1. I Am, 5.2; 15.28; 511.30; 549.11; 595.19, 20; 660.6 to 8; 661.26; 668.1 to 5; 733.54; 803.1,8; 815.24.
  2. Ibis, Oibe, origin of the word, 255.25; 406.3, note.
  3. Idea, to be true to one's own highest, is this not serving the Father? 715.16.
  4. Ideal, the All Highest, 482.16; 916.2.
  5. Ideas, we open our mouths and speak, but where do our, come from? 717.66 to 68. neither knoweth the philosopher whether his, came from Jehovih or the spirits of the dead, 777.23; 537.20 to 23.
  6. Idle, thou shalt not be, or lazy, or thy flesh will become weak and bear down thy soul, 195.25; 511.31.
  7. Idol, whatever is worshipped, having comprehensible form or figure is, an, 296.5;43.14 to 17;44.22 to 24.
  8. I-e-su (Y-e-shuah) signifying, without evil, 49.11;54.5. when man attaineth to be one with All Light he is, 466.5 to 7. this child (Zarathustra) hath no sex! He is an Yeshuah (I-e-su), a passionless birth, 174.7. I'su (Panic), one who is born sexless, 612.34, note, behold thy son Ka'yu is K'te'sune in the borders, 710.2 note. Hatuas said: All the law-givers chosen by the Gods have been, 733.50.
  9. Ignorance, to expose the, of others instead of finding wisdom in them, 240.17.
  10. Ignorant, for the, man I provide the wise and the rich as Gods to raise them up, 323.9.
  11. I'hins, born of A'su and the angels who had taken on corporeal bodies, 9, 10.13 to 20. 20. (Abel) second race, capable of being taught spiritual things, 42.4; 60.22; 63.22. were white and yellow (147.13 note), small and slender, 43.4; 60.24. call them the sacred people, 44 chap, iii; 52.5; 75.12 to 20; 217.20; 61.27, 2. called, because they were the fruit of both heaven and earth, 95.2 to 8. let the, build mounds and walled cities with ladders to enter, 44.4 to 7; 74.10. See Plate, page 57. before the flood the, were ordered to build ships, 63.19; 70.35 to 41.
  12. I'hins shall disappear from the earth, 96.22, 23; 128.19. shall be as an example of non-resistance, 97.26, 27. dwelt in both the warm and cold countries, 99.2; 142.3. the greatest of all peoples, the people of learning, 110.14 to 17. the, of Ham were of all colors, black white, yellow, copper, red and brown, having flat nails and short arms, with long hair, 145 to 146.4,5. the, of Guatama did not reach the ocean on the east, 147.12 and note, without evil preserved I (God) the I'hin race, 148 chap. iv; 141.14. the, saved from the continent of Pan (Whaga), after the flood, 151 chap. v. light and knowledge that had been with the, merged into the Ghans, 153.1. preserved by Jehovih in all the world as a scattered people, even after they became extinct as a race, 152.6. had nothing; they were unmolested, 173.1. no, left upon the earth in Heleste, 272.1; 271.7. the, who were the original Faithists, 296.13; 269, 270.17 to 23. end of the, in Shem, with the coming of Brahma, 345.11. See 152.5. the mounds and tree temples of the, 400.2; 367.3 to 7. the, whom Jehovih had taught to charm even the great serpents and savage lions and tigers to be their friends and worshippers, 404.3. the darkness which is necessary for the earth will be too much for the, and they will cease to dwell upon the earth, 687, 688.13 to 15.
  13. I'huans were half-breeds betwixt the Druks and the I'hins; they were red like copper, taller and stronger than any other people in the world, 45.24, 5, 7. See the plate, page 57. the, obeyed not My words, and they are lost from the face of the earth, 60.23. again brought forth, copper colored, strong and bright and quick, 61.26, 27. a new race born upon the earth, called, copper colored, capable of speech, 96.18, 19. began to be carnivorous, 98.24. wore only a covering about the loins; very prolific, and they spread rapidly over the earth, becoming mighty in many countries, 99 chap. iii. became of all shapes and sizes and of all grades and judgment, even down to the ignorance of a beast, 110.18; 111.26 to 28. the Lord said: Now will I raise up prophets amongest the, 110.23. the long-armed, the short-legged race, 112.8. in the time of Apollo the, the flesh-eating man was first capable of hearing the voice of thy Lord understandingly, 114.11. very fierce and savage are the, who inhabit the wilderness on the way. They eat the flesh of both man and beast, 130.16. born capable of everlasting life, but mixing with Druks, they brought forth heirs incapable of self-sustenance in heaven, 133.3,4. the, were the founders of Par'si'e, 147.14. the, have lost all energy, depending on spirits for information, 163.2, 3.
  14. I'huans, Samati High God of heaven, the master of the, 172.3; 195.1. the first tribes of, in Guatama after the flood, 367.8, 9. I will leave one race of, on the earth in Guatama even till Kosmon, 405.11.
  15. I'hua' Mazda, the God (Samati) who inspired Zarathustra, 174.6, 7; 187.13. when I (Jehovih) shape My thoughts into words, behold, I am, 283.6; 205.4.
  16. I'hua'Mazdian Law, the school of knowledge kept by God and his Lords for the teaching mortals and angels, 282.24 to 26,29, 30; 193.10.
  17. Illaem, founded by the first swarm out of Shalam, 850.1 to 5.
  18. Immaculate, Jehovih is the, 796.29; 852.7.
  19. Impotency, My (God's) judgment is also against. They have tried their respective religions hundreds of years. And they have not raised up one city of righteous people, 778.34; 803.1,2.
  20. Imposters, protection against, 230.1.
  21. Imprisonment, these are the methods of the, of the mind, 80.14 to 8.
  22. Incarnated, then God descended to the earth, himself in a woman, and was born of a virgin, becoming Christ, the Savior of the world, 656.87.
  23. Incarnate, Jehovih said: Had I weakened since the time of Moses that I needed to, Myself in order to make man understand me? 734.57.
  24. Incest, neither knew man the sin of, but he dwelt as the beasts of the field, 42.1, 9. Druks to be taught the law of, 45.21; 43.6; 59.13.
  25. Inches of Ground mortals cluster together in cities and tribes warring for, whilst vast division of the earth lie waste and vacant, 186.6.
  26. Incomprehensible, whoever saith the, is God blasphemeth before Him (Zarathustra), 625.22.
  27. Individual, the beast, the figure, the person, which is called, 192.5. only Jehovih can create an, 684.9, 12, 14.
  28. Individual Effort, consider the folly of, 802.1.
  29. Indulgences, ye sell, to your angels to engage in wicked practices; ye suffer your ashars to inspire mortal priests to sell, to their followers in the same way, 739.18.
  30. Industry, becometh rest to the etherean, 117.17. that yieldeth profitable support, 422.23. is to keep one's self in constant action to a profitable result, 498.10, 11.
  31. Infallible, this book Oahspe is not, 2.24. the king standeth by nature, the highest of all things, 179.5. what has thou found that is, 570.16, 17.
  32. Infancy, dying in, they have not fulfilled a corporeal life, 9, 10.14 to 19. dying in, their knowledge is incomplete, 11.20, 21; 214.10 and note, dying in, how can ye learn corporeal things? 17 chap, iii; 230.5. a subjective heaven for those who die in, 527,528.3 to 9. dying in, they had not tasted of the fruit of the tree of life, 624.14. half the people born into the world die in, 805.6 to 806.8; 823.29.
  33. Infant, those who have an, born, 680. Spe.
  34. Infants, My people are, in this era, 827.14; 207.9.
  35. Infants, in some countries are whipped for crying, 837.21; 912.13.
  36. Infidel, even the, shall accept the Creator and good works, 793.21.
  37. Initiates, how chooseth thy God his, 917.22 to 36.
  38. Inoculated, I brought venom from rotten flesh, and, thee in the breath of thy mouth. Thou shalt cough blood and foul smelling corruption, 218.22. because Osiris desired to use Thothma, he sent his destroying angels, and they, the breath of Hannah and her husband, and they died by poison in the lungs, 450.16; 163.11; 164.14; 395.25; 399.10. Also, 407.8; 447.14, 18; 459.25; 460.27; 806.17 to 19.
  39. Inoculation or Vaccination, the, of flesh with poison to save it from poison, is to use the battle-ax of Satan, 602.15.
  40. Inqua, Fragapatti bequeathed it to Gods and Lords of earth forever, 279.21, 22. bequeathed by a God of earth to his successor, 357.23. bestowed by Osiris (the false) on Hermes, 406.4. (Panic) a thing within a thing, 612.33.
  41. Inquas, the companions of Zarathustra were styled. 220.4.
  42. Inquisition, victims of the, come before God's throne, 757.19, 20; 760 chap. xii. the army of the, a protecting host to the seven leaders (Paine, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Caroll, Hancock and Washington) of the Guatama revolt, 762.5,24,25. the angels of the, assemble before God and the voice of Jehovih speaks to them, 763.34 to 41. the army of the, go away from the earth for a time, but are to come back before 100 years to free the people from the doctrines and creeds of the ancients, 763.42 to 47.
  43. Inspiration, every living creature do I move and control by My, upon them, 819.6 to 7, 18, 20;823.31 to 35.
  44. Inspiration, cometh less by books, 915.11.
  45. Instinct, erroneously so called, is the capacity to be moved by the positive and negative vortexya, 603.8; 58.18. I gave no, to any creature under the sun. By My presence they do what they do, 821 chap. x. 17, 21.
  46. Inventions, many great, are forgotten, 110.7.
  47. Ipseogee, the location of, reigned over by Hapacha, 223.1.
  48. Irresponsible, there be such as maintain that man, whose tongue is moved by the spirits of the dead, is, for his words. Capilya creepeth not through so small a hole. 479.3.
  49. Isaac, son of Abraham, and his wife Sarai, 340 chap, xiii; 334.13.
  50. Isaah, one of the chief generals of Te-in, 443.2 and note; 458.5.
  51. Ishmael, Hagar's son, 333.5 to 335.18; 336.27; 343.19.
  52. Isis, an idol ordered by Osiris the false, 448.9; Plate 89,666.
  53. Isolated, they that live, and alone on the earth shall be, and alone in the heavens of the earth, 749.7.
  54. Itura (Ahura) sowing evil in Guatama, 368.24 to 26. God of evil, dweller in hell, 370, 371.1 to 8, 13. he called himself the Savior, the wicked monster, 373.33. the name of one of the Triune Saviors for Guatama, 720.29;463.2;615.54.