1. Ka'yu was capable of the All Voice but not capable of su'is. Born at the time a'ji ceased to fall upon Chine'ya. Inspired by Thoanactus, Chief of the Hosts of Loo'is.
  2. Three thousand births prepared for to become Ka'yu's disciples in time to come.
  3. God suffered Ka'yu and his seventy-two chief disciples to not know they were inspired by angels and that they were used as instruments of God.
  4. God established a line of light down to Ka'yu. The labor of Ka'yu was to remodel the whole, by choosing from all the past that which is the best. At that time there were thousands of books of the ancients, which couldn't be read in a moral's lifetime.
  5. There were produced twenty books, which contained the digest of upward of eighteen thousand books (Books of Ka'yu and Ka'yu's doctrines).



  1. (God's Book of Eskra 14:4-6)      Know then, O Thoanactus, thou shalt go down to the earth, to the land of Chine'ya, and by inspiration bring forth a birth, capable of the All Voice, but not capable of su'is. And thou shalt accomplish this service so that he shall be born into the mortal world at the time a'ji ceaseth to fall upon that land.
    5. And thou shalt provide him with great learning and great adversity and great experience withal. For he shall establish the fundamental doctrines of the nations of Chine'ya. For his followers shall become the most numerous and peaceful inhabitants on the face of the earth.
    6. And as thou preparest for his birth by thy mastery over the generations of mortals, so shalt thou, through these, thy hosts, raise up such as shall become disciples. For however great a man thou mightest raise up, it is wisdom to have also born into the mortal world, at the same era, such hosts of philosophers as shall follow him, and indorse his doctrines. (God's Book of Eskra 14:9) God said: In Jehovih's name, thee I crown, Chief of the Hosts of Loo'is, for the land of Chine'ya, for the birth of an heir for the All Voice of the Great Spirit.
  2. (God's Book of Eskra 31:2-8)        Greeting to thee, O God, in the name of Jehovih. Thy Son is born! And his name is Ka'yu. He is son of Heih, who is sub-king of Te'sow. Behold, thy son Ka'yu is k'te'sune (iesu) in the borders, whose mother, Ching-tsae, is not fifteen years old. And Heih was father to twelve children previously.
    3. Let us rejoice before Jehovih, who hath quickened into life this tree of universal knowledge.
    4. Also my hosts have brought about more than three thousand births, who shall become his disciples in time to come.
    5. God returned answer to Thoanactus, saying: In Jehovih's name all praise to thee and thy hosts. Thy words have been proclaimed in Paradise! There is great joy in heaven. Send the grades of mortal resurrection in Chine'ya, with doctrines and rites and ceremonies and the dominion of the spirits of the dead.
    6. Thoanactus then applied to the angels who had charge of the numerating and appraising of mortals as to their grades and spiritual intercourse; and having obtained the reports, he made selections, and reported as followeth, to wit:
    7. Thoanactus, greeting to God, Son of Jehovih: Ling, sun king of Chine'ya, with twelve sub-kingdoms, one to represent every month of the year. Four hundred and six millions of mortals; twenty-seven hundred million angels, not fettered by angel tyrants. Of the angel emissaries of the Triune God, fifteen hundred millions.
    8. Mortal grade, eight; maximum, eighty; minimum, nothing. Of fifties, one to seven. Of twenty-fives, one to three; of tens, one to one; but of seventy-fives, on to forty, mostly guardian births.
  3. (God's Book of Eskra 32:1-6)  Ka'yu grew up to be a man, in every way adapted to the work for which the loo'is had had him born into the world by command of God.
    2. And it also came to pass, that disciples were also born, and duly prepared by the angels of God to become co-workers with Ka'yu. Of these disciples, seventy-two were called, chief disciples, that is, six from each of the twelve kingdoms and sub-kingdoms of Chine'ya.
    3. God had said: Suffer not Ka'yu and his chief disciples to know they are instruments in my hands. Neither suffer them to know that my angels inspire them, nor suffer them to know that they come from their respective kingdoms by my voice through my angels.
    4. In one age, to say a matter cometh by inspiration or by the angels, is to render the matter impotent; and yet, in another age, to not profess inspiration or angel-presence, is to render the matter impotent.
    5. The latter condition is now upon Chine'ya. Let my angels heed this.
    6. When Ka'yu was ready for the work of God, there came to him from the twelve provinces of Chine'ya seventy-two men and women of great learning, having heard of Ka'yu's wisdom. None of these knew, they had been inspired to come.
  4. (God's Book of Eskra 33:1-6)              God established a line of light from his throne in heaven down to Ka'yu; by the presence of half a thousand million angels maintained he this light of heaven with mortals.
    2. That which was inspired of God, came to the soul of Ka'yu; what God spake, that spake Ka'yu.
    3. And God so spake through Ka'yu, that man might not know it was God speaking; for he desired to inspire men to self-culture, instead of relying on Gods and angels as heretofore.
    4. In the language of Ka'yu, the Great Spirit was called Shang Te; but the word, Te, was God; the words, the Shang Te, were the Gods.
    5. Ka'yu said: Behold, man hath blockaded the road to wisdom. In one place he hath heaped up thousands of books of the ancients; in another place, he wasteth time in rites and ceremonies.
    6. Our labor is to remodel the whole, by choosing from all the past that which is the best. Te will guide us in this.
  5. (God's Book of Eskra 36:10-12)   Now the whole time of the first sitting of the Council was eight and a half years, and then they had been over all the work.
    11. But so great was the wisdom and memory of Ka'yu, that he called out from the missings of his disciples sufficient to require yet two years' more deliberation.
    12. And there were thus produced, from the lips of Ka'yu, twenty books, which contained the digest of upward of eighteen thousand books. Nor had any man in all the world ever done the one-tenth part so great a feat of learning.