1. Fact, is not all, interpreted by each and every man from the light of his own standing place? Wherein error cometh into the world by the darkness of men, in not perceiving rightly the things I have created, 355, 356.3,4.
  2. Fail, if ye, in one way try another, and in no case seek to justify yourselves before Jehovih. He is judge, 690.4. even Gods, at times. For by failures do all persons learn there are higher powers. Only Jehovih never faileth, 309.1.
  3. Failures, it is a strong man who can recount his own, and say he glorifieth the Father because thereof, 224.6.
  4. Faith, we profess, in Jehovih, but we manifest, in money and in soldiers and warfare, 832.19; 3.24; 15.28; 150.18, 19;603.17. through, is all power and glory attained, 94.9; 239.4. O Jehovih, teach Thou me how to begin to have, 335.10 to 336.14. after this cometh, 367.10. he who hath, in Ormazd feareth nothing in heaven or earth, 476.4. Yokovrana's opinion of, 494.21, 22. cannot be bargained for or purchased. No bird ever flew from its nest without first having, it could fly, 547.32. in Thee above all things in earth or heaven, saith the Faithists, 681.3. to be firm in, in Jehovih above all things, 234.7.
  5. Faithists, such as separate themselves from the dominion of the beast, 1.19,20. such as could comprehend Jehovih, 56.22. those with the higher light were called, 67, 68.19,20. the Creator created two great men, the unbeliever and the, 361.24.
  6. Faithists, they profess to be, in Me. But straight away they go and build fortifications of earth and stone and wood, 354.20; 381.12;466.8,9; 475.476.13, 14. believers in the Ever Present Person, Jehovih, 776.14 to 21; 527.25. what it is to be a, in the Father, 791.30, 31. the true, knoweth nothing impracticable, but doeth his utmost for his highest light, though failure stare him in the face, 410.18, 19. those who say: Whatever Thou puttest upon me, O Jehovih, that will I do with all my wisdom and strength, 836.24, 25.
  7. Falsely Accused, let me justify myself in what I have done; behold, I am,914.6, 7.
  8. Familiars, 88.8, 2, 5, 6; 116.15; 163.2, 11; 164 chap, x; 268.3; 462.18; 653.32, 33.
  9. Fast, thou shalt, one day of the fourth moon all thy life, 195.34.
  10. Father, what it is to become one with the, 108.5. for My people shall learn to speak to their, who heareth and giveth ear and is full of love, 36.23. when man has put self away, then he beholdeth the, through his own soul; yea, and heareth Him also, 547.9.
  11. Father's Kingdom, The, the place of, marked out by Thouri, 29.10. the eve of death and the birth of, on the corporeal part, 191.4. the foundation of, amongst mortals, 228.2. the regions where, will be founded, 232.22 to 24; 242.29; 664.37. in the land of Uz, cannot be, 798.19, 20. I declare unto thee that, is now being founded on earth, 800.15, 16. this is founding, on earth, 802.6 to 13; 815.21.
  12. Father, Son and Holy Ghost, 690.10, 14; 942 696.26, 31; 701.24; 720.24 to 32; 729.18.
  13. Fear is but the manifestation of weakness, 130.25;476.4.
  14. Female during gestation is in keeping of her Creator, 58.15; 819.7.
  15. Fetal, those spirits who engraft themselves on mortals, 84.3; 76.5, 6. divan laws in regard to a very young child that requires, 284.10; 285.14, 15, 20.
  16. Fetaled, a thousand million angel infants, on the earth every thirty years, 805.5, 6. See also 605.10, 11.
  17. Fete or Fate, signifying beyond me there is no appeal, 79.61 to 63. I'hua'Mazda made the sign of, 191.15, 16. bestowed upon Ashtaroth by Osiris (the false), 406.3; 618.67.
  18. Fichtus of Haak, meaning explained, 168.5 and note.
  19. Fire, angels teach man how to make, by striking flint stones, 112.6; 585.37.
  20. First Cause, what man hast thou found that comprehendeth the, of anything under the sun? 201.3. O that I could find the, of the judgment of every living thing, 670, Sar 6.
  21. Flat-heads in the land, Anagoomahaha, 373.34, 34. Took-shein and his queen Che-guh, 374; 403.17; 405.9; 424.2. See Aejin.
  22. Flattery, when ye cannot purchase one another by, how hope ye for the favor of the Almighty, by praise and prayers and, 794.11.
  23. Flesh foods, to put away, is easy, but to put away dark thoughts and words, who can do this in a day? 918.25.
  24. Float, and those that dance shall be made to, in the air, 115.8.
  25. Flood. See Submersion of Whaga (Pan); also 87. chap. xii. the Lords' history of the (24,000 years B.K. 70.40), 65 to 74 chap, i, ii. the first writings since the, 127.6 to 8; 141.15; 370.18; 544.34. thus they established the history of the, to endure forever on the earth, 87. chap. xii.
  26. Flowery Kingdom, Jaffeth (China), so named by the angels, 410.15; 549.18.
  27. Folly, I drink deep of mine own, 513.7; 114.1, 2. faith without a guarantee is, 494.22.
  28. Fonece, oracles that destroyed, 918.10.
  29. Foneceans, signifying out of the mountains, origin of, 183.3. the language of the, the oldest of mortal made languages, 404.5.
  30. Force, end of, for Gods and Lords, 352.6.
  31. Force and Violence only establish for day, and are not of Me, 515.21.
  32. Four Dark Corners, Ignorance, Lust, Selfishness and Anger, 79.62, 63. of the world, 610.7; 755.16.
  33. Four False Gods, on all the planetary worlds it is ever the same: certain, rise up to possess the corporeal worlds and her heavens, 755.16. to 20.
  34. Fragapatti, an Orion chief in etherea, of 141,000 years, hears the matchless voice saying: My son! my son! go to the red star, the earth, 171.1 to 3. sends Autevat in an arrow-ship to the earth, 172.9 to 13. receives Autevat's report, who had ordered (Samati), to raise up an heir (Zarathustra) to the light ere the dawn of dan (200 years thence), 173.4 to 176.28. and his ten million companions, on their journey to the earth, meet a company of five hundred million ethereans on a voyage of exploration of more than four million years, 179.13, 14. founds his capital Haraiti in atmospherea, and appoints his High Council, 180. chap, iv. says: Can an Orion chief forget he was once a slave? 181.13. creates 1000 fields and pastures, and in each 10,000 mansions, each capable of 1000 souls, 183.4. assigns to God his duties as to his heir Zarathustra, 183.9 to 185.18. appoints Athrava assistant God in his place, 185.2. visits Zeredho, of which Hoab is God, 186.8 to 188.18. visits Ipseogee, which is in charge of Hapacha, 191.6 to 8. makes his divisions of the earth, and appoints his rulers for the time of dawn, 192, chap. viii. revisits Zeredho; interview with Hoab, 196.7 to 199.21. and Hoab, with his people, visit, and then deliver the hells of Utza, 199 chap, x, xi, xii. and his host joined by a ship of a thousand million explorers from the north region, a thousand times further than the North Star, of the seventh magnitude of light, even three higher than, 219 chap. xvii.
  35. Fragapatti, visits Yaton'te, his Lord God of North Guatama, 223.1 to 233.24. visits Hapacha, God of Ipseogee, 234.1 to 244.45. visits Yima, his Lord God of Shem, 260.6 to 265.25. visits Ah'oan, his Lord God of Jaffeth, 265.1 to 267.12. visits E'chad, his Lord God of Arabin'ya, 267.1 to 271.14. visits Gir-ak-shi, his Lord God Heleste, 272.1 to 273.23. visits Uropa, first Goddess of a barbarian division of the earth 273.1 to 274.8. takes the spirit of Zarathustra to Mouru, 276.34 to 38. with his hosts and ten thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms, ascends to his home in etherea, 280.27, 30, 31.
  36. Fraternities, such shall be the, 919.11, 12.
  37. Fraternity, 920.1; 919.15; 919.12; 920.9, 12; 921.14.
  38. Fravaitiwagga, Ahura had deputed, to reign in his stead, while he was absent from Ctusk, 307.21 to 25.
  39. Freedom unto all people on earth and to the angels of heaven to think and to speak whatever they will, 920.1.
  40. Freedom's Day, abolition of slavery in Guatama, 825 chap. xvii.
  41. French, whence the, sprang, 737.30, 31.
  42. Friction, 381.10; 584.22, 23; 586.41.