but his highest grades begin to leave him, 431.7 to 432.10. danger is already staring, in the face; his heart begins to fail him, and he has no time for war against his seceding Gods, 432.10 to 12. receives a message from God, and returns an insulting answer, 432.1 to 5. is besought by God to heed the coming danger, 432.6 to 433.14. under the names God, and Lord, and Lord God, and De'yus had now, for a thousand years, become fixed in mortals' minds as the Creator, a large man sitting on a throne, guarded by his Son Anubi, 435.4 to 7. established the names Lord God and De'yus (Dyaus) (Deity) as worshipful on the earth. Before that time man worshipped Me under the term Great Spirit. Remarks under Plate 19,493. 's hosts on every side are deserting him, and ji'ay comes pressing downward, slowly and surely, 435.8. and his officers try by music to hold the forty thousand million to peace and order, but at last Hored touches the earth, and then alas, all order died. The doors of hell were opened, 435.9 to 11. and Anubi and more than a million officers are swallowed up in measureless darkness, 436.12,13. and Anubi and his host to stay in hell for 400 years, 436.1 to 3. locked up in hell; even high-raised Gods would not find it safe to go to him, 436.6; 482.13. and Anubi delivered out of hell, restored to sound reason, judged, their kingdoms restored to them, and "when thou hast raised up thy whole kingdom, then wilt thou also be raised up," 498.5 to 504.22; 487.12.
  56. Anuhasaj, Bondage upon, Whilst the name of God or Lord or Savior is worshipped upon the earth, I shall labor with the drujas of heaven and the Druks of earth, 501.17,18. Behold thy God is in the image of a man, and he sitteth on a throne in heaven; he shall be bound while this belief survived on the earth, 483.17. said: Whilst I am in hell or in heaven, in hada or on the earth, will I pursue all peoples, mortals and angels, till I cast out the worship of a God and a Lord and of a Savior, 501.18; 685.2.
  57. Aoasu, signifying land and sky world for the first spirit life after mortal death, 188.20; 225.9.
  58. Aph, son of Jehovih, high dwelling in the etherean worlds, and oft trained in the change and tumult of corporeal worlds, 69.1. Orion Chief, mighty above all the countless millions of Gods and Goddesses assembled, had he attained in the play and management of worlds, 92.7. See under the Submersion of the Continent of (Pan) Whaga. is addressed by the God of the earth, Neph, and replies, 81.1 to 82.10. speaks before God (Neph) and his Lords and host, 83.22 to 84.33. departs, going on a journey farther than 10,000 suns, 85.6. returns at the end of 200 years, and takes Neph and his host to etherea, 91. chap, xvi.
  59. Apollo, son of Jehovih, brevet Orion Chief (121.6), once a mortal, earth-born, of the continent of Pan, dweller in etherea 50,000 years, 108.2; 110.1; 114.18. 's mission to the earth, 112.1 to 4; 114.12, 13. Jehovih changed the forms of the earth-born; but they became worshippers of, 125.13; and mortals took to destroying ill-formed children and cripples, thus casting the ills of mortality into heaven, 125.7. 926.
  60. Aqueducts and Great Canals of Vind'yu destroyed, 448.20; 764.6 to 8.
  61. Arabin'ya (Africa), so named by Fragapatti, 142.4; 331.28. description of, and her people, 405.7 to 10.
  62. Arc of Bon, time of the, shall be 400 years, Remarks, Plate 21, 449.
  63. Arcs of the earth, and also of the sun, defined, 10.2; 59.1 to 4.
  64. Airiata. See under Ship.
  65. Arieune, Goddess, tells Fragapatti the location of a knot of a thousand million, 250.3 to 6. shows Hoab the way to the knot, 252.6 to 10.
  66. Around About, a child, a man, a God, a Lord learn from that which is round about; neither can they acquire anything more forever, 117.1.
  67. Asaphs, their office and duties, 12.31; 16.22 to 17.25; 287.7; 332.38.
  68. Ascetic, God judgeth the, 800 chap. xxvi.
  69. Asha (a mortal), learned in many things, 174.6 to 175.15. before So-qi, King of Oas, 175.2 to 180.12. made King of the Sun, 181 chap. v. 's interview with Zarathustra, 185.17 to 188.17. says: Alas, my kindred are dead; my friends are fools! I have none to tell these wonders to, 188.15.
  70. Asha receives the book written by Zarathustra, interview with him and with I'hua'Mazda, 196.11 to 204.20. 's proclamation of the Ormazdian law, 204 chap. xiv. councils with Zarathustra as to abdicating his throne, 206.1 to 207.7. questions in regard to prayer, 208.8 to 15. gave up all he had on earth, carrying the alms-bowl, 209.1. arrested and brought before the king, Hi'ya'tseing, 211.9 to 10. bound upon the wheel of uh'ga, 210.11 to 212.18. delivered down from the wheel by I'hua'Mazda, 212.19 to 20. again before the king, 212.21 to 213.29. is told by Pon'yah, King of Oas, "Thou art an old fool. Go thy way," 246.17. speaks to the learned men, who say, "Pity old, a knave hath dethroned his reason!" 249.18,19. writes down the substance of the words of the spirit Zarathustra, 255.22. oratory. Power of reciting with effect. Basis of Vede, 665.52.
  71. Ashars (guardian angels over mortals), their office and duties, 11.24 to 12.30; 32- 17.23. four generations, 133 years, shall he serve as an, 287.5. appointed to mortals (at time of corporeal birth, and every, shall have 100 changes of labor with 100 different mortals, to learn all the varieties of men and women, 332.37. the kind of mortals over whom, are weak to protect them, 403.14 to 16. nor shall ye ever make yourselves known to him through his corporeal senses, for your labor is with the spirit, 680.4, 7; 681.8. also, 379.3; 402.8; 467.10, 11; 684.20, 2U 913.25,29.
  72. Ashtaroth, goddess, virgin daughter of Osiris (the false), 441.2. 's speech before Anuhasaj, 384.43 to 45. made ruler by Anuhasaj over Parsa and its heavenly kingdom, 387.12. the most vengeful goddess, 689.9 to 12; 698.9. sends millions of her warring angels down to Xerxes, 699.16 to 23. causes her chief orator to make a speech to her army, 699.24 to 30. overcome by Baal, and cast into hell, 700.10 to 12. delivered out of hell, and brought before God for judgment, 766.14. See also under Baal.
  73. Aspiration, Self, to abnegate, for it is at the expense of others, 160.24.
  74. Aspireth, For know ye all that whoever, to Me shall come to Me; but the nearest way for many is round about, 325.4.
  75. Association, I provided them that they could not escape, 478.8.
  76. Astoreth, Yima's kingdom, so named because the number of females exceeded the males in the heavens over Shem, 262.1.
  77. Asu (Vedic), Adam (Par'si'ean, 450.11), how made, 9.10,11. was not created to everlasting life, 20.2. the time of the habitation of, was 8000 years. And, disappeared off the face of the earth, 43.1, 2. a picture of, the first race. Plate, page 58. 927
  78. Asu, the false Osiris makes up a history of, to answer the questions of mortals, 415.1 to 416.21. (panic), a man in aboriginal state, 622.1.
  79. Assyrian Race, 170.7.
  80. Atmosphere, density and pressure of the, 594.9 to 13.
  81. Atmospherea, spheres or plateaux surrounding the whole earth, some 10, some 1000, some 100,000 or more miles high, and these spheres that rotate with the earth are called, Remarks under Plate 43, 567. many plateaux larger than the earth, and they are adapted to the abode of angels, even as the earth is for mortals, 786.20, 21. the heavens which travel with the earth around the sun, called the lower heavens, also the intermediate world, hada, 681.3 to 683.3. Man saw that, turned the earth, and that the earth turned not, Remarks, Plate 45,568. this great hemispherical lens, 590.7. See also, 7.8 to 11; 18.27; 57.24 to 25; 160.20 to 22; 182 Plate 10; 263.9; 358.23; 552.27.
  82. Atmospherean, by that which springeth out of the earth is the, fed and clothed, 39.34.
  83. Atmospherean Heavens, these are the dominions given into the keeping of thy God, 786.21. are yet even as if scarcely inhabited; thousands of plateaux with no angels to dwell thereon, 789.5.
  84. Atmospherean Ocean, as mortals sail corporeal ships across the corporeal ocean, so sailed the ship of God in the, 24.1. the heavens of the earth are separated by, 786.16 to 22.; Plate, page 64.
  85. Atmospherean Worlds, I created shapeless and void of fixed form, 6.8 to 10.4.
  86. Attractive Force, no, from one planet to another, or to its own satellite, 587.56. planetary disturbances not caused by planets, but by their vortices, 592.18.
  87. Autocrat shall not learn sympathy till the liveth with a beggar, 181.12.
  88. Avalanza. See under Ship.
  89. Agents appointed by God, 698.5 to 7