1. Earnings, every one takes the, of another; the profit of one is the injury of another, 260.4. housing themselves about with the, of others, 86.15.
  2. Earth, formation of the, 6.3 to 8; 584.26. the first starting forth of the, 480.5. where first the red star's vortex gathered up its nebulae millions of years agone, 70.8. See Plates (of vortex) 25, 26. 553; 27, 28. 554;23.551. the growth, the change, and the travail of the, 7.13 to 20; 10.5. made from that which was unseen, 553.15. floateth in the midst of a vortex, 583.1 to 16. the four motions of the, 431.7. round instead of flat, 742.4. ye (the angels) have caused the, to be peopled with such as are capable of immortality, 11.21. full of people, mostly I'hins, mature at seven, dying at thirty, very prolific, two to four at a birth (see also 302.16), man dwelt in peace. Ground people lived to be 200 and even 400 years old (about 43,000 years B.K.), 60.19 to 22. and its lower heavens were under the dominion of such as had sprung up out of the earth, 41.5. time of a generation risen from twelve years to eighty, many living to be 300 years old, very large, twice the size of men of this day. Without judgment, and of little sense, large and strong and prolific, 61.13;292.5. attains her maturity (before the flood), but she is rank, 62.2. too prolific is the rich, too prolific is the red star of the firmament, 72.9; 62.7 to 11. passed Tryista, 82.14. has been peopled over many times and many times laid desolate, 110.7. -born, the forms of the, changed, hair grows long and straight, men begin to have beards, 125.13. passes the limit of her greatest corporeality, 470.5; 471.6; 45 3.20. reaches maturity in the time of the Arc of Bon, 550.1 to 3. and her heavens enter the a'jian forests. Effect on mortals and angels, 689, chap. xi. passes into the light of the Arc of Kosmon, 747.1.
  3. Earthquake, who knoweth the plan for an, whether it be small or large before Jehovih? 88.5.
  4. Earth Shine, 590, 591.9, 10.
  5. Earthly Things, whosoever setteth value on, above heavenly things, it is good for him to have fire and destruction, 221.9.
  6. Ea-wah-tah, birth prepared for, by Jehovih, 301, chap. xiii. an I'huan, taller than any other man, with a bright, shining face of copper, 371.13. graded ninety-five, 326.11. inspired by the God Os, 329.13 to 15. hears the voice of the Great Spirit, 371.14, 15. has given to him the E-go-quim laws, 372.24 to 373.26. goes to the kingdom of Took Shein and Che-guh, 373.34. founds the O-pah-E-go-quim (Algonquin), 374,375,48,49. visited by Cpenta-armij, 348.8.
  7. Education, primary (of a spirit) in the first resurrection, 285.16 to 287.30. completed. What then? 287, chap. iv.
  8. Efficient, a less pure God, a less holy God, would be more, 293.5.
  9. Efficient, for I am very, and influential with the Creator, 545.35.
  10. Egoquim, name of the Creator given through Eawahtah, 371.16 to 372.20. laws. See under Ea-wah-tah.
  11. Egupt, a great angel general of Osiris, 405.7; 449.3,4;453.6;531.18. the land of, a part of Arabin'ya named by Egupt after himself, the same which is corruptly called Egypt to this day, 405.7. peopled from Par'si'e, 449.1 to 450.9. for hundreds of years, attained to great learning, but woe came upon them, 457.9 to 458.13. the languages of, times by the learned, by Eustia, and by sky time. Records of, in great confusion, 504.1 to 505.6. tribes of Faithists, had many languages, in, 505.7. king of, the Sun King, and laws of the Sun Laws, 505.9, 10. a land of glory and of misery, 512.35 to 513.41;517.13. records became worthless, 532.21. after the fall of, her people migrated westward, 737.30. neither shall, prosper more till Thou hast subdued the whole earth unto Thee (Israelites going out of), 525.18. ceded by Looeamong to Kabalactes, in consideration of a thousand million angel warriors, 725.20 to 22.
  12. Electricity, 548.21; 585.36; 591.11.
  13. Elementary Spirits, the air above the earth is full of, 542.10 to 543.12.
  14. Eloih, the Fonecean name of the Great Spirit, 532.1; 610.9.
  15. Embryotic State, this is not the real life, but the, 485.8; 709.16; 837.26.
  16. Endless Chain, by the, sped to any quarter of the earth, 92.11.
  17. Enemies, for 2000 years I gave My, a loose rein, and they have the longest line of kings in the world; and yet in the midst of their prosperity they fall down like a drunken man, 505.6.
  18. English, origin of the people called, 737.30, 31.
  19. Engrafters, re-incarnated spirits, so called, 779.11;496.18;78.10.
  20. Ennochissa of Eta-shong (690.10), builds his heavenly city, 702,703.1 to 10. neglects his earthly dominions, and God sows the seed of faith in Chine'ya, 703.11 to 14. declares war against Jehovih, and thus, first of the Triunes, becomes a false God, 703.15 to 19. invites his brother Triunes to visit him, and confer as to what should be done, 719.1 to 4. and his brother Triunes, to establish the Trinity, give 49 saviors to mortals, 719.5 to 720.30. 's Sub-Gods revolt, and he sends Ya'deth with an army to subdue them, 722.1 to 3. sends Ya'deth to establish him on the earth as Brahma, 722.8. (Brahma the false) inspires the Sun King of Chine'ya to destroy all books, in order to reduce the empire to ignorance, 723.20 to 22. gets most of the Brahmins when they die, 738.19. 's heavenly kingdoms greatly disturbed by the appearance of the airavagna of Litabakathrava, 753. chap. v.
  21. Ennochissa of Eta-shong, sends an arrow-boat with a million host to invite this God on a monthly visit, 753.7, 8. cast into hell, delivered by God, and judged by Jehovih, 764. chap, xv, xvi, xvii.
  22. Enumeration of Earth and Heaven since man first walked upright, 132.2 to 13.
  23. Envy, thou shalt not, nor harbor hatred against any man nor woman nor child, 195.26.
  24. Eolin, the Unseen, spake in the wind, 140.5 to 10. signifying, like the wind, void of shape or person, 350.9.
  25. E-O-I-H, man writes the name of the Creator, 127.12 to 128.20; 610.8.
  26. Era, behold the seventh, is at hand. Thy Creator commandeth they change from a carnivorous man of contention to a herbivorous man of peace, 1.16. of perfection in unbelief, 167.27.
  27. Eras, the six, of man, 1.1 to 13.
  28. Es, the unseen worlds, etherea and atmospherea, 5.1, 4. the, of a living mortal, how it governed the flesh to good or evil, controlleth the sex and ultimate size, health and strength of the offspring, 287.2. why, is called daughter, 552.31, 32. Book of, 747 to 773. the testimony of angels, 550. the first chosen woman in the Father's kingdom, 827.2 to 828.9. the chief nurse of Shalam, tells how the babies were cared for, 841, chap. xii. instructs the children in angel communion, 843, chap. xiv.
  29. Es Day, when the angels of heaven were made known to mortals, 825, chap. xvi.
  30. Es'eans, inhabitants of Es, in contradistinction to the inhabitants of Corpor, 5.1.
  31. Es'eans (Esseneans) (Asenean Association), true Israelites, founded by Pharaoh (Nu-ghan), and from whom one Joshu, an i-e-su in Nazareth was raised up, 662.49 to 51; 726.4 to 14.
  32. Esfoma, the signs of the times, 550.
  33. Es'seans full residents of the Es world, 84.3.
  34. Established Religion, the republic of Guatama untrammeled by an, 811.11.
  35. Es'yan, signifying new-born in heaven, 16.21; 20.1 to4;41.6. so called for the first five years in heaven, 84.3; 264.17, 18. said to be in the first resurrection, 799.14.
  36. Ethe, the substance of etherean worlds, 5.5;. 587.1; 786.19.
  37. Ethe'ic Currents, 354.5 to 355.10.
  38. Etherea, the emancipated heavens beyond Chinvat, 621.121; 587.3, 4; 666.65.
  39. Etherean Flame, magnifying power of the 35.15; 153.10; forests, 85.4.
  40. Etherean Worlds, Remarks, Plate 41,566; 109.9; 551.16. inhabitable both within and without, 5.5 to 6.7, Remarks, Plate 44.566. snowflakes a microscopic pattern of thousands of millions of them, so that a description of them is impossible, 598.13. and roadways for sun-phalanxes, Plate 24,552.
  41. Ethereans, spirits who have risen above the bondage of the earth and its atmosphere, 654.42,43.
  42. Etisyai, a high-raised Goddess who crowned Sethantes, 13 chap, i; 33.4; 34.7, 9; 37.5, 6;40.13.
  43. Eunuchs, the I'hins made, of the yaks, males and females, 43.8; 45.6, 7. the I'hins make, of both yaks and ground people, of both sexes did they thus, 97.4, 5;98.8, 14;112.6;395.21.
  44. Eustia, the times of the tribes of, gave only six months to a year, 504.2.
  45. Ever Presence, to open up man's understanding, to find Thee, to know Thee, and to realize Thy, 239.6; 282.22; 289.4 to 290.12.
  46. Ever Present, I am the, and not in the figure or image of a man, but I am the All Space and Place, doing My will through My angels and through the souls of men, 474.23;435.5;488.13. The Highest conceived of Who is, and is the Person from which all persons sprung, 707.3; 595.20; 715.21. all names worshipful belong to the, 482.16.
  47. Ever Present Great Spirit, 712.7.
  48. Ever Present. 916.2.
  49. Everlasting life, the Asuans were not created to, 20.2. yaks not capable of, in heaven 45.6; 50.16. but to thee, O man, I gave power for, 232.15;688.3. Druks are not heirs to, 74.77. I'huans capable of, 97.25. during the last hundred years (before the flood) the earth brought forth none capable of, save the remnants of I'hins, 79.10. in the early days of man only a small percentage were born to, and the first of all only one per cent, 311.1 to 312.13. key to, 453.2, 3.
  50. Everlasting Flesh Life, thou (Thothma) art the first founder of, 451.29. man should turn from stone temples and the hope of, Heading, Book Lika, 465.
  51. Evil, is evil? 191.17 to 20; 240.34. call not any man, but call ye him unripe fruit, 622.2. to find, instead of good, 240.17. to seek not to find, in others; to complain not for the, others inflict me with; to speak not evilly against anything Thou has created, 510.26. to perceive no, in any man nor woman nor child, but in their birth and surroundings, 652.41. if a man do, it taketh root in him, and will be entailed on his spirit, even into the next world, 653.1.
  52. Evolution, not one living thing created I out of another, 8.9 to 12; 25.8. there is no law of selection, 113.6 to 8; 116.11. there is no such law as, 133.8 to 134.12. the, of the races of men out of the lowest darkness comes from the Great Spirit, 150,151.21 to 25. neither have I given progress to a stone, nor to a tree, nor to an animal, 232.18. let them that find the cause of the progress of man to come of the earth go raise up the barbarian, 154.9. man became conceited, saying: All things are Nature and growth, and evolve into higher states; it is the natural order (12,000 B.K., cycle of Osiris) 157.4, 5. not one thing of all of them mergeth into another, 595.19. man progresseth not save by me (God), through my angel hosts in heaven, 375.8 to 13. the blacks would never become whites, 596.12.
  53. Exaltation, all men alike desire, and everlasting liberty and unlimited power; and unless ye are prepared to give even these unto others, then ye cannot attain them yourselves, 159.17.
  54. Example, let your, heal them, 917.32; 219.34.
  55. Excellence, how do you grade them that, may be known and respected? 852.13, 14; 705.19.
  56. Exclusiveness, 747.5 to 10; 749.26 to 29; 37 to 39; 807, chap, xxxiii.
  57. Exertion, whoso feeleth that he hath no need of, groweth not in spirit, 557.19. the Great Spirit made man to exert; by, groweth he in wisdom and strength, 52.9. more are trials and, to be desired than ease and enjoyment, 487.8.
  58. Experience, without, man cannot be advised profitably to himself, 23.5. it is right that I should have the, of the poor as well as of the rich: how else would I ever become sufficiently wise to be a God in heaven? 207.7. in the, of his own person made I him to desire without end, 478.10. how can I make them to know wisdom without? 512.36; 510, 511.27 to 31; 352.6;683.4.
  59. Eye, the, is the most potent; can go away from man, 229.9 to 11. to teach the very young child the ever presence of the All Potent, 230.15. Thine, is observant of all men, but they believe it not, 239.6; 276.25. the first formation of the, and the color of the, 596.7 to 11. the belief that Jehovih's eye is ever upon us, 838.16.