1. Not one living thing did Jehovih create out of another.
  2. There is no such law of evolution. Jehovih created man, to go as readily down the mountain as up it. Man progresseth not on his own.
  3. The opposite of evolution happens. Those who fall from the light of the father lose their symmetry and beauty of proportions.








  1. (Book of Jehovih 5:9)      Each and every living thing created I new upon the earth, of a kind each to itself; and not one living thing created I out of another.
  2. (The Lords' Fourth Book 4:8-13)           Behold ye then the testimony which I lay before you, that ye may perceive the wisdom of my ways: For it wil be said by some that there is a law of evolution whereby man riseth from a lower to a higher state as the earth groweth older.
    9. But I say unto you, there is no such law. Save but by the labor of thy Lord and thy God, through their angels, man riseth not upward; but he goeth the other way.
    10. In which matter, behold, I have left many nations and peoples before you to this day, who are on the downward road. And ye have corporeal records before you, showing you that in times past, the same countries were inhabited by a higher race.
    11. For thus Jehovih created man, to go as readily down the mountain as up it.
    12. Behold, all resurrection cometh from above; all aspiration cometh from the Lord and his angels. For man, being in the flesh, goeth rather to the desires of the flesh than to the spirit.
    13. As the light of the sun causeth sleep to pass away, so doth the light of Jehovih, through His Gods and Lords and angels, cause the soul of men to awake to the possibilities of everlasting life in the exalted heavens." (First Book of God 28:11-12) Nor shalt thou say: Man of himself progresseth; and that such and such would come of a natural order.
    12. I say unto thee, man progresseth not, save by me, through my angel hosts in heaven.
  3. (The Lords' Fourth Book 4:14)        "This also have I, thy Lord, proven in the world: that they who fall from the light of the Father, lose their symmetry and beauty of proportions."