1. Baal, a young Lord, under God, of great promise, speaks before Anuhasaj, 383.40. appointed by Anuhasaj, his ruler over Heleste and her heavens, 387.11. says he has been 2000 years trying to put himself in good position first, so he could help others, 430.10. by order of Osiris, takes the spirit of Thothma to many places in Osiris' heavenly kingdom. 453.6 to 454.13. sends hundreds of millions of his warring angels down to the earth, inspiring mortals against the dominions of Ashtaroth, 698.10. God of the Argos'yans, sends two thousand million angel warriors to the earth to obsess the Argos'yans (Greeks) against the Par'si'eans who are coming against them, 700.1 to 7. 's hosts cast Ashtaroth and her Lords and Gods into hell, 700.10 to 12. establishes heavenly kingdoms over Jerusalem and off from Roma, 724.14. said: Mine is an easy doctrine to understand; all mortals who worship not, shall be put to death, 724.6.
  2. Baal, routed, but not captured by Looeamong, 725.23 to 25. the craft and wisdom of, baffle Looeamong (Kriste), 728.3. for space of 300 years gradually gained upon by Looeamong, 730.10. still maintains himself in Roma as God of the Roman Empire, 730.14. finally captured by Looeamong, through Gabriel (Thoth), and walled around with fire and noxious gases in hell, 732.21, 22. such was the end of the earthly dominion of, who had ruled over mortals for evil for upwards of 3000 years, 732.23. delivered out of hell, and brought before God for judgment, 766.45.
  3. Baal and Ashtaroth secede from Osiris, taking their kingdoms with them, 462.8 to 10. escaped being cast into hell (with Osiris, Te-in and Sudga), and flee for a more opportune season to carry out their wicked schemes, 463.22.
  4. Babel, a tower of words. Ye strove to reach heaven with a multitude of words, 143.6 to 8. Tower of, not in Chinese version of scriptures, why, 146.8 note to 8
  5. Bad Husband and Good Wife and the reverse. I'hua'Mazda said; Who knoweth, what is good and what is bad? 234.18 to 235.22; 160.29.
  6. Bad Men, three kinds of, found by Osiris (the false), 448.2; 294.16
  7. Balance of Power, ye have also persuaded mortal kingdoms to divide the earth into sections and regions, and to clamor for a, between different kingdoms, 742.32, 33; 737.1 to 3.
  8. Baptism, origin of, 283.10, 11; 291.11 to 13; 839.10. Infant, an abomination before Jehovih, 810.15, 16.
  9. Babao Root, I'hins made drunk with, by the Druks, 141.19 to 142.21.
  10. Barbarian shall drive away and destroy all evil beasts and serpents, 88.3; 272.3.
  11. Barometer, 156.2; 594.12.
  12. Battles of a thousand years, 398, heading to chap, xviii.
  13. Battle, to, against others, it to gain the lower by sacrificing the higher, 508.14.
  14. Baugh-ghan-ghad, Rites of, 643.1 to 648.54. This is the flesh of my body, eat ye of it in remembrance of me and of, drink ye of it (the blood) in remembrance of me and of, 645.13. God's judgment against this custom with abhorrence, 810.23 to 811.25.
  15. Beast (Self), 1.6 to 19; 562 chap, viii; 591.16; 602.7; 603.3; 604.5. the, figure, the person, which is called individual, 192.5.
  16. Beelzebub, origin of the word, 496.16, 17.
  17. Beggar, who hath reformed a, by giving to him? 124.3; 51.5.
  18. Belief, all corporeal worlds pass through an age of too much, 137.3 to 5.
  19. Belief and Unbelief, two conditions belong to all men, 200.32.
  20. Bible, the First Chinese, being of Po, an I-e-su, 315 to 327. Constantine. In the old Eguptian libraries are books and tablets and manuscripts that will show the perversity of the, 735.22; see also Kriste'yan Bible.
  21. Bible, EZRA (Jewish, 811.1O), being of Looeamong, through Thoth (Gabriel), Ezra being the chief scribe 725.28 to 32. the foundation of the Book of Genesis, 412.11 to 413.9;415.1 to 417.44. how and by whom the Book of Genesis and the first Book of Exodus were written 531.17,18. Eguptian records so voluminous that the scribes of Ezra could make neither head nor tail of them, 532.21. Ezra's scribes shall translate from these records with all their errors and falsehoods, 336.30; see 167 note to 1. shown to be false in regard to Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac, and the burnt offering, 343.20. the basis of the, 659.1 to 662.59. the, not from the time of Moses (3400 B.K.), but was compiled and established by Ezra in Jerusalem, and completed, 2344 B.K., 662.47, 48; 662.59. FONECEAN, THE FIRST, being of Abram, a man chosen of God for the children of Arabin'ya, 327 to 343. GUATAMA (America), THE FIRST, being of Ea-wah-tah, a man chosen of God for the children of Guatama, 367 to 375. HINDOO SCRIPTURES, 139, chap, i; 811.10. MOUND-BUILDERS', 643.1 to 14; Plate No. 83. KRISTE'YAN, being of Looeamong (731.30 to 38), through Hatuas (Constantine) and the Council of Nice, Kriste (Looeamong) declared God and Lord of all the nations of the earth. Mortal representative chosen by the Council, THE MAN, I-E-SU, 732.26 to 733.53. OSIRIAN, being of Osiris (the false), with interpolations from Te-in and Sudga, and given to mortals in Arabin'ya (Egypt), Jaffeth (China) and Shem (Vind'yu) (India), 415.1 to 417.44. SCRIPTURES OF THAT DAY, being time of Aph, 24,000 years B.K., 76 chap. iii. VIND'YU (India), THE FIRST, being of Brahma, who became an i-e-su. A man chosen of God for the children of Vind'yu, 343 to 367. ZARATHUSTRIAN, THE, being God's Word, 188.1. the book of GOD'S WORD is so called because it is of the first descent of God (whose name was Samati) to the earth, to establish his word with man. Through Zarathustra (Zoa-raaster, Zoraaster), an i-e-su, a man of Par'si'e, came God to this end, 8900 years B.K., 171 to 256. The Zarathustrian Laws; the I'hua'Mazdian Laws; transcribed from the libraries of heaven, 188.1 to 196.8. THE NEW, O-AH-SPE, the one now before you. Thou hast tried on all my people to convert them, but hast failed utterly. Behold, I come now with a new book, and they will accept it from my hand, 375.9, 10. See 2.23 to 26; heading of Book of Jehovih, 5;13.14, 15;228.3.
  22. Birth-"blankets", certain angels whose labor shall be to receive new-born spirits on, 100.32; 76.4; 79.9; 365.6.
  23. Blasphemer, God saith who is a 777.9 to 15; 778.21 to 23.
  24. Blood, I make not flesh out of, but out of that that the, carrieth, 136.14.
  25. Blue Hats with earflaps, after the manner of the daughters of Zarathustra, 487.3.
  26. Body and Blood, eat ye of it, for it is the very, of Ormazd, our Father in heaven, 203.11.
  27. Bondage, the sixth generation of the seed of the fallen angels was now delivered and this was the fullness of earth for them, 32.8. to him that begetteth children gave I, to them and to him conjointly, 160.26. the greater the possession, the greater the, 512.35. be wise, O Man, and tie not thyself to things that progress not, lest they become a, to thee in the next world, 233.19. a, men know not of, the begetting of selfish offspring in this world. For whilst their heirs are in darkness they themselves cannot rise in heaven, 538.5. by indulgence in begetting shall man be bound after death; by not begetting how shall he know all the earth? 624.15. the, of kings and queens and emperors and rich men and leaders of men, 749.36; 767.12 to 14. the, upon whomsoever attaineth dominion by the sword or maintaineth dominion by standing armies, 767.15 to 17; 743.13. the, upon whomsoever hath great riches and many servants, or no servants, but liveth for himself, 767.19 to 768.20. upon false Gods and Goddesses, until they have raised up all they have led astray, 768.28 to 44. the, upon thee in heaven shall be according to the avoidance of the trust imposed, 784.9 to 11. the, upon those who cause war, or engage in it, and upon those who cause the death by law of any person. 806.13 to 807.24. thou shalt be bound in heaven till thou shalt accomplish what thou mightst have done, but failed to do; and thou shalt accomplish without money what thou couldst have done with money, 805.5 to 8. of the mind, 739.24; 801.10; 258.3; 340.21; 483.17; 738.23; 780.19; 789.15; 804.17 to 24.
  28. Books of the Ancients, My wise angels suffer mortals to burn up the, 522.7 to 9. the destruction of the, for upwards of 20,000 years, 723.22 to 29; 560.7.
  29. Borealis, the vortexya manifested in the north pole of the vortex in flames of fire, which are called, 584.20; 590.3. See also Remarks under Plate 45, 568.
  30. Born, yesterday thou wert; today thou livest; tomorrow thou diest; the next day thou wilt be forgotten, 656.103. some are, of the beast and some are, of the spirit, which is the interpretation of all the poverty and crime and war and licentiousness there is in the world. 789.12 to 21.
  31. Born of Woman, and man will turn against Great Jehovih, preferring idols of stone, and metal, and spirits, 27.15. ye shall not worship any man, nor call him sacred, 225.6. who can shake their faith, or feed them with thy story of a Savior, 375.4. man of himself never inventeth a God in figure of a man, 405.11.
  32. Born of Woman, God said: I teach both angels and mortals they shall not worship any one, 740.13; 228.2; 294.13; 374.42; 389.5;401.8, 14; 463.8; 564.21; 624.12; 650.46; 743.8; 780.24.
  33. Bound, let no man say I will not sow on the earth lest I be, 622.2. he that casteth away all things can never be, 491.22.
  34. Brahma, Jehovih prepares a way for the birth of, 301 chap. xiii. an I'huan of the I'hin side, of grade ninety-nine, 326.11. a large man, of great strength, a hewer of wood, 347.38. so called because of his great wisdom, 344.9. not considered a God, but a man through whom God spake, 345.13. inspired by the God Div (Ha'chue). Heading to First Book of God, 314. has a star above his forehead, and questions it, 345.14 to 346.23. is told by God to take a wife, and asks, Can a married man serve Ormazd, 346.25 to 32. meets Yu-tiv, who becomes his wife, 347.33 to 350.4. has six sons born unto him, 350.5 to 7. 's wife loses faith in the Father, and both adopt the name Eolin, 350.8 to 9. while this state of unbelief is upon, and Yu-tiv, another child, Hog (Fact) was born unto them, 351.10. is told by God to be faithful eighteen years, 351.11,12,1. again the voice and light come to, 351.2. Ormazd speaks through, 353.11 to 356.4; 358.1 to 4. used as a sar'gis to show the angels of the intermediate world, 359.16 to 362.29. the Veda given through, and Vede, his son, writes down the words, 362.1. goes and preaches to whomsoever will hear, taking his wife and sons with him 362.2 to 364.9. converts King Syaythaha, and brings to life a man whom the king had slain, 362.9 to 363.22. visited by Cpenta-armij, 348.8. death of, 366.12, 13. and Yu-tiv appear in sar'gis, convincing Hog that the spirit survives the corporeal body, 367.5 to 10. and Yu-tiv rise up in a sea of fire, 367.13. and Yu-tiv raised up by Cpenta-armij, 353.10 to 12; 354.4 to 356.13. said: To find the Father; to know Him; to reveal Him; these are all and for His glory only, 359.14. said: To practice the highest light a man hath; this is all that is required of any man, 366.8. said: Have ye faith in the Creator; with Him are all things possible, 366.6.
  35. Brahma (the false). See under Ennochissa. Also, 722.8; 829.36 to 41; 543.23 to 545.36.
  36. Brahma, the brotherhood of, 916.13.
  37. Brotherhoods on earth founded on any of the idols in heaven shall not stand, 780.26 to 30. thou wouldst not give up thyself and live in a 791.25. if thou do not live in a, on earth, thou shalt not soon find one in heaven 791.37. if ye cannot live in a, in peace and love on earth, neither shall ye find a, a peace and love in heaven, 658.119.
  38. Budha (the false). See under Kabalactes, 721.19 to 26; and note; 829.42 to 830.51. the brotherhood of 916.13.
  39. Bull, wherefore the decrees of the prophet were called Tau, 605.13; 143.7 note.
  40. Bull, Tau (panic). His edicts are Tau, bulls, opposite from Cow (receptivity), Tau i.e., Osiris, 615.54; 396.29. Jahi, taurus, the Taughad, spiritual meaning, force or energy to do, or decree with authority. The pope issueth a, of which the foregoing was the original, 663.16. I (Kabalactes) will re-establish the tau, as the sign of my power. And because my heavens are the All Pure, the tau shall be white, 702.25. my (Looeamong) signs shall be a sword, a skull and crossbones and a; my edicts shall be bulls, 731.35,36. remembering it is easier to walk beside a, and turn him in his course, than to come against him for the same purpose (Sakaya), 708.15.
  41. Butter, the first, made in the world, 148.24.
  42. Buying nor Selling, in which families there shall be neither, 705.18; 853.21; 828.11.