1. Cain, 416.21 to 29; 730.8. See under Druk.
  2. Canals and the Making of, 369.9; 370.11, 12; 448.20.
  3. Cannibals, the Par'si'eans became, 148.18; 130.16; 132.14;63.16. they that are slain in battle, cut up and put in vessels with salt, 302.12. one who hoardeth and keepeth things in his own possession is as a, 539.18.
  4. Capillary Attraction, erroneously so-called, 584.28.
  5. Capilya, raised up by the angels at the command of God, 465.5 to 7. 's mother guarded night and day during gestation, by the angels, 467.9. at birth put into the arms of the queen, in the dark chamber, by the angels, 468.22. a natural born i-e-su, and also a natural born su'is and sar'gis, 466.4. taught by the angels from the time of his birth, 467.11. sprinkled with the blood of a lamb, and called Yokovrana's son, 469.2 to 4. having attained maturity, asks the king's leave to travel, 469.6 to 470.13. travels nine years, returns, and relates to the king what he has seen of Vind'yu, 471.14, 15. the word of Jehovih comes to, and is told he is of the race of Faithists, and to ask his nurse, and does so, 471.1 to 473.17. travels three years, visiting the Faithists, 473.18 to 476.1. and his people given an abundance of Ahaoma, 475.28 to 31. teaches and helps the people, bequeathing lands to them, 476.1 to 477.7. asks what is the first and then the second poison, best and most dangerous things, and answers, 478.17 to 479.22. summoned to the capital to answer charges against him, 479.2. before the king and Royal Council, 479.3 to 482.15. speech before the king and his Royal Council, 482 chap. vii. questioned by the king and members of the Council, and answers them, 484 chap. viii. acquitted, and declared to be above the dominion of mortals, 486.9. establishes the Faithists in rites and ceremonies, 486.1 to 491.41.
  6. Capilya, told by God to visit his foster-father, the king, who is at death's door, 491.2. 's interview with Yokovrana, and the king's death, 491.3 to 497.37. becomes king, ratifies the laws, and abdicates the throne, 497.1 to 4. travels over Vind'yu, teaching the Faithists, 497.6. 's collection of twelve virtues, 497.7 to 499.20. some of the wise sayings of, 499 chap. xii.
  7. Capstan, used in building the great pyramid, 452.9, 11 to 13. to find the power of the, before it is made, 381.10.
  8. Castes, three I'hins, I'huans and Druks, 195.1 to 196.2. a thousand, I created amongst the I'huans, 196.3. the effect of a'ji upon, 302.16; 303.1. seven, have I made for my chosen, 323.13 to 14. Sakaya's people sworn against, 710.21. in the Kosmon Era there shall be no, amongst my people, 772.34.
  9. Casting Spells, 519.12.
  10. Catarrh, they became rotten in the head with, 69.29. because thou gavest us flesh we are rotten with, 822.26.
  11. Cause and Creator, an All-Seeing Eye is the, of the whole universe, which is His Person, 596.10.
  12. Cause of things, philosophers seek first to find the, in the sun, or if failing therein, turn to the moon, or if failing here, they turn to the stars, 586.44; 170.7; 219.33.
  13. C'Chiefs (see 589.26 note 5) records of the, of the Father's Kingdom, 853 chap, xxiv; 855 chap. xxv. manner of selecting the, 835.31 to 33.
  14. Celibacy, with all thy preaching that the highest life is, there will be plenty left who will marry, 253.12. shut not thyself in, but multiply and adorn the earth, 321.20. by, a man's soul is not bound after death to linger about the earth, 321.23 to 322.26; 317.3. to, I am sworn, for he who begetteth a child is bound in spirit after death unto his own offspring, 637.39. Ka'yu (Confucius) discourseth thereon, 715.28 to 716.31. God's remarks on, 788.2 to 4.
  15. Celibates, if all people become, then will the race of man terminate. Fear not, there will be plenty left who are full of passion, 252.3,4. teachers in public shall be, 322.28; 324.1, 2. let the nurses and teachers in their youngest infancy be, 839.14 to 840.27.
  16. Changed, I want to be, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, and rise and sit on the right hand of God, 779.16.
  17. Chaos. See under Hell.
  18. Charity, who is the mocker of, more than they that give to such as can help themselves, but will not, 51.6. by, alone ye cannot raise man up, 19.29. De'yus' remarks on, 422.23. Sakaya discourseth thereon, 706.8 to 20. God judgeth, also showeth how to do, 801 chap, xxvii, 802 chap, xxviii. let thy, be to the sick and helpless. All, tendeth to lower the self-respect of the receiver, and casteth him lower in the grades in heaven, 783.24 to 27; 851.10, 11.
  19. Charming and Sacred Hand Power, 404.3; 405.10.
  20. Che-muts, a king, who was the slayer of Hab-bak, 269.16 to 270.2; 271.11, 12.
  21. Cherubims and Seraphims, having flaming swords, 393.22.
  22. Child, better is it to labor with a, from infancy, and thence to maturity to teach it aright, than to strive with a score of conceited adults and fail to redeem one, 51.6.
  23. Children, such is the rule pertaining to all, begotten on the earth, 404.4. the three, of the arc of Noe, 130.18; 131.20.
  24. Chine, father and mother of, 532.4. was copper color, very large, hair red like a fox, and an i-e-su, 532.4 to 533.5. 's father, Ah Sho'e, tells of, birth, childhood, and after he became a man 533.5 to 20. speaks: I am a man only, I am the All Light, 533 chap. xxii. speaks Jehovih's words, saying, 535.1 to 14. 's covenant unto Jehovih, 535.15 to 536.29. gathers up many converts, establishes them and teaches them good philosophy, 536.4 to 537.14. said: Jehovih saith: Why will man be vain of himself? 537.17 to 19. said: One man saith: I am normal; neither angels nor mortals rule over me, 537.20. said: I saw a great mathematician one day, 537.21. said: All things come from an All Highest, 537.23. on begetting children and the discipline of the Household, 538.5 to 539.20. is told by God that he shall perform many wonders, 539.1 to 12. 's doctrines pronounced untrue by the spirits in the oracles, 540.14 to 16. before King Te-zee, first and second resurrections and the angels thereof, 545.5 to 546.25. the king asks, what is the origin and destiny of man, and is answered, 546.26 to 547.33. the king asks, as to commanding all his people to accept his doctrines, 547.1 to 7. the king asks, how long a man should serve Jehovih to reach great wisdom, 547.8, 9. visits the kings of the other provinces, and returns to Te-zee to die, 547.10. heals the sick, brings the dead to life and shows power to accomplish anything whatsoever, 548.3. dies, his body, on the sixth day, burned to ashes, which are scattered this way and that, 548.5 to 10. on the seventh day after his death, appears to the king and to many people, and walks about on the earth for seven days, 548.11 to 14. speaks to the king and his people for the last time, then rises up in an exceeding great light and is seen no more, 548.1 to 549.32. 's spirit taken by Lika to Yogannaqactra, and thence to etherea, 529 chap. xxv.
  25. Chinese Wall, etherean angels inspire the people to build the, Remarks, Plate 35, 560. to keep outside barbarians from coming amongst them, 549.6 to 8. a testimony as to what the people were willing to do rather than engage in war, 723.23 to 28.
  26. Chine'ya, 545.7; 548.12; 548.2 to 549.4; 723.20;772.36.
  27. Chinvat, a supposed line between the rotating atmosphere of a corporeal world, and the ether that lieth beyond the vortex, 621.121;321.23;637.43,44.
  28. Chinvat, the bridge on the boundary of the earth's vortex, beyond the orbit of the moon, 480.9. if a child cannot reach manhood but by growth, how hope ye to reach, suddenly? (Algonquin.) No man shall reach, but by perfecting himself, either on the earth or in the lower heavens (Abraham), 621.121.
  29. Chosen of Jehovih, in the Kosmon era, shall be of the amalgamated races who choose Him, 772.38; 88.3; 750.10. whoso practiced peace, love and liberty unto others are My, 461.10.
  30. Christ, Looeamong, the false God, now changed his name, and falsely called himself, which is the Ahamic word for knowledge, 662.57. neither understood any man in those days that the word, had any reference to a man or person, 662.58. See 373.41; 620.89; 656.86 to 92; 4.30. See under Kriste.
  31. Christians, and he (Looeamong) raised up tribes of mortal warriors, who called themselves, who are warriors to this day, 662.S7,.58; 4.30, 603.17.
  32. Circumcision of the male I'hins, old and young, 43.20, 69.Z8. of the Ghans by the I'hin priest, 115.22. the mark of, restored by Asha, 209.2. the Zarathustrian law in regard to, 230.16. prohibited by Ahura, 297.15. whoso putteth the mark of, upon a male child shall be put to death, 393.14. hath fulfilled its time, and I (God) put the law aside in practice, 810.14. see 406.4; 506.15; 538.7; 789.22.
  33. Cities, neither shall ye build large; they are a curse on the face of the earth, 222.13 build not large, for there is sin, 257.41; 23.13, 14; 27.12 to 14;60.21. not to exceed 2000 souls, 324.1; 231.4; 409.12.
  34. City, no, shall contain more than 3000 people, 849.4 to 6. Chine allowed 4000 people to dwell in one, 537.14.
  35. Civilization, the first period of, on the earth, 60.21; 62.14.
  36. Civilized, are these, and war abounding, 110.7.
  37. Clamor, the, of the tongue maketh speedy converts, but it changeth not the blood, 499.2.
  38. Clear Day and Cloudy Day, the cause of a, 594.15.
  39. Coal, formation of, 9.6; 602.4; Remarks, Plate 39, 564; 819.15.
  40. Coaxing with effect is greater than dictation unobeyed, 716.38.
  41. Cold, so that mortals could not possibly measure it, 590.4. the greatest, region of the earth, 593.29.
  42. Colors, Eolin showed Himself in three,—yellow, blue and red, 140.5. the three primary, the sign of Jehovih's name, 98.12. golden yellow, the most sacred, 213.4. how all kinds of, are produced, 595.1 to 596.6. are not substances, but records of currents of vortexya, 603.2.
  43. Color of Men, according to their respective places, and to the light upon se'mu, 8.9. according to the vortexian lights, 596.11 to 13.
  44. Columbo (Columbus), 755.3 to 7;757.7 to 11; 811.11.
  45. Comets are atmospherean worlds having light, 6.8,9. a, came within the earth's vortex, 309.2. See 468.23; 479.4; 598,4; 588.5 to 19; 589.25.
  46. Commandment, a new given to man to slay every beast of prey and every serpent that cometh before him, 115.18; 78. chap. iii. love thy neighbor as thy self, 4.32. 's waste not your time in discoursing with those who, having heard, will not practice My, 658.119. Moses gave ten, 660.5 to 15. thou shalt keep the ten, of Moses (Joshu), 727.2. the ten, of Zarathustra, 668.11. God giveth, that must be fulfilled, 797.17 to 33; 44.1 to 4; 58.6 to 20.
  47. Communal, no people in all the world are, 798.9.
  48. Commune, it was easy for Fragapatti to, with her at a distance, and without messengers, 212.6; 237.12.
  49. Community, Sakaya discourseth thereon, 708.15 to 709.25; 241.21.
  50. Compact, I created progress to be in, 160.24.
  51. Compact day, 825 chap. xv.
  52. Company, for, thou shalt pray to thy Creator and make songs of praise unto Him, 204.17; 254.16.
  53. Compass, 156.2; 453.15; 612.32; 742.22.
  54. Complain, for the loss of my earthly goods will I, not; nor for imprisonment nor toil, nor sickness nor death 652.32; 510.26.
  55. Conceited, what is so, as man? So also do My Gods and Lords of the lower heavens become, of their power and wisdom, 50.18; 103.20.
  56. Confederacy of Selfs, established by Anuhasaj and his Gods, 393.1. of the Holy Ghost founded, 690.9 to 16; 696.26. Triune, 696.28; 697.37.
  57. Confess, no one shall, man of his sins by words or signs or ceremonies, but every man shall, his sins unto Me for forgiveness, 748.17, 18. ye profess to, the sins of your angels in your heavens, exacting servitude of them as a purchase of your excuse, and your ashars inspire mortal priests to do the same thing for their mortal followers for stipulated prices in money, 740.20,21; 740.6.
  58. Confession, shall be made in the name of Jehovih and forgiveness likewise. 919.11.
  59. Confucius. See Ka'yu.
  60. Connecting Rods, so that all the thousands of millions, being united, could hear the voice of Jehovih, 352.4.
  61. Consecrate, to: what is that? 230.16 to 20; 282.10.
  62. Constantine. See Hatuas.
  63. Constitutionally, man has spells of clearness far in advance of his growth, the which he having realized, he returned to his normal condition to prepare himself, 246.2;915.1 to 7, 15.
  64. Conscience must depend on the education it hath received, 493.17 to 494.19; 746.41; See also 160.18; 489.19; 758.7. liberty to the, or mortals is founded on earth, 763.38.
  65. Contend not with any man for opinion's sake, nor for any earthly thing, 728.25. I, with no one for anything, or principle, or knowledge of my own, 659.4 to 6.
  66. Cooked Food, the first, since the days of the flood, 112.6.
  67. Copper, to soften, like dough, and make it hard like flint-rock, 370.12; 273.4; 108.6 to 109.8.
  68. Corpor signifieth whatever hath length, breadth and thickness, 550.
  69. Corpor, as such, hath no power in any direction whatever, and is of itself inert in all particulars, 584.27. remaineth so by no power of its own, but by vortexya external thereto, 584.30, 31. See 5.7, 5, 1, 3; 136.13; 186.5; 588.12; 592.20.
  70. Corporeal Body, a glorious anchorage for a young, or a weak, or a deranged spirit, 258.6; 109.7, 8; 263.8. mold thyself well whilst thy soul hath a good anchor, 501.12, 13. no stronger to control himself by the loss of his, 520.23,24. what strength shalt thou gain by the loss of thy, 787.32, 33.
  71. Corporeal Surroundings. Think not that spirits and Gods rule men as if they were slaves or toys, for another power also lieth over man which is neither spirits nor Gods, nor stars nor moon nor sun, but the, that feed his earthly desire, 198.20.
  72. Corporean Man, as the, accumulateth corporeal things by not giving them away, not so accumulateth the spirit of any man, 159.13.
  73. Council of Nice, called together by Hatuas (Constantine) by the inspiration of Looeamong, 732.26 to 733.52. of Ts'Sin'Ne, 711.6 to 712.10; 714, 7 to 715.13;718.25.
  74. Council of Yeshuah, manner of proceeding in the, 51.1,2.
  75. Covenant of the blood of the lamb against Egupt, 517.12, 13; 650.46; 705.22.
  76. Cow, to be negative is to be a 192.6 to 193.7; 167.1 and note. (Panic) receptivity, 618.70; 664.20.
  77. Cows, the much learned man hath erected bars to keep off the. Being wise in their own conceit, they will not receive, 618.70.
  78. Cpenta-armaiti, that which within man maketh him compatible to others, 664.31.
  79. Cpenta-armij, Nirvanian Goddess, of 364,000 years (314.1) makes her appointments for the earth during dawn, 330.19 to 334.60.
  80. Craoshivi, an atmospherean heaven of God founded by Jehovih, 303.7 to 9.
  81. Creation, College of, 289.9.
  82. Creation, a, or a created world, 592.20.
  83. Creator, all good must have a name, 190.13 to 191.14, 194.15, 16; 323.16. thou shalt love the, with all thy heart and soul. How can I love that which I cannot comprehend? 554.30 to 32; 549.11. no man knoweth the, unless he hath proven the communion of spirits, 358.21; 777.26. the, whose worlds have run thousands of millions of years, 391.23. whence came the idea of a. 817.8 to 818.18. in the image of a man, 506.14; 739.29. could the, of thousands of millions of worlds, which have stood for thousands of millions of years, be so young as any of these pretended Gods? and descend to the earth, and do a work so imperfectly that only one small kingdom heard of him? 743.12.
  84. Creator, or blasphemy against our, 912.19. honor of thy, 917.21.
  85. Creator, 921.3.
  86. Criticize, no more will I, my brethren nor my neighbors, for they are Thine, O Jehovih, 105.41; 524.47; 833.26. I will not, any person, nor censure them or find fault with them, 918.10.
  87. Crown, Sethantes makes one for Ha'jah, 22.26, 27; 54.17 to 55.20; 83.21, 22; 120.12, 13; 244.44; 276.32.
  88. Crusaders inspired by Looeamong, 741.10.
  89. Ctu. See chap, xvii, 219.
  90. Cycle, during the time of a, the earth is under the control of, 59.1 to 4.
  91. Cycles, places in the line of the orbit of the sun at distances of about 3000 years, 10.1, 2. of the sun and of the sun's sun, 431.7. atmospherean, 54.7. lesser, 11.18. of Dan, 56.16.
  92. Cyclic Coil. Plate 47,570; 569.9.
  93. Cyclone, vortexian overlapping descend to the earth, 588.13; 593.3; 595.3.
  94. Cut off, I cut them not off, but they cut themselves off from Me, 462.9; 241.20; 489, 490. 15, 16, 20; 491.26.