1. An iesu (his name signifies no sex), son of Sho'e, very large and bashful. Very intelligent, Jehovih spoke through him as the All Light.
  2. Gathered together Jehovih's chosen and establishes families of the chosen. The country of Jaffeth named after him.
  3. Tee-zee, who pursued learning with familiar spirits, commanded all magicians and priests to quit in his province.  Five other kings did the same at about the same time as Tee-zee.
  4. Chine goes to the other five provinces that have commanded the magicians and priests to quit their practice.
  5. He heals the sick, lame, blind and deaf. Brings back to life many that were dead, showing before men power to accomplish anything whatsoever. He declares that he is only a man who has put away earth possessions, desires and aspirations. He returns to Te-zee, and dies there. Chine's death and resurrection can be found in Lika Chapter 25.


  1. (Book of the Arc of Bon 21:4-7)      Ah Sho'e was a basket-maker, and after the manner of the man, Zarathustra; and Chine, his son, was the fourth birth of Ah Sho'e's wife, Song Heng. Like Moses, Chine was of copper color, and very large, but his hair was red, like a fox, and he was bashful and of few words.
    5. Ah Sho'e, i.e., Chine's father, said: I have had other sons; my words are wise and true; Chine was unlike any child born in the world; for boy child, or girl child, no physician could tell which, but rather to the boy kind was he. The angel of Jehovih (Ormazd) came to me before the birth and said: The child shall be called Chine, signifying no sex; as it is written among the ancients, i-e-su, having no earthly desires. For he shall restore the chosen people of Jehovih.
    6. Whereof I told the physicians before the birth, but they would not believe. Nevertheless, by command of Jehovih, I sent for seven physicians to witness the birth, lest it be said afterward the surgeons have dealt wrongly with the child at its birth.
    7. These physicians came to wit: Em Gha, Tse Thah, Ah Em Fae, Te Gow, T'si, Du Jon, Foh Chaing, and Ah Kaon, and they beheld the child born, whereto they made oath, and a record thereof, touching the strangeness of such a birth, and of the prophecy of its coming into the world; this record was put in the Ha Ta'e King (library) of record belonging to the Sun King. (Book of the Arc of Bon 21:17-20)              And there came before him men of great learning, and philosophers, to try him as to his knowledge; but they all went away confounded, as if they were fools. Neither was it possible to ask him a question he could not answer correctly. Whether it was to read a tablet or to reveal the size and build of a temple he never saw; or the sickness of a man who was far away; for all things were to him as an open book.
    18. For four years this great wisdom remained in him, and his fame spread from the east to the west, and from the north to the south; no man knew how far. When he was asked how far he could see and hear, he said: Over all my land. And he marked with his finger, saying: On this tablet, Chine land!
    19. Thus was the country named Chine (China), which it beareth to this day.
    20. Ah Sho'e said: Suddenly Chine's abundant speech ceased, and he answered only yea and nay to all things. And he was silent for seven years and eighty days. And then the angels from the second heaven came to him. After that he spake not as man (save in private), but he spake as the All Light, whereof the world knoweth the rest.
  2. (Book of the Arc of Bon 24:14-16)   Chine established families of the chosen, but limited them to two hundred; and to each family he gave one priest. But he gave privilege to four thousand people to dwell in one city.
    15. Chine said: Ye have been afflicted with Gods; I was sent into the world by the Creator to deliver you unto liberty in the family. I am only a man. I have no authority in myself. Jehovih, the Creator, dwelleth freely in me. Ye can attain the same.
    16. Because He is within me, this shall be called Chine-land. There is a time for this. My name is as a post to mark the time when the Creator began His temple of peace, which shall extend over all these people.
  3. (Book of the Arc of Bon 28:1-4)   Te-zee pursued his researches for a long while, and with many prophets, magicians, seers and priests. Afterward he said:
    2. All is vanity; all is falsehood. No man hath answered me aright, as to the origin and destiny of man. Even the angels, or whatsoever they are, can only inform me of the things on earth; they only see as man seeth. And it may be true that these angels are nothing more than Loo Sin said, i.e. the spirit of the magician only. Because his body entereth this trance it seemeth reasonable.
    3. Now, therefore, I will put a stop to these magicians and priests; they are of no good under the sun. So Te-zee issued a decree covering his own province, commanding magicians and priests to quit the province, under penalty of death. And they thus departed out of his dominions.
    4. Now it so happened that in five other great provinces, the kings did precisely the same, and about the same time. And these were the provinces, to wit: Shan Ji, under king Lung Wan; Gah, under king Loa Kee; Sa-bin-Sowh, under king Ah-ka Ung; Gow Goo, under king Te See-Yong; and these provinces comprised the chief part of Jaffeth. And all these kings issued edicts after the same manner. So that the magicians and seers and priests were obliged to abandon their callings or go beyond these provinces, where dwelt barbarians.
  4. (Book of the Arc of Bon 29:10-11)          The king kept Chine many days, and questioned him with great wisdom and delight. One day Chine said to him: Jehovih saith to me: Go thou quickly unto the five other provinces of Chine'ya, and explain to the kings thereof Who I am. Chine added: Therefore, O Te-zee, I must leave thee, but after many days I will return to thee and exhibit to thee the testimony of immortal life.
    11. The king provided camels and servants, and sent Chine on his way. And, after Chine was gone, Te-zee said to himself: Although I can not decree Chine's doctrines, I see no reason why I can not decree the extinction of Te-in and other idol-Gods. And thereupon he did as he thought best, prohibiting the priests from doing sacrifice to Joss (God), or Ho-Joss (Lord God), or Te-in, or Po, or any other ruler in heaven, save and except the Great Spirit.
  5. (Book of the Arc of Bon 30:1-7)              In course of time Chine completed his labor with the six kings of Jaffeth, and returned to Te-zee, to die.
    2. At this time there had been established in different places more than a thousand families (communities) of Faithists, either through Chine or his followers, the chief rab'bahs. And when Chine returned before the king, Te-zee, there came from every quarter of the world men and women to meet him and learn wisdom.
    3. And all that were in any way sick or lame or blind or deaf he cured by pronouncing the word E-O-Ih over them. And persons who were obsessed with evil spirits he healed by permitting them to touch his staff. And many that were dead he brought to life; for he showed before men power to accomplish anything whatsoever. Yea, he rose up in the air and walked therein and thereon over the heads of the multitude.
    4. And whilst he was up in the air he said unto the multitude: I will now come down amongst you and die, as all men do die. And ye shall suffer my body to lie five days, that the eyes may be sunken and black, showing that I am dead, of a truth.
    5. And on the sixth day ye shall cast the body into the furnace and burn it to ashes. And the ashes ye shall take into the field and scatter this way and that, that no more of me is seen or known on the earth.
    6. And on the seventh day, which shall be a holy day unto you, behold, ye shall witness in the field of my ashes a whirlwind, and the whirlwind shall gather up the ashes of my body; and my soul shall inhabit it and make it whole, as ye now see me, and I will break the whirlwind and descend down to the earth and abide with you yet other seven days, and then ye shall behold a ship descend from heaven in an exceeding great light, and I will enter therein, and ascend to the second heavens.
    7. Neither shall any man or woman nor child say: Behold, Chine was a God. Nor shall ye build an image of me, nor monument, nor in any way do more unto me or my memory than to the meanest of mortals. For I say unto you, I am but a man who hath put away earth possessions, desires and aspirations.
    Chine's death and resurrection can be found in Lika Chapter 25.