1. In the arc of Noe (under Aph), being about 24,000 years B.K. The angels of the Lord inspired the Faithists to build ships, both in valleys and on the mountains. For two years the Faithists built a total of 138 ships throughout the world.
  2. The giants (druks) peopled heaven with untimely births and with spirits of darkness. Their flesh became corrupt. The people denied Jehovih in both heaven and on earth. The four great divisions of the earth at the time were called Vohu (Africa), Jud (Asia), Thouri (America) and Dis (Europe).
  3. Those saved were 12,420. The ships congregated into four fleets of 34 ships in each fleet, besides a fleet of two ships that was brought to Japan.
  4. In 150 days from the beginning of the flood* they were brought into the lands allotted to them. The name of the fleets and the respective places where they landed were: Guatama (America), Shem (Vind'yu), Jaffeth (Chine'ya), Ham (Africa) and Yista (Japan).

*The legend of the flood can be found in practically every ancient civilization.  For more information on the flood, read Book of Aph Chapter 1 to 7.

  1. (The Lords' First Book 1:32-40)     And I, the Lord, called unto my chosen, who were persecuted and hidden away in the valleys and mountains, even on the tops of mountains.
    33. And I said unto them: Because ye have kept my commandments, come forth and hear ye the word of the Lord your God. And they came forth from their hiding places, thousands and thousands of them. And I sent my angels unto them, saying:
    34. Say ye unto my chosen: This is the word of the Lord your God: Ye have found favor in my sight, for ye alone of all that is on the earth have kept my commandments; and ye have seen righteousness in the seed of your generations.
    35. Go to, therefore, and build ships sufficient unto my chosen, and get ye within, where none can pursue or destroy.
    36. For behold, I will bring a flood of waters upon the earth, even above the highest mountains; for I will destroy the corruption thereof, and purge it of all uncleanness.
    37. Take ye, therefore, of all food that is good to eat, and gather it into the ships; for the flood shall remain a hundred and fifty days; and ye shall not come forth and find wherewith to eat.
    38. And the angels of the Lord went to the Faithists in God and inspired them to build ships, both in the valleys and on the mountains; for two whole years builded they them, and then they were completed.
    39. And the angels of heaven numbered the ships, and there were of them one hundred and thirty-eight. And the ships stood on the mountains and in valleys; nowhere near the waters stood one of all the ships that had been built.
    40. And the earth stood in the arc of Noe in the firmament of heaven, in the place and grade of six hundred in the a'ji'an roads, twenty-four thousand years before kosmon.
  2. (The Lords' First Book 1:23-32)        Thus was my word perverted by man, and the little light which was not lost, man tried to obscure. Nevertheless, man multiplied and inhabited the earth over, building cities and nations and prospering in certain seasons in all things earthly. But as I came to the earth to develop the soul of man chiefly, and for his own ultimate happiness in the etherean worlds, I labored not with such as heeded me not, but suffered them to go on in their own conceit; and they became divided against one another, and war and pestilence and divers diseases came upon mortals, resulting in their further downfall.
    24. And the spirits of those that denied me on earth, still denied me in heaven; and in their stubbornness and conceit continued to dwell with man on the earth. So that in the course of time the world was overrun by spirits of darkness, who knew not heaven. And it came to pass that my enemies slew my chosen on all hands.
    25. In four great divisions of the earth, in Vohu, in Jud, in Thouri and in Dis (see Sethantes, chapter II, v.28) they left not one alive of the I'hin race. In Wagga (Pan) had I a remnant; and they were scattered far and near, and in separate places hiding away from their evil pursuers.
    26. I had said unto them: Every living thing that groweth up out the ground shall be food for you; but of everything wherein is the breath of life, which is of blood and spirit, ye shall not eat. Who so sheddeth blood, wherein is life, by himself inviteth his own blood and spirit to the spoil. In likeness of God was man made heir of the earth and all things thereon.
    27. Be ye fruitful and multiply; bring forth abundantly in remembrance of the Lord God of heaven and earth.
    28. And I gave the circumcision as a measure of the boundary of my chosen.
    29. But there were giants (druks) in those days and in time after that; and my chosen came unto them, and they bare children to them also. And their flesh became corrupt, so that vermin inhabited them from the time of their birth to the time of death. And they became rotten in the head with catarrh; and in the throat with ulcers and running sores; and in the lungs and joints with the poison of death. And their offspring that was born unto them came forth afflicted with the sins of their fathers and mothers, to linger in misery or to die in infancy.
    30. And they thus peopled heaven with untimely births and with spirits of darkness, who, in return, came back and re-afflicted mortals.
    31. And I said: I will destroy man from the face of the earth; for the flesh of man is corrupt, for by the eating of flesh and unwise cohabitation hath he corrupted his race upon the earth.
    32. And I, the Lord, called unto my chosen, who were persecuted and hidden away in the valleys and mountains, even on the tops of mountains.
  3. (The Lords' First Book 1:41-48)    And the Lord commanded the chosen to go into the ships; and they went in; and in the same day the gates of heaven and earth were opened.
    42. And the earth rocked to and fro, as a ship at sea; and the rains fell in torrents; and loud thunderings came up from beneath the floor of the world. And the sea came up on the land; first upon the valleys and then upon the mountains; so that the ships floated on the waters.
    43. But the land was swallowed up, valleys and mountains, and all the living perished, save the I'hins, who floated off in the ships.
    44. And the Lord said: I numbered them that were saved, and there were twelve thousand four hundred and twenty; and these were all that remained of the first race of man that walked on two feet.
    45. Behold, I will carry them to all the divisions of the earth, and people it anew with the seed of my chosen.
    46. And Jehovih blew His breath upon the ships of His sons and daughters; blew them about upon the ocean; blew them to the east and west and north and south.
    47. By the will of God were the ships congregated into four fleets; thirty-four ships into each fleet, save two ships which were carried in a fleet to themselves.
    48. The Lord said: I will name the fleets of my chosen, and their names shall be everlasting on the earth. And the Lord named them Guatama, Shem, Jaffeth, Ham and Yista.
  4. (The Lords' First Book 1:52-61)       And in one hundred and fifty days from the beginning of the flood, the ships were brought into their respective places; as the Lord designed them, so landed they in the different countries of the world.
    53. The fleet named Guatama was carried to the eastward, and the country whither it landed was also called Guatama. The Lord said: From this place shall my chosen spread out north and south. But they shall not inhabit the lands to the east or west as far as the sea; for they shall be testimony in time to come of this landing place from the continent of Pan.
    54. God said: Suffer my people to bestow names to the places whither I lead them; for these names shall show in the kosmon era the work of my hand done in this day.
    55. The fleet of two ships carried to the north was named Yista, which in the Wagga tongue was Zha'Pan, which is the same country that is to this day called Japan, signifying relict of the continent of Pan, for it lay to the north, where the land was cleaved in twain.
    56. And the Lord said to them: Behold, eight Hi'dan shall come and ye shall be as a key to unlock the labors of heaven; for of all people ye shall be reckoned the oldest in the world. And until I come and unlock the sea, ye shall remain an exclusive people from all tribes and nations.
    57. Preserve ye, therefore, the names of my rites and ceremonies, and especially the names of land and water, and the firmament above, and the ships that plow the water, and all sounds whatever that man maketh in the throat and without the tongue and lips; for in the time of my glory on the earth ye shall also be glorified. Preserve ye also peace and righteousness and industry, for ye shall be a testimony in the later time of the presence of my hand and of the Great Spirit also. Thus was settled Japan, and it continueth to this day.
    58. The fleet named Jaffeth was driven to the westward and north, and the country was called Jaffeth for thousands of years thereafter, and is the same as is called Chine'ya to this day.
    59. The fleet named Shem landed to the south, and the country was called Shem for thousands of years afterward, and is the same as is called Vindyu (India) to this day.
    60. The fleet named Ham landed south west, and the country was called the land of Ham for thousands of years, and is the same as is called Egypt and Africa to this day.
    61. God said: Behold, my chosen shall manifest many signs and words common to one another in these different divisions of the earth.