1. A Native American of Guatama, of grade ninety-five. Lived during the time of Cpenta-armij. The son of an I'hin mother and an I'huan father. A very tall man, of the seed of Honga. Named the Great Spirit (creator) Egoquim.
  2. Egoquim laws.
  3. Goes to the kingdom of Took-shein. Gathered the tribes of those scattered by the false God I'tura and united them together with a centre (Egoquim).
  4. Prophecy concerning the fate of Guatama  (America), Mohawk (Tenonachi) and the Mohegan (Hoochiquis).
  5. Founded the forty independent nations united into a confederacy called O-pah-E-go-quim. Angels "will purge them (Kriste'yans) of their Savior (Kriste)."


  1. (Book of Cpenta-Armij 4:11)   In Jaffeth I have raised up a man named Po, an I'huan of the I'hin side, of grade ninety-five. In Arabin'ya I have raised up a man named Abram, an I'huan of the I'hin side, of grade ninety-five. In Vind'yu I have raised up a man named Brahma, an I'huan of the I'hin side, of grade ninety-nine. I Guatama I have raised up a man named Eawahtah, an I'huan of the I'hin side, of grade ninety-five.  (First Book of God 26:13-20)  In the first call, I'tura and his evil hosts ran away. In His second call, it was like spring-time, after heavy winter. And in the third call, it was like budding summer. And there came up a sprout of the seed of Honga, an I'huan; taller than any other man with a bright shining face of copper; shining as if all the destroyed temples glistened in his broad head.
    14. And he spake, saying: Here, O Great Spirit, here am I! And the Great Spirit said: Who art thou, My Son? And he answered: I am Son of the Creator. Then asked the Great Spirit: Of what tribe? And he answered: My flesh is nothing; my genealogy is of the spirit. Of the I'hin my mother; of the I'huan my father.
    15. Then said the Creator: For which reason, I name thee Eawahtah, spirit and flesh even balanced, best of men. Come thou with Me; walk along with Me; thou shalt re-instate the tribes of men; deliver them out of darkness; make them worshipful.
    16. Eawahtah said: I am Thy servant, O Great Spirit. What shall I call Thee, that the tribes of men be no longer distrustful? Then answered the Creator: Call Me after the wind, O Eawahtah!
    17. Eawahtah said: How after the wind? The Great Spirit said: Come with Me, My Son. Then Eawahtah walked along and came to a place where the wind blew in the leaves.
    18. The Creator said: Tell Me, My Son, what saith the wind in the leaves? And answered Eawahtah: E! Then the Creator took Eawahtah to the big sea water, and asked: What saith the wind in the water, My Son?
    19. And Eawahtah answered: Go! Then took the Creator Eawahtah to the high crags, the rocks above the clouds, piercing, where the wind whistled; and He said: What saith the wind, My Son? And Eawahtah answered: Quim!
    20. And the Great Spirit said: Call Me Egoquim, O My Son. I am three in One; the earth, and all that is in the earth and on the earth, and all the stars and moon and sun; they are one of My members. And the air above the earth, the Atontea, is another member of My Person. And higher yet; in the high place above the air, is the ether; the great penetrator; and that is the third member of My Person. I am everywhere, far and near; all things thine eye seeth; all things thine ear heareth are of Me and in Me.
  2. Egoquim laws.                                                                                                                                                             
  3. (First Book of God 27:34-35)          Then came Eawahtah; came first to the kingdom of Took-shein, and to his queen, Che-guh, in the land Anagoomahaha, the flat-heads. Told them all the words of the Great Spirit, Egoquim.
    35. Then spake Took-shein, saying: To me the Great Spirit hath spoken; told me all the words thou hast. I know all thou hast said is true. Then spake Che-guh, saying: To me spake Gitchee, the Great Spirit. True are all thy words, O Eawahtah. By thee will all the scattered tribes be gathered together. Many tribes will there be of the red man; Egoquim will be the centre, the Mighty Spirit! 
    36. Then spake Eawahtah, saying to his good host and hostess: Your place shall be the centre; from your place I will shoot out around about, always returning, bringing in followers.
  4. (First Book of God 27:41-43)               Hard is the fate of those that worship one God only; but they are Mine. I look around at times; I set the evil Gods flying. Be of strong heart, O My beloved! Many races will come and go on these lands. But the red man shall possess it: inhabit it far and near. Then shall come another evil God (Christ), to flay and destroy My sons and daughters, to cover all the lands over with pure blood. Then will I come again and rout the evil God, raise up My sons and daughters, full of glory.
    42. From far over the water will I bring their kindred (Jews), who worship none born of woman; a wise speaking people. A people that war not; who kill not off weaker nations. I will come in the Mohawk (Tenonachi), and the Mohegan (Hoochiquis); My hand shall reach around the earth in that day. I will chase away all Gods and Saviors born of woman. Only the Great Spirit shall all men worship.
    43. Go forth, My son; build wide My foundation; in this land will I found My earthly kingdom.
  5. (First Book of God 27:48-49)                Forty mighty nations shalt thou found, O My son; and every nation shall be an independent nation; but all the nations shall be united into a brotherhood of nations, as ONE mighty people, and that one shall be called O-pah-E-go-quim, signifying ONE. For when I come in kosmon, My people shall have many states, like unto thine, and their combination shall be called UNION, signifying ONE. Build thou a model for them, O Eawahtah. For, though when they come they shall overthrow thy people in the earth, the angels of thy holy ones shall come and purge them of their Savior, and make them clean in My sight.
    49. Then Eawahtah made the nations; united them into one mighty people, and called them the nations of Opahegoquim. And they planted the country over with corn-fields, and dwelt in peace.