1. Labor, the idle and the rich who, not with the corporeal body, are born into heaven helpless as babes, 498.12; 320.21. crieth out in pain, but capital smiteth him with a heartless blow, 5.35.
  2. Laborers, My, shall not have desire to be either fathers or mothers, nor shall they seek in any way things that belong on the earth or have passions that belong only to the earth. 814.11.
  3. Lamb, Zarathustra called the, of God, 178.14. the, of thy God (Dyaus). And he shall be called Capilya the, of heaven, 469.2. in Egupt the, of Jehovih is dead, 517.13. Sed (Panic), the sign Aries, a, 615.50.
  4. Lamb of Peace, Christ is the, 656.87. tell these heathen ye are worshippers of the, 764.6.
  5. Lamentations of the angels who peopled the earth, 20.7 to 30. song of, for the tribes that were lost, 132.10.
  6. Land, no one individual possesseth, save what he tilleth, and then only by donation from the community in which he dwelleth and only during his lifetime, after which it reverteth to the community, 491.7. to hold more, than one can till is to sin against them that have none, 482.4.
  7. Lands, because of their religion they could not own property, neither houses, nor, nor cattle, nor beasts of burden, 209.4. but of all others, neither buy nor sell, 339.23,24.
  8. Language, thus man made a written, in every region of the earth, 290.7; 127.9.
  9. Languages, Fonece, the first and oldest of mortal made, and all, since, made by man, 404.5; 146.10; 525.3.
  10. Latitude became confounded with fact, as to the length of time a man lived, 531, 532.19,20.
  11. Law, I, the Lord God, have made self-preservation the first, 393.5; 104.25; 794.8. for we (the Triunes) shall teach mortals and angels that all things are by, and the word, shall take the place of the term, Great Spirit or Jehovih, 696.22; 709.23; 435.4.
  12. Laws, the, are all highest, 179.4 to 181.4. he draweth up a multitude of, and he heapeth up books to explain the, 101.6. to understand the, of the universe is great wisdom, 555, 556.8 to 30. no, made by man in the Father's kingdom, 810.2. this is a home for all people; but yet they shall make prohibitory, to the contrary, 856.17.
  13. Lawyers, have not lessened the rascality of the wicked, or depleted the number of defrauders, 560.22;4.37; 518.8. Hiss'sa (Panic) one whose soul is full of serpents. 620.85.
  14. Leader, make me a, let me be the head, 915.10, 11;118.8;511.31;800.8. why was not this tried before? A people without a, 840.12.
  15. Leader-forth, in Kosmon I shall not raise up any great. My light shall fall on thousands and thousands, 750.21; 800.16. the name Moses signifieth, a, 508.8 and note; 515.48.
  16. Leaders, many, have I created for the earth and her heavens; but not one have I created with power to make a, of himself, 514.12. were all the, dead, the people themselves would not be very bad, 716.35. no, or rulers in the Father's kingdom, 810.2; 775.29.
  17. Learned Man, if a rich man with his hoarded wealth do little for the resurrection of man, how much less doeth the, with a head full of knowledge, 560.10.
  18. Learned Men of all other peoples shall be forgotten, their wisdom be like the wind that bloweth away, 474.5 to 7; 406.6; 710.10. the, are farther away from the Father than are these devouring lions, 248.14 to 249.19.
  19. Learned People, I (Ka'yu) have to deal with a, who have scarcely room to stand, 714.4; 338.9 to 11.
  20. Learning, by the mouth, 321.14; 363.24; 146.7. the greatest of all, is to learn how to live in the best way that we may be happy here and hereafter. There is no other, so important as this, 837.10.
  21. Leather, the Lord, taught the shepherd kings how to make, 148.24; 156.2.
  22. Length, a, was the average, of a man after trying 1000 men, 453.15; 463.4.
  23. Lens, 590.1 to 591.16; 816 chap. ii. 14.
  24. Leonidas, the Argosyan, and a thousand million of his angels sent by God to the earth to liberate the slaves of Guatama, 770.4. See under Xerxes and Leonidas.
  25. Leotonas, daughter to Pharaoh, and sister and mother to Moses, 509.11, 12.
  26. Leprosy, 77.25; 523,5.
  27. Levites, i.e., imperfect flesh, 527, 528.301 31; see also 503.7. but that the, may be friends with me suffer them to worship the Lord their God, 625.22.
  28. Levitican Laws written by Moses, 531.13.
  29. Leviticans, i.e., hangers-on, and of imperfect flesh and spirit, 688.8, 9. Moses, being about to give up his soul, said: I feel a thorn pricking my side, and I know it is the, 625.22.
  30. Liars, there are men who do great good unto others, and are talented withal, but who are great, 785.12 to 14.
  31. Liberty, wherein have I not given, unto all people, 100.1 to 3. his argument for, the bait of hada, 118.10, 11. the beginning of, 160.25; 199.20. the Ormazdian government giveth, 231.3. how make decrees that they pervert not, 232.7. Capilya discoursed on, 483.7, 8. the foremost of all lessons is that all men shall have, and no man's judgment be binding on another's, 358.17, 523.22; 557.18. for I give, even unto Mine enemies, 768.30; 791.25; 750.11. even to them that choose darkness and evil have I given, also, 461.9, 10. Jehovih giveth, to man and with it also responsibility, 823 chap, xiii; 915.8, 9.
  32. Libraries of atmospherea, 119.1. thousands of public, which supplied books freely to the poor, 405.10. which records are in the, of heaven, 495.2. mortals shall see and read the books in the, of these heavens, 681.8. mortals shall recover, from the libraries in heaven, things that have been lost on earth, as to languages and histories of tens of thousands of years ago, 815.13. thou, Kabalactes, hast destroyed a thousand mortal, 741.21. Looeamong destroys the ancient state records and, 737.22; 567.10.
  33. Life, tell me O my Creator, whence came, 8.3, 13, 14; 5.4; 190.6. neither shall any man nor woman have favor in the courts who holdeth sacred the, of a cow, or a horse, or a dog, or any other animal on the face of the earth, or in the waters, or in the air above the earth, 317.26, 28; 179.7. Hi Seiang telleth Po what, is: It is but an effervescence that cometh and goeth, and there is the end, 319.25; 483.5. in the time I created, on the earth I brought the earth into hyarti (nebula) for a thousand years, 558.1, 2. is unfathomable by man, 595.18 to 20. none, even the highest raised angels, can create, 684.14. resteth with Jehovih only; it is His, 716.35. I'yi (Panic), the origin of, who knoweth? 624.14.
  34. Light, Remarks under Plates 43,567; Plate 45,568. is a condition of things in the master vortex, 585.34. is polarity of corporeal needles in solution, 585.35. cometh not from the sun. There is no such thing as travel of, in fact, 597.1; 585.34. is a manifestation of vortexian power, 589.26. the method of manufacturing, 590 chap, iii; 495.28; 523.15, 916 chap. vi. it is an error say say: Wave of, or bent ray of, 595.1,2;917, 918.5 to 11. encourage unto strength and happiness shall be called light, 916.6; 916.3 to 10.
  35. Light-houses, my God of the earth shall inspire mortals to build, for man's ships that travel on the ocean, 747.2.
  36. Lika, a Nirvanian chief, who sprang from the corporeal star Atos and had been raised to etherean 125,000 years, 466.8, 9. Jehovih tells, of the raising up of Capilya, Chine and Moses, and what is to be done on the earth through them, 475.11 to 13. alights, with his airavagna and his eight hundred million, on the plateau Theovrahkistan and founds his kingdom, 481.1 to 4. ordered by Jehovih to bring the four true Gods to his capital, Yogannaqactra, 482.9 to 12. told by the voice that for 3000 years to come all names worshipful belong to the Ever Present, 482, 483.15 to 17. gives new names to the five true Gods, assigning to each of them their labor with Capilya, Chine, Moses and the Faithists, 484.8 to 485.7. makes his appointments for the divisions of the earth during dawn, 486.2. ordered by Jehovih to send a hundred and seventy-five million of his hosts to deliver all hells, 487.11 to 13. proposes to examine the earth and her heavens, 493, 494.1 to 7. 's records show that, at that time, there were ninety-one thousand million angels in hell, 495.3 to 7. gives a new grade to the heavens, 495, 496.8 to 11. finds one hundred and twenty-five thousand million angels who had no knowledge of or belief in any higher heavens, 497.21. receives Osiris and Te-in and Sudga before him for judgment, 508.11, 12. speaks at the time of their judgment, for the voice 01 Jehovih is upon him, 514.12 to 515.23. ordered by Jehovih to take all angels from the earth below the first resurrection, and the fulfilling the order, 516 chap, xx to xxiii. again goes around the earth and her heavens, and establishes the subjective heaven of Yaton'te in greater efficiency, 527.1. to 528.10. goes to the earth and brings Chine to Yogannaqactra, 529.1 to 530.10. sends for the Goddess Lissa, who comes and takes him and his hosts and sixty-four thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms to etherea, 530 chap. xxvi.
  37. Listians, tribes of, lived in the Forest of Goats, 177.13; 183.2. styled themselves shepherd kings, 183.5. the Zarathustrians were friends to the, the wild people, 242, 243.5,6. the, who made baskets and trinkets in the forest, 328.10, 12. and herefrom sprang a people called, who living mostly in the forest, went naked, 404.2 to 4.
  38. Listians, the, maintained the fifth rite in the resurrection, 405.10. the, of Jaffeth not subdued to Te-in, 443.5.
  39. Litabakathrava, Orion chief of 240,000 years, offers to take to the earth the ten million ethereans who had volunteered for 400 years, 751.4. says: I have seen many corporeal worlds arrive at the Kosmon Era, 755.13 to 21. 's, a great shining light gathers above, head, and a voice spake out of the light, 756.22 to 35. 's, ship rises upward, and the fire-boats of the four false Gods arrive in Paradise, 756.1.
  40. Living, according to the different structure of the, so is My inspiration manifested by them. According to their organic structure, 818. chap. vi. 3, 7; 56.19.
  41. Looeamong, who had been a Lord of Jehovih, and was high in grade, becomes one of the Triunes, with a capital city, Hapsendi, over Egupt, and each and every one of the three take the title, Son of the Holy Ghost, 690.9, 10. and the false Gods he overthrew, 698.6 to 701 chap. xxii. 16. after the fall of Ashtaroth, said: Next shall fall Baal, 700.13. said: Till I have Baal also cast into hell I will not cease the carnage of mortal blood, 724.4. said: I come not to bring peace, but war! I come to set nation against nation, man against man. For righteousness’ sake will I purify the earth with human blood, 724.9. beheld with fear and trembling his formidable enemy Baal, and sends to Budha (Kabalactes) for assistance, 724, 725.15 to 20. obliged to accede to Budha's demands to cede Egupt to him, or have his kingdom destroyed by Baal, 725.21, 22. with these additional forces routed Baal, but he did not capture him nor subdue him, 725.23 to 25. resolves to adopt for himself the names Lord and God, 725.26 to 33. the craft and wisdom of Baal baffled., and he fights no longer for the Trinity nor the Holy Ghost, but to save his heavenly kingdom and keep out of hell, 728.3, 5. receives a message from Thoth, who is ordered before the Holy Council in Hapsendi, 729.8 to 13. a disturbance arises in the council of, and, drives them from his palace, that he may have an opportunity to reason with himself, 729.14 to 20. Satan speaks unto, the Triune, 730 chap. xlvi. has it proclaimed in heaven and earth that he is the Kriste, which is the Ahamic expression for all knowledge, and thus becomes a false God, 730.3, 4. great success now attends the wars of, 730.9. captures mostly all the false Gods and Lords and breaks up the oracle houses, 730.10 to 14. bewails the wars and also his own doctrines, 730.15 to 731.27. asks: Shall these things continue forever? Whom shall I inquire of, 731.28. decides to look to himself. Henceforth I go not down to the earth to send peace, but a sword, and I will make the foes of a man they of his own household, 731.29 to 38. 's chief warrior God, Thoth, said: Thy followers have no king or queen on earth to protect them, 731.1 to 9.
  42. Looeamong, decides to have a mortal emperor, 731, 732.10 to 13. and his angel hosts appear in the heavens above Hatuas' army, so that all the soldiers behold them, 732.14. shows Hatuas, in the air of heaven, a true cross on which was written in letters of blood: Il'Kriste, but no man present could read the inscription, 732.15, 16. through Gabriel (Thoth) captures Baal, and all the false Gods in all the regions far and near, and casts them in hell, 732.21 to 23. inspires Hatuas to call a council of wise men to make one religion, 732.26. through Thoth, inspires Hatuas to have the council make the book of books (see 731.38), 732, 733.30 to 35. inspires them to make choice of a God, 732.36 to 41. so manages as to have Kriste (himself) proclaimed God and Lord of all the nations of the earth, 733.42 to 46. 's the Holy Ghost was, labor, 733, 734.52 to 56. now enriches his heavenly kingdom, and makes himself almost inaccessible, 734.1 to 5. destroys the Alexandrian Library and the state records and libraries of Heleste and Arabin'ya, 736,737.21,22. declares war in heaven against Gabriel, 737.24. and Thoth and Ennochissa and Kabalactes, after fighting 500 years more, divide the earth and the heavens thereof between them, 737.1 to 3. and the three other Gods now adorn their heavenly kingdoms, 737.4 to 738.18. (Kriste) gets most of the Kriste'yans of earth when they die, 738.21. God's prophecy of, thou shalt conquer all the earth, and trail it round with mortal blood. And after that thou shalt be hated above all other false Gods that have ever been. And last of all thou shalt go down, and thy heavenly kingdom with thee, 744.18, 19. 's heavenly kingdom alarmed at the appearance of the airavagna of Litabakathrava, 754 chap. vii. sends a fire-boat to Paradise to learn the will and pleasure of this God, 754.8, 9. 's captain of the fire-boat discovers God's plan for redeeming the world, 757.6 to 8. causes Colombo to be cast into prison, 757.9 to 12. inspires the popes to cause mortals to be scourged and put to death for heresy, 757.19,20. 's popes and cardinals risen up against by people calling themselves Protestants, 757.21. 's angels obsess settlers in Guatama to flay and burn the Quakers, for Kriste's sake, 758.9 to 14. precipitates the colonies into war, 762.22. inspires the formation of the East India Co., 764.5 to 9. leads his mortal emissaries into Chine'ya, 764.10 to 12. destroys the Algonquins, 764.13, 14. is cast into hell, delivered by God, and judged by Jehovih, 764 chap, xv, xvi, xvii.
  43. Loo'is, their office and labor, 56.20, 21; 33 chap. xvii. masters of generations, angels next in rank above guardian angels, i.e., 58.3. who were ethereans of great wisdom, 63.22; 115.7.
  44. Loo'is, highly learned angels, sent to raise up a su'is sar'gis, 173.3, 4. he shall serve 200 years as an apprentice, and shall become proficient in the knowledge of procreation of mortals, 287.2, 3. sent from etherea, and at the end of 180 years they are to raise up heirs and followers when Cpenta-armij comes, 301 chap. xiii. six generations previous to the time of Capilya, God sends half a million angels down to the land of Vind'yu, 465.1 to 7; 475.10. the manner of which the, raised up Moses, 502 chap. xiii. God sends his, to Chine'ya to bring forth a birth capable of the All Voice, but not capable of su'is (Ka'yu), 690 chap. xiv. a million, sent to Vind'yu, and given many generations in which to produce Sakaya and many disciples and followers, 691 chap, xv; 705.1 to 5. the, sent by God to raise up an Israelite (Joshu) capable of the Father's Voice, 694.46; 726.11, 14. God ordered by the Voice to send, to Guatama, 746.39; 761.1 to 4. ye shall appoint, unto millions of mortals, 750.21 to 24. since 400 years my, shaped mortal births to bring about the armies of God, 812.1 to 6.
  45. Lord, I the, a one-time mortal, with my holy angels, who had sprung from the earth in former times, 95.3; 684.15. Osire decreed: One, shall ye give to every city and oracle, 164.7. a, hath dominion with mortals only, and with such ashars as minister unto them, 194.19; 684.21.
  46. Lord and God, which they shall worship till the coming of the next dawn. But I will come in that day and deliver you and them, and there shall be no more, upon the earth or in the heavens thereof, 514.15.
  47. Lorddom, as mortals on earth have military stations, so was the, of Vishnu, 300.29, 30.
  48. Lord God, a, hath dominion first with mortals, and second with the first heaven in his division which resteth on the earth, 194.18. the duties and labors of a, 376.6 and chap. ii. (the false), Anuhasaj (De'yus). the, who, of woman born, was the most presuming son of the earth had yet brought forth, 401.8. to him, in likeness of a man, with head, and legs, and arms in boundary and size of a man, sitting on a throne, to him the great, will I ever bow in reverence, 399.13; 388.8. Jehovih said: The time shall come when angels and mortals shall know of a truth that the, is a false God, and a vainglorious usurper, 405.11. that the all highest heaven was Hored, where the, sat on his throne in great glory, and around him on every side were thousands of millions of angels, who had attained to everlasting peace, with nothing more to do but to bow and sing praises unto their God forever, 418.3; 406.10. they have made the, as the Creator, and set him up as a man on a throne to worship him, 463.7. laws of the, 393.3 to 17; 564.20; Remarks, Plate 19,493;661.28. See under Anuhasaj.
  49. Lords, and God shall appoint chiefs under him who shall go down and dwell on the earth with mortals; and they shall be called, for they are Gods of land, 11.13, 14; 15.34. for inasmuch as I (the Lord) have been exalted by the Father, so are ye all in waiting for your turn in the heavens above to become, 65.1 to 6; 112.9, 10.1. God said: In the cities and country places I have, innumerable, and they know the rates and grades of their people, their occupations, their aspirations, their labors, their behavior, private and public, 800.1,2.
  50. Lords and Gods, to induce angels to develop themselves by taking hold with their own hands, and by the exercise of their own talents; this is the work of, 131.5.
  51. Lord Thy God. Saul changes the words of the commandments (of Moses) to the, 661.27.
  52. Lost Tribes, of the six thousand migrants there were lost ten tribes, 131.6 to 132.10, note. the, took the name of shepherd kings, 148.19 to 24.
  53. Love, think of this great matter the growth of, 118.1,2. Osiris and Ahura discourse upon, 441.7. Capilya discourseth upon, 498.14; 510.25. thou shalt, thy neighbor as thyself (Joshu), 727.8; 58.8. God discourseth on, 920, chap. xii. (Panic) Ope. By, only moveth any man; even in anger he moveth not but by the, that appeaseth it (Abraham). Man would not give but because he loveth to do so (Confucius), 624.16.
  54. Low, the, delight to dwell in a city or near a place of filth, if companionable, rather than to go to a place of isolation where improvement is possible, 339.19.
  55. Lusters, who dwell in old castles and ruined cities, 53.5. spirits who feed on the secret vices of mortals, 686.11; 741.19.
  56. Luts, condensed earthly substance falling upon a planet in great quantities, 602.3 to 5.