Cycles are each about 3,000 years:

(see Dan'ha)

  1. Arc of Wan: During the time of the creation of man, under Sethantes, who was the "First God of the earth and her heavens."
  2. Arc of Anakaron: Under Ah'shong (2nd God of earth and her heavens).
  3. Arc of Gimmel:  Under Hoo Le.
  4. Arc of Yan: Under C'pe Aban.
  5. Arc of Yahomitak: Under Pathodices.
  6. Arc of Somgwothga: Under Goemagak.
  7. Arc of Srivat: Under Goepens.
  8. Arc of Hohamagollak: Under Hycis.
  9. Arc of Jusyin: under See'itcicius.
  10. Arc of Nu: Tenth cycle under Miscelitivi.
  11. Arc of Su'le: under Gobath.
  12. Arc of Siyan: Under F'aiyis.
  13. Arc of Oleganaya: Under Zineathaes.
  14. Arc of Manechu: Under Tothsentaga.
  15. Arc of Seigga: Under Nimeas.
  16. Arc of Arbroohk: Under Neph.
  17. Arc of Noe: Under Aph (the period of the flood).
  18. Under Sue.
  19. Under Apollo.
  20. Under Thor.
  21. Under Osiris.
  22. Under Fragapatti.
  23. Under Cpenta-armij.
  24. Under Lika.


(present era)

  1. When the world approacheth dan'ha in Sabea. The year of the circumscribing shall be the beginning of Kosmon (1848). When the western continent is inhabited across from east to west the dawn of the new cycle has begun. Jehovih's people will be the best of men, wise and charitable, fulfillers of good works and living up to his commandments.
  2. The angels of Jehovih shall descend upon the earth in every quarter with great power during the Kosmon.


  1. (Synopsis of Sixteen Cycles 1-33)      First, the earth plieth in a circuit around the sun, which circuit is divided into four arcs called spring, summer, autumn and winter.
    2. Second, the sun, with his family, plieth in a large circuit, which is divided into one thousand five hundred arcs, the distance of which for each arc is about three thousand years, or one cycle.
    3. During a cycle, the earth and her heavens fall in the etherean regions of hundreds of etherean worlds, where dwell Jehovih's high-raised angels, whose Chiefs have to do with the management of worlds.
    4. During the time of a cycle, the earth is therefore under the control and management of such of Jehovih's angels for the resurrection of man of the earth.
    5. At the time of the creation of man, the earth was traveling in the arc of Wan, where dwell thousands of Orian chiefs, with thousands of millions of high-raised angels.
    6. The Holy Council of Orian Chiefs, through the Wisdom and Voice of Jehovih, appointed one of their number, Sethantes, to take charge of the earth, and to people it with immortal beings, during its travel in Wan.
    7. The rank and title of Sethantes, thus raised up by Jehovih, Creator of worlds, was, First God of the earth and her heavens.
    8. And Sethantes came with millions of angels, who had been raised up from other worlds previously, and he accomplished his work, and was known as God.
    9. Sethantes was, then, the first God of the earth and her heavens, and his place was within the arc of Wan. And during his cycle of three thousand years, he raised up from the earth fifteen hundred million Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih.
    10. After Sethantes came Ah'shong, sub-Chief in the realms of Hieu Wee in the Haian arc of Vehetaivi. And during the cycle of Anakaron, also three thousand years, Ah'shong raised up from the earth a harvest of two billion two hundred million Brides and Bridegrooms.
    11. The third cycle was under the dominion of Hoo Le, surveyor of Kakayen'sta in the arc of Gimmel, and his harvest was three billion seven hundred millions.
    12. The fourth cycle was under C'pe Aban, Chieftainess of Sulgoweron in the arc of Yan, and her harvest was four billion eight hundred millions.
    13. The fifth cycle was under Pathodices, road-maker in Chitivya in the arc of Yahomitak, and his harvest was six billion four hundred millions.
    14. The sixth cycle was under Goemagak, God of Iseg, in the arc of Somgwothga, and his harvest was seven billion nine hundred millions.
    15. The seventh cycle was under Goepens, God of Kaim, in the arc of Srivat, and his harvest was nine billion three hundred millions.
    16. The eighth cycle was under Hycis, Goddess of Ruts, in the arc of Hohamagollak, and her harvest was nine billion four hundred millions.
    17. The ninth cycle was under See'itcicius, inspector of roads in Kammatra, in the arc of Jusyin, and his harvest was ten billion one hundred millions.
    18. The tenth cycle was under Miscelitivi, Chieftainess of the arches of Lawzgowbak, in the arc of Nu, and her harvest was ten billion eight hundred millions.
    19. And now the earth was full of people; all the continents and islands of the earth were inhabited by man; nor was there left any wilderness wherein man did not dwell.
    20. But the generation of man had fallen from thirty-three years down to twelve years. And man and woman were at maturity at seven years old; and not many lived above thirty years; but they were prolific; many of the mothers bringing forth two score sons and daughters, and from two to four at a birth.
    21. And man dwelt in peace, and the earth was tilled, and brought forth abundantly of everything that was good for man to eat, and to clothe himself. And there were in those days great cities of hundreds of thousands of inhabitants; thousands and thousands of such cities, and in all the five great divisions of the earth. And man built ships and sailed over the ocean in all directions, around about the whole world. By the angels of the Lord was he taught and guided in all things. And man had books, both written and printed; and the young were taught in schools, a knowledge of the sun and moon and stars, and of all things that are upon the earth and in the waters thereof. This was therefore called the first period of civilization on the earth.
    22. Now, for the most part, all the people had become I'hins, small, white and yellow. Nevertheless there were ground people, with long arms, who were large; but they dwelt by themselves, and their food was of all manner of flesh, and fish, and creeping things. The ground people were brown and black, and they lived to be two hundred, and even four hundred years old.
    23. Jehovih said: In the early days I raised up I'huans, and I gave them certain commandments, amongst which was, not to cohabit with the druks lest they go down in darkness. But they obeyed not My words; and lo and behold, they are lost from the face of the earth.
    24. Because the I'hins have become a spiritual people and have prospered in peace and spirit, behold, they have degenerated in the corporeal body. They yield abundant harvests for My etherean realms, but they are like untimely births.
    25. Now will I bring the earth into a'jiyan fields and forests for a long season; for I shall again reproduce the I'huans; and the time of a generation shall be thirty-three years. For my harvests shall be of fruit that is mature and full of ripeness.
    26. And Jehovih brought the earth into new regions in the etherean worlds, and covered it over with a'ji, east and west and north and south.
    27. And it came to pass that many of the I'hins lost the generative desire and, so, brought not forth many heirs. But the brown people burnt with desires, and they laid hold of the I'hin women when they went into the fields, and forced them, and thus brought forth again the I'huan race, the copper colored, strong and bright and quick.
    28. Accordingly the eleventh cycle, which was under Gobath, God of Tirongothaga, in the arc of Su'le, brought forth a harvest of six billion seven hundred millions.
    29. The twelfth cycle was under F'aiyis, Goddess of Looga, in the arc of Siyan, and her harvest was two billion six hundred millions.
    30. The thirteenth cycle was under Zineathaes, keeper of the Cress, in the arc of Oleganaya, and his harvest was one billion two hundred millions.
    31. The fourteenth cycle was under Tothsentaga, road-maker in Hapanogos, in the arc of Manechu, and his harvest was only six hundred millions.
    32. The fifteenth cycle was under Nimeas, God of Thosgothamachus, in the arc of Seigga, and his harvest was only forty millions.
    33. The sixteenth cycle was under Neph, God of Sogghonnes, in the arc of Arbroohk, but he failed to bring forth any harvest.


  1. (See plate 94) (Book of Es 2:23-30) And it shall be born with them to see and feel, that a new era is at hand; and they shall be born skeptical to the ancient doctrines, Gods, Lords and Saviors.
    24. Nevertheless, they shall be the best of men, and wise and charitable and most considerate of the opinions of others.
    25. And it shall come to pass, that when the western continent is inhabited across from east to west, all the earth will be circumscribed with men of wisdom and learning.
    26. And the year of the circumscribing shall be the beginning of Kosmon.
    27. And the heavens of the earth shall be opened, and the angels thereof shall descend to the earth, and make themselves known to mortals; even through them which your loo'is shall have born unto the work.
    28. And from that time forth, the old order shall decline, to be put away forever; and the new order shall take its place, to triumph over all the earth.
    29. Thereafter, shall the virtue of preaching come to an end; but practice, in fulfilling good works and living up to My commandments, shall be all that will avail for the establishing of My kingdom on earth.
    30. Go ye forth, My beloved; fulfill the seasons of the earth, that My people may rejoice in their lives, in peace and love, for the glory of My heavens, which I created for them.
  2. (Book of Lika 4:13)            And when they have carried My name to the west coast of Guatama, and established Me, behold, I will bring the earth into Kosmon; and My angels shall descend upon the earth in every quarter with great power. And it shall come to pass that the Faithists of the children of Moses shall find the Faithists of the children of Chine and the Faithists of the children of Capilya.     (Book of Lika 10:4) Lika said: To each and every one I give of my etherean hosts ten million laborers for the period of dawn. And these are the labors I allot unto you: To Inane, to go down to the earth, to the land of Vind'yu, and be inspirer unto my mortal son, Capilya, and his followers. To Inlay, to go down to the earth, to the land of Jaffeth, and be inspirer unto my son, Chine, and his followers. To Inoal, to go down to the earth to the land of Egupt, and be inspirer to my son, Moses, and his followers. And ye three shall restore the Faithists in these great divisions of the earth unto liberty and safety. And thou, Inoal, shalt deliver Moses and the Faithists out of Egupt, and shape their course westward; for they shall circumscribe the earth, and complete it by the time of Kosmon.