1. Jaffeth, name given by the Lord to one of the I'hin fleets at the time of the flood, 71.48. the same as is called Chine'ya (China) to this day, 72.58. the boundaries of, according to Fragapatti, 192.2; 331.26. the people of, at the time De'yus sent Te-in with an army to subdue it, 409, 410.12 to 15. the people of, at the time Te-in subdued it to himself, 443 chap. xlv.
  2. Jah, the history of his name (Ha'jah) exists to this day as, amongst mortals, 31.8. Also 396.32; 458.5; 663.16; 729.10.
  3. Japan, signifying relic of the continent of Pan, 72.55 to 57; 331.25. Aph orders two ships of the I'hins (after the flood) to go to the north land which was not sunken, 81.7, 8; 308.5; 309.12, 15, 17. in the Whaga tongue was Zha'Pan, 72.55. door of, opened in Kosmon, 808.17, 18. See 72.56.
  4. Jehovih, who can attain to know, 5 chap, i; 25.11; 36.26, 27; 87 chap. xii. 6. 's, the sign of, name, in a circle of fire, and the cross, and the leaf of life, 31.7; 5.7. how shall I comprehend Thy magnitude, O, 113.12. who can attain to know Thy wisdom, O, 218.26 to 219.34; 242.26. who is ever present, and extendeth beyond all limit, our Father, 220.8. the All Highest, conceived of, is called, 237.14; 538.24; 707.3. the Highest Ideal, the Nearest Perfect the mind can conceive of, let such be thy, 916.2. the manifestation of knowledge in man is, 550. the magnitude of, is incomprehensible, 556.3. is the soul of all things; He speaketh to soul, 489.19. through the flowers of the field I express Myself in color and perfume; through the lion and mastodon I express myself with power and voraciousness, 56.19; 521.16. is the least Seen, but Always Present when asked for, 264.21. is Life, Motion, Individual, Person, 684.9 to 15. who is, where is, what is His form? What is His extent? Is He person? Whence came His name? 653.8 to 23. thousands of millions of years are the works of My hand! I go not about turning water into wine like a magician or professing to raise the dead! 679. EO, 2. he who knoweth not Me proveth not Me; he who knoweth Me cannot prove Me. Thy All Highest is Me, 533, 534.2, 3. Him thou shalt never see as thou seest a man or an angel, but Him also thou canst see every day in the glory of His works, 795.20. no angel in heaven so high or sufficiently wise to comprehend. Distinguish, then, that the twain God and Jehovih are not the same one, 911.4,14. is equivalent to The All Highest Light, The All Knowledge, 550; 242.28; 660.3, 10; 683 chap.iii. 2, 3. go serve, by lifting up whomsoever is beneath you, 130.28. all things belong to, 490.34; 521.31. remember that all things are of, 728.14. all adoration and glory, 911.4. is to the understanding of all the living, 911.12. or sufficiently wise to comprehend. God and, are not the same one, 911.14. the plan of works, 912.6, wise in providing comfort to both the dead and the living, 912.7. were moved by the spirit of, 912.15. covenant ourselves unto, 912.19, covenanted themselves unto, 912.21. angels of, 912.24, 913.25, 913.30. in the name of, 913.29, so covenanted we with, 913.2, for alike and like, 913.3, the heavens of, 913.6. near this day, 915.10. glory of, 915.16. having faith in, 917.20.
  5. Jehovih's nothing belongeth to any man, for all things are, 338.14. understanding that they own nothing, and that all things are, 777.31. shall not own or possess individually; but that all things are, 814.21. all things were, in care of the keeping of the colony, 853.20.
  6. Jesus, I want to go to, 769.6; 774.13. of grade one there are hundreds of millions of angels strolling about on the earth, crying out: I want to go to Brahma, I want to go to Budha, I want to go to, I want to go to Kriste, 779.14.
  7. Jews (Israelites) who worship none born of woman, 374.42. See the History of Moses, 502 to 532. origin of the name Israelites (Iz-Zerl. The offspring of these two tribes were called Izere or Israel, 629), 511.30. See the basis of the Ezra Bible, 659 to 662. two branches of the, the Leviticans and the Oralites, 688.8 to 11. millions of the Israelites fell beneath the power of Baal, 689.6 to 8. the great majority of the, were worshippers of the Lord and God, believing the Great Spirit was only a large man in heaven, 695.5,6,12. Looeamong assumes to be the one who wrought wonders for the Israelites, and inspires Ezra to gather proofs of his labor, 725.27 to 30. at the time of Joshu, 728.29 to 34. at the Council of Nice many having the appearance of, were rejected altogether, 732.28. God's message to the, 780 chap, v., also 698.10; 732.18; 772.35.
  8. Ji'ay, an atmospherean world of the second degree of density, 6.8. etherean currents bring forth, 6.2. and this is that which is called, 292.2, 3. the earth in, Plate 30,555. regions of, in the firmament, Remarks under Plate 39, 564. (Panic) Semi Light, 616.57.
  9. Ji'ayan Eddies, 46.2, 9. Fields, I have decreed the earth to, for 3000 years, 170.6; 172.2. Forests, three million miles across, 480.3; 465.1;467.13. Swamps, 70.9;465.1.
  10. Ji'niquin Swamp, in etherea, Plate 34,559.
  11. Ji'ya, 53.7; 55.5.
  12. Joshu, an i-e-su in Nazareth, 662.49 to 53. an heir to the voice of Jehovih, raised up by the loo'is at the command of God, 726.11 to 17. Moses and Elias go and stand before, and he sees them, 727.12 to 14. doctrines of, and his death, 727 chap. xliv.
  13. Joss, name assumed by Anuhasaj for the people of Jaffeth to worship, 408.1 and note name afterward assumed by Te-in, 423.7; 482.13; 620.89.
  14. Judas or Zhoo'das, Zarathustra betrayed by, 242, 243.9 to 13 and note, perishes in the chamber of the wall, 248.12. lions eat the body of, 249.17.
  15. Judge, thou shalt be thine own, 547.7; 558.27, 28; 750.7; 761.19; 788.36; 792.46.
  16. Judge, soon or late thou shalt take the matter into thine own hands; and thou shalt look into thine own soul to, thyself, This is to all men; none can escape it, 795.1. man to, all things, even his Creator, 820 chap. ix. 4, 10; 713.24. the, shall, by the lower law, but by the highest interpretation, 290.3, 7.
  17. Judges, the wisdom of the, was so great they could comprehend all the angels had ever done, either on earth or in heaven, 90.9, 10.
  18. Justice, made images of Anubi holding a pair of scales; the same as is made to this day, and called, 393.22.
  19. Justify, neither do I seek to, myself by words or arguments for errors which I have committed, 659.4.