1. DamayaDamaya, one of the eleven parts of the Kingdom of God, 685.3 to 5, 13. Biwawotha shall be commander for my (Ennochissa's) heavenly kingdom over Guatama, 722.5,6.
  2. Damons, origin of the name, 496, 497.9, 18, 19.
  3. Dan, regions of light. Lesser cycles, 11.14, 18, 19. the light of falls on, 89.4. the opposite of a'ji, 347.5; 261.16. time of spirituality amongst mortals, 602.6 to 10. Dawn of, what, is, 604.2. length of a, 48.3 to 5; 54.8. at the time of Fragapatti, 171.6. of Cpenta-armij, 314.2. of Lika, 466.6.
  4. Dan'ha, in the firmament of heavens, 10.1 to 4. time from one dawn of dan to the succeeding one, 48.6. seven times and one-half time, 160.21. the highest place in the etherean worlds, 616.58.
  5. Dark, why the ancient prophets caused the worshippers to sit in the, 605.13.
  6. Darkness, when there is no direct manifestation of the earth's vortexian currents, 585.35. the moon shone not, and the sun only as a red coal of fire, and the stars stood in the firmament as well in the day as at night, 46.16; 463.4; 292.2; 481.8; 135.24; 137.13; 302.16; 309.2; 390.10: 602.11; 596.7; 597.15. think not that, belongeth only to the earth and the lowest heavens, 240.14. the time of a thousand years of, 62. chap. iii. (Ha'k), ignorance is, may be corporeal or spiritual, 550. whatsoever giveth sorrow to thy fellow or discouragement to others shall be called, 916, chap, vi; 917.22 to 34, 918.13. Temples of, dedicated to the spirits of the dead, 447.14. discouragement to others shall be called, 916.4 to 14; 5 to 10.
  7. Das, such as have attained to power with the rod with water, and the rod with fire, 204, 205.18 to 22.
  8. Daveas, a false God in atmospherea overthrown by Osire, 154.16 to 157.13.
  9. Daylight is the condition of things polarized in the master vortex, 585.35.
  10. Dead, The, sing anthems and pray for, 251.25, 26. not knowing they are, as to earth life, 12.6; 223.18. there are hundreds of millions who, being, know not anything; but through belief in a judgment day went to sleep, and are waiting for the trumpet of Gabriel to call them forth, 779.17, 18; 830.56, 57.
  11. Death, with, all would be ended to every man, 114.1. with the mortal, there is the end, 175.20; 17.6.
  12. Death Cast, Thothma cast himself in death, 453.5 to 454.12,14;456.30. Loo Sin swallows his tongue, 541.30; 542.4; 543.22. Sakaya has given to him the power of the, 709.6.
  13. Death Penalty, 806.20, 21.
  14. Death, Temple of, 446.13.
  15. Declension, to one or the other resurrection or, belong all men on the earth, and to one or the other belong all the spirits of the dead, 684.7, 8; 839.5, 6.
  16. Decree, Zarathustrian law in regard to making a, 232.6 to 10; 324.3 ; 835.36, 37. by Fragapatti in the House of Mouru, 192.1.
  17. Delight, this, to be delighted groweth within us, 438.24 to 28. in the Light should be the, of all men, 114.1; 510.25.
  18. Deliverance, what is the, of man? 316, 317.20, 21.
  19. Deluge. See Submersion of the Continent of (Pan) Whaga.
  20. Desired, have I not, from the lowest to the highest, given unto all men that which they, 294.16.
  21. Destroy, rather than, that which is given in the name of Jehovih, go ye and fall to work in like manner to build up His light in your own way, 67.16.
  22. Devil, with a, and a horrid fire to torture their souls, 435.4; 911.4.
  23. De'yus. See Anuhasaj.
  24. Diet, the spirit man takes his place in the first heaven according to his, desires and behavior while on earth, 7.8 to 12; 17, chap, iii; 1.16; 75.13. all things of flesh and blood wherein is life forbidden, 58.11, 12;69.26. Ormazdian law in regard to, 220.5, also 232.18. of Po and his people, 318.2; 321.22; 323.15. of Brahma and his people, 346.27; 364.1. De'yus' law in regard to, 413.9. every living thing that liveth shall be meat for man (Osiris Bible), and the result, 417.40,43;419.15-,421.20. the feeders on flesh and blood; they stink as a carcass; their flesh is congested and puffed up, 539.19. herb food cultivateth the negative, flesh food the positive, 604.10. to attain to prophecy, eat not fish, flesh, nor any food that cometh from an animal, 604.6; 654.48, note, and 49. Chine's, 533.14. Sakaya in regard to, 707.2. See also 618.70. Ka'yu (Confucius) on, 714.27; 715.19. of the Esseneans, 726.6, and of Joshu, 727.4. God's remarks upon, 774.16; 775.36; 784.4; 787.24 to 33;814.14, 15;918.25. covenant in regard to, in Shalam, 834.43 to 45; 836.6 to 8, 837.14. whether flesh or milk or cheese that man useth for food in the herbs and plants and trees Jehovih gave the same things, 841.34;822.1 to 823.16; 756.32.
  25. Disbelief, I will show the wisdom of, and its necessity, on the earth, 358.16.
  26. Disbelievers, begotten in inharmony, 115.3.
  27. Discretion, especially in words. Consider well, and then speak. Without, man is like a tangled thread, 499.15.
  28. Discussion, of what profit under the sun is? 690.3. there are two modes of: one is to impart light, and the other is to abuse the opponent, 708.8, 10.
  29. Disputation, books of, philosophers inspired to write, 144.17.
  30. Diva and Div, founded by Fragapatti, 278, 279.7 to 21.
  31. Divan Acts, 290.9 to 12.
  32. Divan Laws, made by the Divan Congress, 281.13 ; 283.2; 289, 290.10 to 12. foundation of the, 289.2 to 11. the Holy Eleven to make the, 376.4. the Supplemental, 291. 292.10 to 16. sections of the, 377. chap, iii; 377, 379.7 to 19.
  33. Divorce, manner of obtaining a, in Shalam, 852.8 to 10. themselves, 815.4 Ka'yu on, 715.26,27.
  34. Doctrine, to deny one's self and labor for others with all our wisdom and strength this is the highest, 717.66; 777.29.
  35. Doctrines, it is easy to plan out high, but not so easy to give an efficient doctrine. He who is midway is the most potent, 717.62.
  36. Do, to, not to any man that which they desire not to be done unto themselves, 209.2; 714.29.
  37. Dog, as thou mayest say to the, the most knowing of animals: Jehovih! Jehovih!, 821.10.
  38. Doorways, the eye, ear, and power of touch are the corporeal, I gave unto thee, O man. Through these thou art constantly impregnated, 817.1 to 5.
  39. Doubles, 265.7.
  40. Dress, whatever attracted the least thought to sex is the most modest, 837.13.
  41. Driftwood, as, on a surging sea, 139.3.
  42. Drouth, regions of, on the earth which man must learn to overcome by causing rain to fall, 602.13; 603.3,
  43. Druj—Drujas, so called because they desire not resurrection, 42.15, 16. wandering spirits of darkness and evil, 84.3. spirits who have not fulfilled either a spiritual or a corporeal life, 230.6. engageth in sensualism and quarrels amongst mortals, 252.5, in time of a'ji, 306.10. Ahura's, 340.20. the lowest druj in heaven. None of the Gods can bind him forever, 437.18. Lika gives new grades, 495,496.8 to 11. all angels below the first resurrection, save infants, 517.1 to 524.56. spirits that have not left the earth and are bound to mortals, 779.12. a spirit who is below the grades, who seeks to do evil, who seeks to make others unhappy, who delights in crime and pollution, 781.10.
  44. Druks (Cain), I'hins, dwell with the Asuans, 43.13 to 17. dwell with the Asuans and with one another, 43.21 to 24, 3,4. ground people called, 73.75. taught by I'hin prophets, 76.16. incapable of inspiration save for their stomach's sake, 296.13. black, which spake not, dumb like the black mud of the earth where they burrowed, 367.5; 348.6; 518.2. who are below the grades, 781.10. See under Ground People.