Ahura (Ctusk)

  1. In the 1200 year of Fragapatti, Ctusk falsely assumed the name Ahura (All Master) set up a kingdom of his own.
  2. A one time Diva who denied the All Person after ji'ya fell upon heaven and earth. A false God who desired to build the largest of all heavenly kingdoms.
  3. Cast into hell and delivered out of hell by God's hosts. After being delivered out of hell he says, "I am done! I am nothing! One God alone can do nothing. Do with me whatsoever thou wilt. I am thy servant."
  4. Jehovih declares to Ahura that he will take his kingdom again and deliver it unto righteousness, intelligence and good works. When the majority of Ahura's host have risen above grade fifty, Ahura will be restored his kingdom amongst the united hosts of Jehovih's higher heavens.
  5. Ahura toils nearly two thousand years with his people who have now become high in grade. God and Ahura unite their kingdoms.


  1. (Book of Divinity 10:1-4)        In the twelve hundredth year after Fragapatti, in the east colony of Haraiti, one Ctusk, a former Lord of Jehovih's host, renounced Jehovih, the Creator, and falsely proclaimed himself Ahura, the All Master; and he took with him three Lords of grade eighty-eight, and twelve sub-Gods of grade sixty-four, and one thousand six hundred students of eight hundred years' resurrection, none of whom were less than grade sixty, and were sufficient to pass as Brides and Bridegrooms. And these students took with them thirty-six thousand teachers, factors, and physicians, and nurses, all of whom were upward of grade forty.
    2. And Ahura appropriated to himself one colony of one hundred and ten million angels, together with the colleges, schools, factories, and all things whatsoever belonging therein. And the three Lords took their kingdoms, and by annexation made them part and parcel with Ahura's kingdom. Now these three Lords' kingdoms comprised the largest habitable places of mortals in Vindyu and Jaffeth, and the greatest heavenly places of angels in the first resurrection.
    3. And Ahura divided up the regions he thus obtained, making confederate heavenly kingdoms, sufficient in number to give place of dominion to his Lords and Gods, and to make sub-Gods out of all the one thousand six hundred students. And after that, Ahura numbered his people, and there were in his heavens more than three thousand million souls!
    4. God sent messengers to Ctusk, who had assumed the name Ahura'Mazda, inquiring, admonishing and inquiring: My Lord, whom I have loved, whom by mine own hand was crowned in the name of Jehovih, why hast thou deserted the Father's kingdoms? Wherein hast thou had cause to complain against Jehovih? Wherein, against me, thy God? O my son, my Lord, say not thou hast gone so far thou canst not return! What canst thou ask of me that I will not grant unto thee? Nay, even judge thou me, and if thou desirest all the heavens and the earth in my place, I will abdicate unto thee, and become thy lowest servant, or whatsoever thou wilt put upon me.
  2. (Book of Divinity 10:14-19)  But the times changed; ji'ya fell upon heaven and earth. Our glorious kingdoms were cast down by the great darkness. Then I reasoned, saying to myself: Behold, when we were in light, Jehovih's Voice spake unto us. When the darkness came, the Voice came not. We sat in the Diva, in the altar circle, praying for light from the Father, but it came not. And I said: More we need the Voice in darkness than in light. For a hundred years we saw not the light of the Voice, nor heard the Voice speak. Thou hast said thou heardst in thy soul! Who is there in heaven or earth that cannot say as much?
    15. In my soul I no longer believe there is an All Person. There are great Gods, a thousand times greater than I; but there is the end! Yea, some of those great Gods may have cast the ji'ya upon us. But that is not my matter. There is room for thee and thy people. Here is room for me and my people.
    16. Jehovih spake to God, saying: Answer thou not Ahura more. Behold, I will interpret him to thee: He will even yet persuade angels and mortals that it was he who inspired Zarathustra. But he seeth it not himself. Suffer him, therefore, to go his way; neither take sorrow to thy soul. Have I not, from the lowest to the highest, given unto all men even that which they desired? Behold, I can use even bad men in the far future!
    17. Jehovih said: For a long season Ahura will strive to walk upright, but because he hath cut Me off, he will also cut himself off in time to come. Behold, a mortal man striveth for riches honorably, and when he is rich, his riches cut him off from Me by the ruin he casteth upon his competitors. Nor can he extricate himself. Even so will it be with Ahura: His kingdom and his sub-kingdoms, and his multitude of officers will cause him to enslave hundreds of millions of drujas, and they will draw him into a vortex from which he cannot escape.
    18. So God answered Ahura no more; but nevertheless, his heart was full of sorrow. Now, when the time of the meeting of Diva came, God foresaw that not more than one-half of them would be present, and he feared the questions that might come up.
    19. But Jehovih said unto him: Fear not, My Son; for even though many more leave thee, yet shalt thou preserve the Diva to the end of this cycle. So it came to pass that Jehovih stilled the tongues of all the Gods and Lords of the Diva in reference to Ahura, even as if they had never known him. And Ahura sent quizzers to different Gods and Lords afterward, to learn what action the Diva had taken in his case. But when he was told that he had not been mentioned, he became angered, and he swore an oath that he would build the largest of all heavenly kingdoms.
  3. (Book of Divinity 17:11-19)         Then God inquired of Jehovih, saying: What is the best, most perfect way, to deliver Ahura and his subjects out of hell?
    12. Jehovih answered him, saying: Whom he hath despised, send; whom he hath ill-treated, send; whom he hath humbled, send. And when thy Lords and Gods are come to the place, let these, his abused enemies, take the hand of thy Lord or thy God, and they shall call out to Me in the name, Ormazd, the which name Ahura hath tried to destroy for the glory of his own. And at the sound of the name, Ormazd, thy hosts shall cast burning light into the faces of the drujas, and thus scatter them away till Ahura be released; and he shall witness that he hath been released through the name, Ormazd.
    13. God sent E'chad, and Ah'oan, to deliver Ahura out of hell, and they labored four years in accomplishing it, and then Ahura was free, and his hosts were divided into groups of tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands; and God appointed generals and captains over them. Save and except eight hundred million drujas that escaped from hell and through the guards' fires, and descended back to the earth, to torment and to deceive mortals.
    14. So it turned out that Vishnu failed in some degree to save the nations of the earth from the approach of evil spirits. Jehovih spake to Vishnu, comforting, saying: Because thou hast helped to deliver Ahura, thou shalt not take sorrow to thy heart. What are eight hundred millions to thee? So Vishnu grieved no more.
    15. Now during the time of the deliverance of Ahura, no less than six knots had been tied in hell, and in one of these Ahura and his sub-Gods had become bound, so there was no escape for them. But the outer and extreme knots were untied first, and as fast as the delirious spirits were rescued, they were carried without and beyond the firewalls and placed under guard.
    16. Thus in sections was Ahura's hell cast out; and when the deliverers came to Ahura and his confederates they were all, save Ahura, in a state of chaos, frenzied with fear. But Ahura was not beside himself, though in serious fright. Ah'oan, Lord of Jaffeth, spake to him, saying: In the name of God, and of Ormazd, I have delivered thee. How is it with thee?
    17. Ahura said: I am done! I am nothing! One God alone can do nothing. Do with me whatsoever thou wilt. I am thy servant.
    18. Ah'oan said: Nay, be thou servant to none save Ormazd, thy Creator. His name is the watch-word and the power in all the high heavens. By his name thou shalt become one amongst Godly companions.
    19. Ahura said: But thou must torment me first! Ah'oan said: Wherefore? My work is not to cast down but to lift up. So it is with all of Ormazd's Gods. Behold thou here, even thy sub-Gods, and such as thou hast in times past evilly used! See, they hold up their hands in prayer to Ormazd for thee!
  4. (Book of Divinity 17:20-30) And is this not the way of knowing angels and mortals, whether they be of the Creator? If they pull down, they are not His. If they slander or torment, or speak evil of one another, or give pain, they are not His. How, then, shall I not do good for thee and restore thee to thy kingdom?
    21. Ahura said: Give me anything, but give me not my kingdom again; for of all torments this is the worst. Ah'oan said: Wouldst thou evilly treat them that had been thy subjects? If so, thou art not of the everlasting resurrection. Ahura said: Nay, I would see them not forever! I would hear them not, know them not forever. If, therefore, thou wilt do me good instead of evil, I pray thee take me afar off, and alone, that I may meditate forever on the horrors I have passed through.
    22. Ah'oan said: Hear me now, once for all, and I speak in the name of God and of the Great Spirit, Ormazd: Because thou hast served thyself and compelled others to serve thee for nearly two thousand years, thou hast become blind to the Ormazdian law, which is: That thine own peace and happiness can only come by making restitution to thy servants, and by lifting up those whom thou hast cast down. How can I deliver thee away from them? I may take away thy person, but I cannot deliver thy memory. No man can be delivered from himself.
    23. One way only is open for thee, which is under the Ormazdian law; which is, that thou shalt take thy kingdom again, and deliver it unto righteousness, intelligence and good works. Serving Ormazd by doing good unto them whom the Creator gave thee. Many of them have served thee more than a thousand years; wouldst thou now cast them off without recompense?
    24. Ahura said: Thou art just, O Ormazd! I perceive the wisdom of Thy Gods, and the bondage of men. Take me, O Ah'oan, put me in a way to carry out this great light.
    25. Ah'oan said: Hear thou thy sentence, in the name of Ormazd, the Creator; which is, that thou shalt be taken to a place of safety, which E'chad shall select; and thither shall thy best, most exalted people be taken, and put to work and to school, and in nurseries and hospitals; and thou shalt go about amongst them, teaching and encouraging them in industry and righteousness, for Ormazd's sake. And when thou hast certain ones disciplined in this way, thou shalt receive another installment of thy people, and they shall be disciplined in the same way. And then another installment, and so on, until thou hast all thy kingdom.
    26. And that thou shalt be successful, these, my Lords, and generals, and captains, shall go with thee and labor with thee and thy hosts. And thou and thy people shall have no ornaments; and your raiment shall be white-gray, alike and like, teachers and pupils, save when especially ordered otherwise by God and his deputies.
    27. And when thou and the majority of thy hosts have risen above grade fifty, thou shalt be crowned in the name of Ormazd, and thy kingdom shall have a throne, and thou shalt be one amongst the united hosts of the higher heavens. Till then, go thou to thy labors diligently, and may Ormazd abide with thee in wisdom and power.
    28. Ahura said: Thou art just, O Ormazd. I will henceforth, forever, serve Thee with all my wisdom and strength!
    29. And then E'chad and his attendants led the way, and the marshals and generals and captains brought Ahura's hosts, the first installment, and they went to a place called Ailkin, a heavenly place capable of seven thousand millions, and there they founded the new colony for Ahura.
    30. But Ah'oan and his hosts continued their labors in delivering the hells, until they delivered the four score and placed all the spirits under guard and discipline.
  5. (Book of Wars Against Jehovih 40:1-6)    In Vara-pishanaha Ahura had now toiled nearly two thousand years with his people, who for a great part had been drujas, but were now high in the grades. Of them, more than two thousand millions had been raised into light; had become Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih, and had been delivered into the etherean worlds.
    2. But Ahura suffered not his dominions to be depleted, but did after the manner of God in Craoshivi, and sent down to hada and to the earth and gathered in, both the fallen angels of De'yus and his false Gods, and also the chaotic and foul-smelling spirits, wild and frenzied, and avengeful; and Ahura had them brought to Vara-pishanaha and there treated, and nursed and restored and put to school and to factories, and taught and developed; hundreds of millions of them becoming bright, wise and of great love and power.
    3. God sent to Ahura, saying: Greeting to thee in the name of Jehovih. Because of the coming darkness which will soon press upon atmospherea from every quarter, and the trials that will be put upon Gods and angels, let us unite our heavenly kingdoms! Let us bring our plateaux together, and thy kingdom shall be my kingdom, and mine shall be thine; and one of us shall be manager in heaven, and the other shall descend to hada and to the earth, when the great darkness is on.
    4. To this Ahura replied: Greeting to thee, God of the heavens of the earth, and with love and most high reverence. There is wisdom in thy design. I will do with thee whatsoever thou demandest, to fulfill this great work.
    5. So God, of Craoshivi, and Ahura, brought their forces to bear on their respective plateaux, to unite them. And this was the proceeding, for their places were two thousand miles apart, to the east and south-west; and the one, Vara-pishanaha, seven thousand miles below Craoshivi:
    6. For the coming pressure would drive them both down near the earth's surface; to steer Vara-pishanaha to the eastward, would bring one over the other; and to lower the grade of Craoshivi would bring the twain in contact. And the inhabitants of both dominions were so high in power and wisdom that their presence was higher than the place they inhabited. So that the element of the plateaux was all that was required to be moved.