1. Kabalactes (a former Lord of Jehovih), Triune God of Vind'yu (India) and her heavens, takes his time, and builds a sure foundation, 700 chap. xxii. having ruined the land of Vind'yu, said: Now will I clear away the ruins, and build my everlasting edifice on the earth, 701.20 to 22. rewrites the sacred books, and the manner of so doing, 702.29 to 43. the number of people, had destroyed, 702.43. five of, Sub-Gods revolt, 721.10 to 17. takes to himself the name Budha, 721.18, 19,25. orders Yima to establish him on the earth as Budha, and that he was Sakaya, and that Sakaya was and is the Budha, son of the Triune, son of the Holy Ghost, 721, 722.20 to 28. Budha (the false) decrees the destruction of all books and tablets in the land of Vind'yu, 723, 724.29 to 32. gets most of the Budhists when they die, 738.20. the heavenly place of, greatly alarmed at the appearance of the airavagna of Litabakathrava, 752 chap. iv. sends an arrow-boat to learn the will of this adventurous God, 753.11 to 14. cast into hell, delivered by God out of hell, and judged by Jehovih, 764, 766, 767 chap, xv, xvi, xvii.
  2. Ka'yu (Confucius), preparation by God for the birth of, 690 chap. xiv. name of the father and mother of, 710.1, 2. and his disciples not to know they are instruments in God's hands, 711.3 to 5. 's 72 disciples came to him from the twelve provinces of Chine'ya, 711, 712.6 to 10. so spoken through that man might not know it was God speaking, 712.3. 's labor, to choose from all the past that which was best, and to remodel the whole, 712.6. decides to condense the books of the empire, 712.7 to 713.30. states the doctrines of the base, 713 chap. xxxiv; 714 chap. xxxv. born to choose from each and all of them what all of them will accept, 714.2. divides up the labor amongst his seventy-two disciples, 714, 715.7 to 13. produces twenty books, which contain the digest of upwards of 18,000 books, nor had any man in all the world ever done the one-tenth part so great a feat of learning, 715.12. speaks to his disciples before they depart, giving to them his doctrines, 715.13 to 718.70.
  3. Ka'yu, finds two kinds of men, 715.24. enumeration of the books of, 718 chap. xxxvii. the inspiration of, was God by proxy, and not in person. Wherein, on many occasions, he did things of his own accord, and committed some blunders, 719.37.
  4. Kaleidoscope, where is a God like unto thee, Jehovih? Whose, is millions of suns! Taug, 671.1.
  5. Key, here lieth the, of everlasting life, 453.2, 3; 469.3; 72.56. of prophecy for 3300 years ahead, 455.20. herein shalt thou find the, to the Father's kingdom, 916 chap. vi. 1.
  6. Key-note, without a, a number of instruments cannot be attuned to harmony, 240.9; 648, 649.9 to 14; 676; Too, 4; 501.14. the one All Person must ever stand as the, for angels and mortals, 335.6.
  7. Kill, To, My lambs and birds, and whatsoever I created alive, is a simple act, saith Jehovih. Let no man waste much speech because of such destruction, 822.17, 18; 820.16, 17.
  8. Kill Not, thou shalt, 3.17; 4.32; 58.13; 68.21; 331.18. man nor bird nor. beast nor creeping thing, 44.3,8. whoso killeth a man or woman or child shall be put to death, 98.18. thou shalt, what thy Creator created alive, 195.18. any man or woman or child, nor beast nor bird, nor any animal created alive, 220.5; 222.12. anything He created alive, that runs on the ground or flies in the air, 226.4. I commanded them in the olden time to, at all. My words were plain, 354.16, 18; 820.11. Mine, anything I have made alive, 668.11. thou shalt (any living thing), commandments of Moses, 660.13.
  9. King, the weakest, is he who hath the most soldiers and the strongest nation where none are required, 148.8.
  10. Kingdom, where a, cannot retain its own members it is falling away from Me, 260.6.
  11. Kingdoms, My, are not by violence or by war, but by liberty to every soul, 461.10.
  12. King and Queen, have not the angels testified for thousand of years that the, were binding themselves with chains for the habitation of hell? But they will not heed, 511.31; 515.19.
  13. Kings and Emperors, mortals that are raised up to dominion over mortals shall be called. As My Gods and Lords are called My Sons, so shall, be called sons of God, 12.34;65.3;281.2 to 6.
  14. Kissing the Book, I'hua'Mazda stooped down and kissed the book, saying: This is my holy book, Zarathustra kissed the book, 196.6,7.
  15. Knot. See Hell.
  16. Know One Another, how shall we, whether we be of heaven or earth? Seek to know thyself; thou art not thy neighbor's keeper, 252.6.
  17. Knowledge, how all, may be obtained, 58.20. ye shall make mortals put aside all spirituality, and make them pursue, wholly corporeal, 166 chap. xi. there are ways to, one by the soul of things and one by reason, 217.16. all, which is to be everlasting must be obtained objectively, 478.10, 11. whoever provideth not a philosophy for the endless acquisition of, damneth up the running waters I have made, 298.3; 282.19.
  18. Knowledge, great, is all around about; to make man perceive it is the labor of God. Jehovih said: I am; come thou to Me, 551.11 to 14;475.9; 730.8. the sum of all man's, is but man's capacity to perceive My Light, 816.10. since no man can acquire, for another, but that each and all must acquire, for themselves, thou shalt dispose of whatever is before thee in thine own way, 920.2. for another, 920.2.
  19. Kosmon, a heavenly kingdom over North Guatama established by Cpenta-armij, 331.32.
  20. Kosmon, Dawn of, angels allowed to speak to mortals, 770 chap. xix.
  21. Kosmon Day, 826 chap, xviii.
  22. Kosmon Era, the beginning of, 2.26. when the inhabitation of the earth shall be completed, 13.14. when they have carried My name to the west coast of Guatama, 47 5.13. the Faithists of Egupt shall circumscribe the earth and complete it by the time of the, 484.4. to make ready for the, I want not a few, but thousands of millions in heaven and earth, to inspire such as live in darkness, 515.17;550. the year of circumscribing all the earth shall be the beginning of the, 750.25, 26. why it is called the, 772.37; Remarks, Plate 91,748.
  23. Kriste, the name taken by the false God Looeamong, and which is the Ahamic expression for All Knowledge, 730.8, 3. See 730, 731 chap, xlvi, xlvii, xlviii; 769 chap, xviii. said: Think not I came to send peace on earth; I came not to send peace, but a sword, 830.52 to 58; 732, 733.30 to 37; 777.15; 779.14. See under Christ.
  24. Kristes, this day in the lower heavens there are millions of false, 795.17.
  25. Kriste'yans tribes of warriors amongst mortals raised up by Thoth, at the command of Looeamong, and induced to call themselves, 730.5 to 8.