1. Mark of the Name of All Names, the All One, the Creator. The Ever Present, knowing all things done by man, and the pass-word to the highest of heavens.
  2. Three heads which all men classified by Jehovih: One seeth a light, another a white leaf and the third nothing at all.
  3. Under ten commands in the time of Moses: "Thou shalt not speak My name in public, for I will not hold him guiltless that giveth it to idolaters and lovers of evil."
  4. Eoih, E-go-quin (in Algonquin), Je-oes (China), Je-ovih (Fonece), Je-hova (Ebra), Geo-zih (Hiut), Zi'o (Vede) (see plate 63 for languages). The Creator, the All Soul, the All Self, the Great Spirit, Ormazd, Gitchee, Egoquim.

(See Book of Jehovih)


  1. (Book of God's Word 9:13-14)      Then inquired Zarathustra, the All Pure: Whence came All Good; whence came all evil? Who is All Good; who is all evil? Then answered I'hua'Mazda to Zarathustra, saying: Thou perceivest now, all evil must have a name; All Good must have a name. Without names, no man could talk. Behold, I will write for thee, O Zarathustra, thou All Pure. The mark I make first, thou shalt call the All Good, the Creator, the Master, the Light! Here, then, have I made a circle and a cross and a leaf.
    14. I'hua'Mazda said to Zarathustra, the All Pure: Whoever looketh upon this mark, whoever seeth it, seeth the Name of All Names, the Creator. Whoever maketh this mark, writeth the name of the All Good; whoever pronounceth this mark, pronounceth the name of Ormazd, the All Master.  (Book of Judgment 3:42-43)  But I give unto all people one principle only, which is to serve Jehovih. This is broad enough for the redemption and resurrection of all men. And I will have none other.
    43. Seek, O man, to believe in the All Person, Who is Ever Present, Whose eye is upon you, Whose ear hears you; for He is the All One, Who is the pass-word to the highest of heavens. 
  2. (Book of the Arc of Bon 28:21-25)      Judge thou, then, whoso denieth the All Person is not of His order; neither hath such an one the light of the Father in him. But he who hath attained to understand that all things are but one harmonious whole, hath also attained to know what is meant by the term, All Person, for He is All; and, consequently, Ever Present, filling all, extending everywhere.
    22. In contradistinction from Him, two philosophies have run parallel, which are darkness and evil. One saith the All is not a person, being void, and less than even the parts thereof; the other saith the only All High is the great angel I worship, who is as a man, and separate from all things.
    23. These comprise the foundation of all the doctrines in the world, or that have ever been or ever will be. The latter is idolatry, which is evil; the second, unbelief, which is darkness; and the first is faith, truth, love, wisdom and peace.
    24. Under these three heads are all men classified by Jehovih and His angels. And they may be likened to three men looking across a field; one seeth a light and knoweth he seeth it; another hopeth he seeth it, but he only seeth a white leaf; but the third seeth nothing at all.
    25. As a witness, therefore, the latter is worthless; the second is a circumstantial witness; but the first is positive, and standeth the highest and firmest of all. He knoweth his Heavenly Father. He seeth Him in the flowers; in the clouds, and in the sunshine; in the fruits and herbs; and in the beasts of the field, and in every creeping thing; and in the stars and moon and earth and sun. In sickness, in health, in sorrow and in rejoicing; verily he findeth Jehovih in all things; he knoweth Jehovih's eye and ear are forever upon him; and he walketh upright in fear, but in truth and faith and pride and rejoicing!
  3. (Book of Saphah: The Basis of the Ezra Bible 10)         Thou shalt not speak My name in public, for I will not hold him guiltless that giveth it to idolaters and lovers of evil.
  4. (Book of Saphah: Se'moin 8-9) Eoih, the unseen Power, Creator (Panic). Before man could comprehend the All Spirit he was taught the wind, the All Unseen, and to call it E-O-Ih! The emblem of Boundless and of Life.
    9. Eloih, synonymous with E-O-Ih, the Creator, the person who moveth the wind. The All Soul. The All Self. The Second Self, more subtle than the wind. It is the circumference of all; it extendeth from left to right, and from below upward. The motions of the hand and arm in oratory. The hand and arm speak His name. It is the secret sign. It holdeth the emblem of life (Panic and Gau). E-go-quin (Algonquin). Je-oes (China), Je-ovih (Fonece), Je-hova (Ebra), Geo-zih (Hiut), Zi'o (Vede): The soul of all. As the emblem is the Living Wheel, I swear by it. Let my accusers say I have not the holy gifts. They shall bind me on the wheel. The Great Spirit will release me. Let the wheel of My name be by the roadside that he who passeth may turn it in remembrance of the I Am. This shall be a prayer from the unlearned, and I will hear them. [Zarathustra]