1. Gabriel. See Thoth.
  2. Gau, a heaven in atmospherea founded by Apollo, 115.5. an instrument for proving all things, 79.64; 612.28.
  3. Germans, whence derived, 737.30, 31.
  4. Ghans (Ongwee), how the race came in the world, 111.26 to 112.8. came of the I'hins and of the I'huans, 114.15; 115.22, 23. to triumph over all the lands and waters of the earth, 128.19. capable of an upward inspiration, 133.5, 7; 163.12; 167.19. not like lambs, but lions untamed, 141.11 to 13; 143.6. migrants from Shem, Ham and Jaffeth, 129.6 to 132.17.
  5. Ghem, oracles that destroyed, 918.10.
  6. Ghost, which is ever present and unchangeable, 140.10. See under Soul.
  7. Giants, twice the size of men of this day, 61.13; 69.29. Zarathustra's stature was equal to that of three ordinary men, 178.14; 242.4. the land of, China, 399.12; 369.4; 370.16. Parsi'e was peopled with very, 403.1, 404.2, 5;405.7;410.15.
  8. Gitchee, the Creator, the World Maker, Manito, 367.1.
  9. Gitchee, Monihtee, the Creator, 370.16.
  10. Gitcheemonihtee, son of Jehovih, 368.17.
  11. Give, to whom Jehovih hath given bountifully, it is commanded he shall, bountifully, 151.22.
  12. Glory of Jehovih, 920.3.
  13. Goats bred for hair or for wool, 404.6; 148.19 to 21.
  14. God, I am as any other spirit of the dead, a one time man upon the earth, 911.20. he who is chief of the earth and her heavens, 10.9 to 18; 553.18, 19. who, is, 777.1 to 5; 790.1; 911 chap. i; 653.36 to 654.37; 66.6.
  15. God, the office and labor of, 281.1 to 10; 300.26; 392.27; 23.15; 182.7 to 9; 785.5 to 7. manner of selecting, knowledge, power, and grade of a, 343.3 to 344.5 ; 56.14. scarce 40,000 years raised up to etherea, and yet made, of heaven and earth, 120.10; 82.6. and, was also an earth-born, 56.17. think not to be a good, is easy, 118.7. what cometh before, and his council, 161.1, 2; 162.6 to 10. a, cannot create life, or motion, or an individual, or person. These are from Jehovih, 684.12 to 21. Iod or Ghad, or, (Panic). An idol in heaven, said to be in the figure or form of a man, sitting on a throne. Believed by people in darkness to be the creator of all things, 625.22. Son of Jehovih, calleth to mortals and angels to hear his voice, 682 chap, ii, iii, iv. crowns 4400 Lords and entitles them Lords of the Heavenly Host, with eleven Lords to represent them, 684 chap. v. orders roadways built between all the heavenly kingdoms in atmospherea, 685.1. commands his Lords: Suffer not mortals to commune with the spirits of the dead, 685.19. states the number of inhabitants of the heavens of the earth at the time of the completion of the roadways, 685 chap. vii. also the number of false Gods and Goddesses in atmospherea at that time, 687.1. sends an army to the earth to prepare the records of mortals, 687.3 to 5. Lika sends a swift messenger to, and his Holy Council, 687.9 to 12. receives the report of the army he sent to the earth, 688 chap. x. decrees a protecting host to the Faithists on the earth, 689.1 to 3. 's Lords lose their kingdoms and come before him, 690.1 to 7. 's Lords resolve to organize themselves and thus found the Confederacy of the Holy Ghost, 690.9 to 16. provides for the birth of Ka'yu (Confucius), 690 chap. xiv. provides for the birth of Sakaya, 691 chap. xv. receives a messenger (Taenas) from the chiefs of the Holy Confederacy, and the interview between them, 695 chap, xviii. sends messengers to his 30,400 kingdoms with a report of the interview, 697.1. 's many of, kingdoms drift into the Triune Confederacy, 697.2, 3. sends agents among the Triunes, 698.4 to 7. has sent to him the grade of mortals in Chine'ya, 711.5 to 20. prepares an army of a thousand million angels to go down to the earth to receive the spirits of such as were sure to be slain in the wars near at hand, 720.4. said of the followers of the four false Gods: To whom they bound themselves on earth they were bound in heaven, 738, 739.23 to 30. judgeth the four false Gods, 739.1 to 741.31. Chastiseth the four false Gods separately, 741.1 to 743.12. prophesieth of the four false Gods, 743 chap. Mi.
  16. God pleadeth with the four false Gods, 744 chap. lviii. receiveth a reply from the four false Gods, 744 chap. lix. receiveth a visit from ethereans, 745 chap. Ix. to concern himself no more in regard to the four false Gods, but to inspire mortals to go and find Guatama (America), 746.30, 33, 34. inspires migration to Guatama, 755.1 to 5. welcomes the ethereans who come with Litabakathrava, 755.6 to 8. is strong in resolution to let evil take its course, 757.14 to 18. sends angels to teach man once more the art of printing and the telescope, 758.23, 24. gives up for a season the central lands of Guatama to Looeamong, 758.1 to 4. inspires mortals to cross the ocean, landing at Plymouth Rock, 758.5 to 7. makes eleven divisions of his host, appointing chiefs therefor, 759.3, 4, 10. gives to each chief a thousand million angels to labor with them, 759.5 to 10. sends them to their respective places, 759.11, 12. appoints twelve etherean Gods and Goddesses as a severing host, giving to them six thousand million angels, to cut off the earth supplies of the four false Gods, 760.14, 15. casteth out the four false Gods, and their vast multitude of sixty thousand million angels rush upon the, beat them suffocate them with foul smells, cover them up with suffocating gases, wall them in with sulphurous fires, 764 chap. xv. by his hosts, breaks up the twenty-four hells in which were more than seventy thousand million angels, delivering the four false Gods and eighty-two false Gods and Goddesses, 766.1 to 14. prepares Paradise for the judgment of the false Gods and Goddesses, and Jehovih judgeth them, 767.15 to 768.45. ordered by Jehovih: Thou shalt reveal to mortals the plan of My worlds, and as to who thou art, the method of thy inspiration and dominion on the earth and her heavenly kingdoms, 774.4. ordered to keep open the gates of heaven for a season, 774.5. receives orders as to the communion between angels and mortals, 774.6 to 775.31. to raise up a few here and there capable of All Light, these he is to cause to form a basis for Jehovih's kingdom on earth, 775.32 to 52. gives instructions as to spirit communion, 775 chap. ii. 's judgment upon Brahmans, Budhists, Kriste'yans, Mohammedans, Confucians, Jews and all other people on earth, 777 chap. iii. details the condition of the spirits of the dead in the heavens of the earth, 779 chap. iv. specifies in what his labors consist, 785.6, 7. instructs man as to his corporal body, and as to his spiritual body, and how to purify them, 786 chap. xiii. discourseth on celibacy, marriage and offspring, 788 chap. xiv. calls man's attention to the spirits of the dead upon the earth, warning him to be fearful of the abundance of drujas about him, 789 chap, xv; 254.18.
  17. God warns man that thy prayers and confessions to me are but waste of thy breath. To serve thy God is to work for others, 790, chap. xvi. declares he is not a patcher-up of old garments, but comes to found the Father's kingdom on earth, 792, chap. xvii. addresses priests, preachers, rab'bahs and all ye that profess to hold the key of salvation, 793, chap, xviii. declareth a day of judgment, and also bequeatheth liberty unto all men, 795 chap. xx. decreeth against infidelity, 795 chap. xxi. decreeth in the land of Uz the Father's kingdom cannot be, 797 chap. xxii. judgeth Uz, commonly called the world's people, 798 chap, xxiii. showeth how to know the kind of angels that minister unto mortals, 800 chap. xxv. showeth how and when the second resurrection manifesteth unto mortals, 800 chap. xxv. judgeth dominions and the man of promise, 804.1 to 805.13. showeth how he hath wrought, 811 chap. xxxvi. revealeth his method of work, 812 chap. xxxvii; 182.7 to 9. showeth the mistakes of man's judgment, 813 chap, xxxviii. showeth who shall be his laborers, and how they shall labor, 814.11 to 21. provideth for increase in his colonies, 814 chap, xxxix. comes to raise up a new people in the world. greater than have ever been, 81 5.22. hear the words of thy, 911.2; 914.1: 915.1 3. hear thy, 911.14. place of thy, 911.17; sent by thy. into etherea, 911.19; arguments of thy. 911.1. for a season hath suffered, 912.5. and thy, gathered them together, 91 2.1 7. and their chief, who was, 912.21. behold thy, 912.23. angels of thy, 913.26; 913.27; prophets of thy? 915.8. explains the first and second resurrections, and the difference in manifestation from them, 911 chap. ii. illustrated the difference of methods betwixt the first and second resurrections, 913 chap. iii. shows the characteristics of mortals, accordingly as they are under the influence of the angels of the first or second resurrections, 914 chap. iv. showeth how mortals may attain inspiration from Jehovih, and from angels of the second resurrection, 915 chap. v. telleth of Jehovih and His kingdom on earth, 916 chap. vi. showeth the difference between the religions of the olden times and that of the present, 916 chap. vii. showeth what is meant by following the highest light, 917 chap. viii. who is and who is not prepared to enter Jehovih's kingdoms, 918 chap. ix. showeth that the renunciation of the Uzians is necessary, 919 chap. xi. discoursed of destroyers and builders, 920 chap. xiii. discourseth on the authority of his own word, 920 chap. xiv.
  18. God and Lord, names of, became worshipful, 165.8.
  19. God and Lords, the bondage of the discipline of the, only by persuasion, 352.6.
  20. God-ir, every city shall have one, 232.11, 12; 260.10.
  21. God or Goddess, to be a, is to learn the elements and master them, 148.7.
  22. God or Lord or Jehovih, thou art now a spirit; tell me, is there any, 158.8 to 10.
  23. God, Sub, thy duties make thee both Lord and, 195.21 to 23; 193.8.
  24. Gods, the old-time, of millions of years agone sped forth in awful majesty, 354.1.
  25. Gods and Goddesses, the first to become, 30.2. power and wisdom of, 56.12 to 14. experience of, 93.13 knowing no more love to one person than another, 322.28. hold their thoughts for a day, and no distracting thought intervening, 342.8. of etherea spoken to by Jehovih, 747.2. sent to the earth to provide for the Kosmon Era, 749 chap. ii. volunteer to go to the earth for 400 years, 751.1 to 14.
  26. Gods and Lords, Jehovih said: My are, called My sons, 12.34; 132.7.
  27. Gods and Lords (false), from whence they sprang, 289.11.
  28. Gods and Lords and Saviors, I (God) am not come to establish, but to abolish all, amongst mortals, 777.7. the establishment of, not under any circumstances to be permitted in this heaven or on this part of the earth (central part of North America and the heavens over it), 242.29 to 31. I (Jehovih) will prove it before them, that in this land all, shall be cast out and mortals shall become worshippers of the Great Spirit, 228.2 to 5. See also 29.5 to 12; 746.33 to 35, 39; 761.14, 23; 763.47; 774.4.
  29. Gods, Sub, of Ahura, 298.8 to 300.31; 304.15 to 21; 307.19. in time of Sue, 100.31 to 35.
  30. God's Word, the Zarathustrian law, the I'hua' Mazdian law, 188.1.
  31. God's Words, the words Po spake were called, 321.14.
  32. Go Forth, I say to man, but he looketh around. Again I say to him, but he turneth to his neighbor for his opinion, 275.17.
  33. Golden Light which ranks first in heaven of all colors, 91.15.
  34. Golden Yellow, the light was, the most sacred color and brilliant, 213.4.
  35. Good, show me one who is as, as he understandeth to be, 116.6. with Ormazd are all things, 189.7. I (Jehovih) suffer not all evil to triumph over, but for short seasons, 483.2, 3. to find the, that is in all men and women, 510.25. to return, for evil (732.30), to give pleasure to those that give pain, 707.18. to return, for evil and pity to those that sin, 727.9, 10.
  36. Good, Do, ye to, is a pretty philosophy, and there endeth his aspiration, 201.5. to, with all one's might, who knoweth the meaning of that? 424.14. to serve Me is not in prayer only, or in rites and ceremonies, but in stretching forth the hand to, unto others with all one's might, 515.20. ye shall, unto others with all your wisdom and strength, all the days of your lives, 652.41. Zarathustra said: The highest of all good was to, and be good, 668.15; 744.20. to lead thee to, unto others regardless of thine own profit, 914.13. he who striveth to, on his own account may be in error as to an ultimate good, 919.8.
  37. Good Doing, man inquired: Is this not then the best course to devote myself wholly to? Es answered: Who shall tell thee what, is? Knowest thou? 558.19, 20. Sakaya tells what is, 707.10 to 14; 366.9.
  38. Good Works, man should ultimately have the light of practicing, organically, from infancy up, 150.15. who knoweth the meaning of these words? 501.15,16;84.28;489.13, 14. the Zarathustrian religion, which is that, are the only salvation, 705.14.
  39. Goodness and Good Works, but what are? 555.34 to 2.
  40. Government, how to judge if a, be for or against Jehovih, 101.4, 5. Zarathustra instructed in regard to, 231, 232.1 to 10; 253.11, 12. Jehovih said: Behold the plan of My government; which is, to come against nothing in heaven or earth; to seize nothing by the head, and turn it round by violence to go the other way, 396.2. Capilya's remarks on, 482.5 to 483.10; 281.2 to 4. God judgeth the, of man, and declareth against it, 807.1 to 810.22.
  41. Governors appointed by Sethantes, 21.13, 14; 22.1 to 5. of provinces in Jaffeth instituted by Te-in, 426.20.
  42. Gotama Buddha, 655.74.
  43. Grades, the responsibility of, explained, 325.4, 5. those above and those below grade fifty, 418.9. as given by and discoursed on by God, 781.1 to 785.22; 786.25 to 27.
  44. Gravitation, attraction of; mortals have been taught erroneously in regard thereto, 560.13; 583.7, 14; 584.27; 585.35; 586.45.
  45. Great Learning, is it not wiser that man labor to raise up his fellow men out of misery and darkness, than to gratify his personal desire for? 201.4. is not only in books; he who hath learned to harmonize with Jehovih hath, 500.4. I am master of a thousand books, and am registered as a man of, 319.27. their, and the names of their men of, shall go down, with none to remember them on the earth, 474.7; 154.12; 313.23; 328.9,11; 455.24; 481.13. of what consisteth, but in knowing how to live wisely? 483.10; 161.3. to obtain, that applieth to the resurrection of thy soul in comprehending the works of the Almighty, here is wisdom, 568.1, 2. what hath, found that is valuable? 560.8.
  46. Great Men, their, are forgotten, and their wise men lose caste in the history of a thousand years, 855.5.
  47. Great Serpent, or solar phalanx, 585.33; 616.58. See Plate 46, 47, 569, 570. a time shall come when the vortex of the sun shall be round, and the body of the, coiled up. Remarks under Plate 40, 565.
  48. Great Spirit to whom none can attain forever, 159.12. the first universal teaching of the, to mortals, save to the I'hins, 164.6. the name of the, made a secret and spoken in whisper, 164.13, 6. without a habitation and a figure the, cannot be taught to either angels or mortals in the first place, 242.26 to 28.
  49. Great Spirit, the, unapproachable, 296.3. I will chase away all Gods and Saviors born of woman; only the, shall all men worship, 374.42. the, transformed and declared to be in the form of a man, and having a residence in the firmament of heaven. Making the, an idol, 393.21; 661.28. they shall understand that the, the Ever Present, is not an idol in the figure of a man sitting on a throne, 723.15. before the time Anuhasaj established the names Lord God and De'yus, man worshipped Me under the term, Remarks, Plate 19,493; 501.18; 653.9.
  50. Great wisdom, cannot be attained in a day, 915.12.
  51. Grecian Gods come from Chine'ya, 722.3; 723.12; 724.14; 729.10. did I (Thoth) not send to hell all the? 754.8.
  52. Greece, oracles that destroyed, 918.10.
  53. Ground People, were brown and black, living to be 200 and even 400 years old, 60.22. had long arms and curved backs, and were called Druks, 73.75. had not the light of heaven in them, 96.15 to 17. the grip of whose hands could break a horse's leg, 405.7 to 9.
  54. Growth, to those who have attained to be Gods there is spontaneous, forever, 117.17. all, dependeth on exercise and labor, 272.8.
  55. Guardian Angels, let my chosen keep the four holy days of rest during each moon, for on those days do My, change the watch, 615.53;10.19;44.10. See under Ashars.
  56. Guatama (America) (Thouri), signifying the meeting of nations and the dawn of Kosmon, 28, 29.2 to 11; 71.48, 53; 89.5. the two great west lands, North and South, 192.5. thither shalt thou (God) inspire mortals to go from the East and find, 746.33, 34.