1. Becomes one of three Triunes through the establishment of the confederacy. He establishes his capital over Egupt, called Hapsendi. Previously a lord and of high grade. Takes the title, Son of the Holy Ghost and later Kriste (the Ahamic word for knowledge).
  2. Baal, self-God of of Heleste, maintains himself as God of the Roman Empire, but under many names (including Zeus). Baal further expands his kingdom with his three billion angel warriors, therefore Looeamong strikes a deal with Ennochissa (the false Budah) for re-enforcements.
  3. Looeamong renews the assault on Baal throughout his heavenly places. He renders service to Jehovih by capturing and casting out of his dominions more than seven hundred false Gods and false Lords. With the capture of Baal, through Thoth, was the final termination of the earthly Gods that ruled over mortals through oracles and pagan practices.
  4. He inspires Hatuas (Constantine) to raise a mortal army of forty thousand men to conquer Roma. Hatuas' army beheld Looeamong and his angel hosts who showed them a cross in the air (written in letters of blood: Il'Kriste).
  5. He forms a council made up from wise men of Arabin'ya, Heleste, Parsi'e and Uropa. Deliberation ensued; the balloting rested on five Gods, namely: Jove, Kriste, Mars, Crite and Siva. The Council of Nice adopts the name, Iesu, and the sacred books were written accordingly.
  6. Looeamong destroys the Alexandrian library and the ancient state records and libraries of Heleste and Arabin'ya in fear that Thoth will make greater inroads. He tries but fails to possess Jerusalem and Te-theas by inspiring mortals in western Uropa to make crusades against Thoth.
  7. Looeamong carries out many inquisitions against non-Roman Catholics, including inspiring the popes to cause mortals to be scourged and put to death for heresy. War begins on earth in the form of a Reformation, and in Looeamong's heavens, about himself and his doctrines.
  8. Jehovih's Lord (Yotahiza) inspires Paine to proclaim new doctrines against Looeamong and the sacred books. Looeamong precipitate the American Colonies into war against the home government in western Uropa.
  9. Anarchy encompasses Looeamong's heavenly kingdom after supplies are cut off. He is cast into hell, delivered out of hell and is judged by Jehovih.

  1. (God's Book of Eskra 13:8-15)       In groups they assembled in places of their own, and began to philosophize on the ways of heaven and earth. And every one was sworn within himself to do no evil thing, but to find some more respectable way of serving Jehovih, than by going amongst the ignorant and depraved.
    9. And they became habituated in their meetings, in three places in hada; in Haractu, over Vind'yu, in Eta-shong, over Chine'ya, and in Hapsendi, over Egupt. And these became like great heavenly cities, because of the congregating of the angels of heaven, which continued for many years.
    10. Now, finally, they resolved to organize each one of these three places with a distinct head, and to unite the three heads as one confederacy; and the whole to be dedicated to the service of Jehovih. Thus was founded the Confederacy of the Holy Ghost. And by acclamation, three angels were raised to the three capitals, namely: Kabalactes, of Haractu; Ennochissa, of Eta-shong; and Looeamong, of Hapsendi. And each and every one of the three took the title, Son of the Holy Ghost. These three had all been Lords, and were high in grade.
    11. Ennochissa selected seven angels, and gave them the rank of Lord, namely: Haptu, Vazista, Mira, Erasigi, Adamon, Amesh and Cacpa.
    12. Kabalactes selected seven angels, and gave them the rank of Lord, namely: Li Wan, Amatar, Wenates, Howickam, Shong Tsee, Massaqactus and Enniseabab.
    13. Looeamong selected seven angels, and gave them the rank of Lord, namely: Petubusetta, Rodi, Monulithens, Zitullia, Miriam, Zestes and Abarothmes.
    14. Such, then, was the established confederacy, which was to play so great a part in the history of heaven and earth. And it differed from all other confederacies, because its members all professed to serve Jehovih. And it required of all its people an oath of allegiance to Jehovih, but under the name, Holy Ghost, for they denied His Person as such.
    15. And God admonished them, saying: Though ye be wise in your own conceit, yet shall ye fail. For, having denied His Person, then will ye yourselves become the Person in the understanding of the multitude. And herein will ye, soon or late, come to grief.  (God's Book of Eskra 46:6-8)    And they took upon themselves the names, Brahma and Budha, both of which signify knowledge, no more nor less.
    7. This hath satisfied mortals.
    8. Now, thou shalt chose the name, Kriste, which is the Ahamic word for knowledge also.
  2. (God's Book of Eskra 41:14-20)     Baal now established two more heavenly kingdoms, one over Jerusalem, and one above the Apennine mountains, off from Roma. And in the latter kingdom, which he called Arkoli, he made an alliance with the Vind'yu Gods that escaped from their own heavenly regions and fled to the mortal city, Roma. And near Athena, he founded a subkingdom of five hundred million angels, and made an alliance with the Gods that escaped from the Brahmin kingdoms.
    15. In this emergency, Looeamong, the Triune God of the Holy Ghost, beheld, with fear and trembling, his formidable enemy, Baal. And so he determined, to send to Buddha for assistance. Thus he solicited, to wit:
    16. To the Triune, the Holy Budha, Son of the Holy Ghost, greeting in love and majesty.
    17. By the power of the Triunes are we sworn to each other, to establish the Holy Ghost in heaven and earth. By which confederacy are we three Gods powerful above all other Gods.
    18. Now behold, Baal, the most fiendish of all Gods, wageth war against our holy doctrines in all the regions of my heavenly kingdoms and on my dominions of the earth also. But my forces in heaven and earth need re-enforcement. And I come to thee, according to our original compact, asking thee for a thousand million angel warriors.
    19. By messengers Looeamong sent this to Budha, who answered him as followeth, to wit:
    20. It is said that great trials are the making of angels and mortals. I need my hosts for mine own purposes. Nevertheless, if thou wilt cede Egupt to me, thou shalt have the army thou asketh for, for the space of one hundred years. (God's Book of Eskra 47:14) For three hundred years more, Looeamong, with upward of six thousand million angel warriors, pursued war in heaven and on earth; and he had captured mostly all the earthly strong-holds of other false Gods. Baal, however, still maintained himself in Roma, and as God of the Roman empire, but under many names.
    21. Insulting as was this proposal, Looeamong was obliged to accede to it, or to have his kingdom destroyed by Baal.
  3. (God's Book of Eskra 41:23-25) With these additional forces, Looeamong now renewed the assault on Baal on every side, even more violently in his heavenly places than on the earth.
    24. And it came to pass, that Looeamong routed Baal from his heavenly kingdom, and from his sub-kingdoms also, but he did not capture him, or subdue him. And the angels of Looeamong obtained Jerusalem and Athena, besides two hundred small cities with their oracle-houses and temples also. And Looeamong's angel warriors took possession of them, so they could answer the oracles, the magicians and priests, in their own way.
    25. Baal still maintained an army of three thousand million angel warriors; and he established himself in the city of Roma and Hieadas, that is, Bizantium [Constantinople], but used most of his army as rambling marauders.
    (God's Book of Eskra 47:10-14)  And, for the space of three hundred years, Looeamong gradually gained on Baal and his alliances, both on earth and in heaven.
    11. And Looeamong captured and cast out of his dominions more than seven hundred false Gods and false Lords.
    12. And he broke up six hundred and eighty oracle-houses and temples, used for consulting the spirits, who called themselves Gods, whose only service was to advise on war, conquest and destruction.
    13. So, that, even in Looeamong's falsity to himself, he rendered a great service to Jehovih, against whom he was doing battle.
    14. For three hundred years more, Looeamong, with upward of six thousand million angel warriors, pursued war in heaven and on earth; and he had captured mostly all the earthly strong-holds of other false Gods. Baal, however, still maintained himself in Roma, and as God of the Roman empire, but under many names.
    (God's Book of Eskra 48:21-25) And it came to pass in not many years, that Looeamong, through Gabriel, captured Baal and all the false Gods in all the regions far and near. And Gabriel took, along with the captured Gods, seven million and six hundred thousand warring angels, and carried them altogether to Makavishtu, in hada, and cast them into hell, where there were already more than ten millions who were in chaos and madness.
    22. And Gabriel had the place walled around with fire and noxious gases, so that none could escape.
    23. Such was the end of the earthly dominion of Baal, who had ruled over mortals for evil, for upward of three thousand years. And, in fact, it was the final termination of the earthly Gods that ruled over mortals through oracles and pagan practices.
    24. The earth was now clear of evil Gods, whose chief labor had been for thousands of years to capture the spirits of the recent dead, and make slaves of them for the glory of the hadan kingdoms.
    25. Thus had Looeamong done a good service; for the earth and lower heavens had now nothing to suffer from any Gods, save the Triunes.
  4. (God's Book of Eskra 48:10-17) Looeamong cried out: Enough! Enough, O Thoth! I, too, will have a mortal emperor.
    11. Descend thou again to the earth, to Hatuas (Constantine), and inspire thou him to raise a mortal army of forty thousand men, and move upon Roma.
    12. Behold, I will prove myself before Hatuas, and he shall covenant unto me. Through him will I drive Baal out of Roma. And, as I make myself Kriste of heaven, so will I make Hatuas (Constantine) emperor of the whole earth.
    13.Thoth then descended to the earth, to Hatuas, who was a su'is, and could both see angels and hear them talk; and Thoth induced Hatuas to raise an army of forty thousand soldiers, and set out for conquest.
    14. And when they had come to the plains of Agatha, even where the Kriste'yans had been massacred many years before, behold, Looeamong and his angel hosts appeared in the heavens above Hatuas' army, so that all the soldiers thereof beheld the heavenly visitors.
    15. And Looeamong showed unto Hatuas, in the air of heaven, a true cross, on which was written in letters of blood: IL'KRISTE.
    16. Nevertheless, there was no man present who could read the inscription; and many were the conjectures thereon. In the evening, Looeamong descended to Hatuas, and said unto him: This is the interpretation of the sign and the cross I showed thee:
    17. In this thou shalt conquer! Amd when thou arisest in the morning thou shalt cause to be made a cross, of most excellent workmanship; and thou shalt have it inscribed: The Kriste, our Lord, Son of the Holy Ghost.
  5. (God's Book of Eskra 48:26)   Looeamong inspired Hatuas, the mortal emperor, to call together a council of wise men from all the kingdoms of Arabin'ya, Heleste, Parsi'e and Uropa, to select from all the religious doctrines in the world, that which was the wisest and best, that it might be established by kings, emperors and governors by the sword and spear, so there should never more be but one religion.
    (God's Book of Eskra 48:29-35)  Now, the council had brought with them, in all, two thousand two hundred and thirty-one books and legendary tales of Gods and Saviors and great men, together with a record of the doctrines taught by them.
    30. Hatuas, being under the inspiration of Looeamong, through Gabriel, alias Thoth, thus spake:
    31. Search ye these books, and whatsoever is good in them, that retain; but, whatsoever is evil, that cast away. What is good in one book, unite ye with that which is good in another book. And whatsoever is thus brought together shall be called, The Book of Books. And it shall be the doctrine of my people, which I will recommend unto all nations, that there shall be no more war for religions' sake.
    32. Thoth (Gabriel) and his angel hosts formed a circle around about the mortal council, a thousand angels deep on every side, and extending upward densely for a long way, and thence, by a line of light, extending to Looeamong's throne, in Hapsendi, his heavenly kingdom.
    33. By day and by night, Thoth and his hosts watched over the mortal council, over-shadowing their every thought and word.
    34. For four years and seven months the council thus deliberated, and selected from the two thousand two hundred and thirty-one books and legendary tales.
    35. And, at the end of that time, there had been selected and combined much that was good and great, and worded so as to be well-remembered by mortals. 36. As yet, no God had been selected by the council, and so they balloted, in order to determine that matter. And the first ballot gave prominence to the following Gods: Jove, Jupiter, Salenus, Baal, Thor, Gade, Apollo, Juno, Aries, Taurus, Minerva, Rhets, Mithra, Theo, Fragapatti, Atys, Durga, Indra, Neptune, Vulcan, Kriste, Agni, Croesus, Pelides, Huit, Hermes, Thulis, Thammus, Eguptus, Iao, Aph, Saturn, Gitchens, Minos, Maximo, Hecla and Phernes.   (God's Book of Eskra 48:41) For one year and five months the balloting lasted, and at that time the ballot rested nearly equally on five Gods, namely: Jove, Kriste, Mars, Crite and Siva. And here the ballot changed not for yet seven time more, which was seven weeks. (God's Book of Eskra 48:45-62) Whereupon Kriste was declared God and Lord of all the nations of the earth.
    46. And the council agreed thereto, unanimously, and, moreover, to reject all the other Gods.
    47. The next question was, what mortal representative should be chosen?
    48. The first ballot brought out the following men: Zarasthustra, Thothma, Abraham, Brahma, Atys, Thammus, Joshu, Sakaya, Habron, Bali, Crite, Chrisna, Thulis, Witoba and Speio. Besides these, there were included in the ballot, forty-six other men, who received a small number of ballots each.
    49. God, Son of Jehovih, said: Behold, the Council of Nice balloted for a twelve-month, as to what man heard the Voice? Sayest thou, Jehovih sendeth His matters to a council of men?
    50. Hatuas said: The Gods will not let us choose any man. Now, therefore, hear me: All the law-givers chosen by the Gods, have been iesu. Now, since we can not make preference as to a man, let us say: The man, Iesu?
    51. Thereupon, the name, Iesu, was adopted, and the sacred books were written accordingly.
    52. God, Son of Jehovih, said: The Council of Nice sinned not, for the doctrones set forth, as Iesu's, were for Jehovih.
    53. But, wherein their words made worshipful the names of Kriste and the Holy Ghost, behold, that matter was with Looeamong.
    54. God said: My testimonies were previously with Abraham and Brahma and Moses, and I spake not of Kriste nor of the Holy Ghost, I spake of God and of the I Am.
    55. They have said: Whosoever speaketh a word against the son of man, it shall be forgiven him; but, whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him.
    56. Therefore, suffer ye Looeamong to bear his own testimony to the kingdom whence it sprang. The Holy Ghost was his labor.
    57. Jehovih said: Had I weakened since the time of Moses, that I need to incarnate Myself, in order to make man understand Me?
    58. God said: Sufficient unto a time is the work of Jehovih; because the Triunes over threw the oracles and hundreds of false Gods and hundreds of sacred books full of error and evil, behold they fulfilled their time.
    59. Sufficient unto another time, even the present, is another work of Jehovih, which is to establish His Presence with the living generation.
    60. Jehovih said: Behold, I created; and I am sufficient unto all men.
    61. In the olden times, man worshipped all the spirits of the dead, and I cut him short, giving him many Gods; and, again, I cut him short, and gave him three Gods, and then, three Gods in one.
    62. This day, I cut him short of all, save his Creator. Behold the signs of My times, My preachers are legions.
  6. (God's Book of Eskra 49:22)   (Thoth:) I will raise me up a prophet and seer of mine own on the earth, and establish a new doctrine amongst mortals. Behold, I have a sword that will cut to pieces Looeamong's kingdom on earth. For, listen! In the old Eguptian libraries are books and tablets and manuscripts, that will show the perversity of the Constantine bible.   (God's Book of Eskra 50:21-22) Now, Looeamong, the false Kriste, had previously destroyed, for the most part, the Alexandrian library, having inspired a mortal priest, Coatulius, to do the work.
    22. And Looeamong, now perceiving the triumph of Mohammed, inspired three hundred monks and priests to go throughout Heleste and Arabin'ya, and destroy the ancient state records and libraries. And they went thither, and accomplished the destruction. (God's Book of Eskra 54:9-13)  But Thoth was anchored in earthly possessions, in Jerusalem and Te-theas and Egupt.
    10. And thou didst inspire mortals in western Uropa to made crusades against Thoth, in order to possess Jerusalem and Te-theas, whereby millions of mortals were slain, and vast regions of country laid desolate.
    11. Behold, thou hadst pretended thou wert the all highest God, and yet thou wert unable to take a small earthly kingdom.
    12. Thou didst also inflict dire punishment and torturing of the flesh on Jehovih's worshipers and on infidels, against thy doctrines. With red-hot pincers pulled the flesh from the bones; or in boiling oil slowly dipped them; or from precipices hurled them; or in boxes lined with pricking spikes of iron bound them, thus to blot all knowledge and learning and opposition. Millions and millions hast thou thus cast in death in thy earthly regions.
    13. In Es'pan (Spain) and Itius (Italy), thou hast thus put to death more than seven million mortals.
  7. (Book of Es 9:13-22)          When God saw how evil had already taken root in these countries, behold, he was doubly resolved to obey Jehovih's commandment, in regard to the inquisitions, in which Jehovih had said:
    14. Suffer Looeamong to carry out the inquisitions, to put to death whosoever he will. For it shall come to pass that the spirits of those he slayeth in Roma and Venice and Napla and all other cities and countries will remain in their places with vengeance on their souls. And the time shall come when thou shalt withdraw thy protecting angel hosts from these cities; and, behold, these angels of vengeance will come forth and visit their wrath upon this false God and his kingdoms.
    15. So, God was strong in resolution to let evil take its course; and, so, in all countries where the false Kriste had been afflicting mortals, God withdrew his protecting hosts, leaving those countries and those heavens to take their course.
    16. And it came to pass, the angels of vengeance came forth for battle; to battle other angels, and to obsess mortals unto battle also, and all against the false Kriste.
    17. Thus was opened the door for the split in Looeamong's doctrines, which was to ultimate in the entire overthrow of the Trinity, and of the Holy Ghost, and of Looeamong also, under his false name.
    18. Thus did war begin again on earth, and in Looeamong's heavens, about himself and his doctrines.
    19. To make matters worse for himself, he established angel emissaries in his earthly kingdom, in Roma, to inspire the popes to cause mortals to be scourged, imprisoned and put to death for heresy, and these things were done in the name of Kriste and the Holy Ghost.
    20. And it came to pass that no man could express a word, or thought, reflecting upon Looeamong's earthly doctrines or government, without falling a victim to mortal and angel emissaries of this false Kriste. Verily were many of these mortal cities obsessed by angels of darkness and evil.
    21. In course of time, behold, mortals, inspired by vengeance-loving spirits, rose up against Looeamong's popes and cardinals, and protested against the abnegation of man's right to think for himself; and these people called themselves, protestants, professing that there were two Kristes, a true one and a false one, and, moreover, that they themselves were worshipers of the true Kriste.
    22. Nevertheless, they were also under the inspiration of evil angels, for they fell to work burning and flaying their opponents also.
  8. (Book of Es 13:6-7)  Into the hands of these seven men did Jehovih, through God, His Son, place the leadership of the mortal hosts; and they were under the guidance of Jehovih's Lord, Yotahiza.
    7. And the Lord caused Paine, to proclaim the new doctrines, as against Looeamong and the sacred books, on which the inquisitions had been carried out. (Book of Es 13:20-24) The doctrines of God, Paine proclaimed publicly; and they were printed, and circulated amongst the inhabitants of Guatama.
    21. And it came to pass, that they fell into the hands of such men and women as had been previously prepared by God to receive them. And these people applauded the new doctrines to so great an extent that the colonies repudiated the Divine right (Divan laws) of kings to govern without the consent of the governed.
    22. Looeamong, the false Kriste, perceived the design of God, Jehovih's Son, and immediately sent down to the earth, to Guatama, two thousand angel warriors, to overthrow Paine's doctrines, and to precipitate the colonies into war against the home government in western Uropa.
    23. So, war in Guatama, on earth, and in the heavens thereof, set in, mortals against mortals and angels against angels.
    24. The Lord, Yotahiza, now assigned the army of the inquisition, the seven thousand angels sent of God, to be the protecting hosts to the seven leaders of the Guatama revolt.
  9. (Book of Es 16:14-16)   Most of all in fear was the false Kriste, for, for sake of aggrandizing his own kingdom, he had had it proclaimed on the earth that: Whosoever believeth in me, shall be saved; but whosoever believeth not in me, shall be in danger of hell-fire!
    15. And countless millions of mortals had taken no thought as to self-resurrection, but taken him at his word; and so had lived and died and become his slaves for hundreds of years. Millions of these angels had heavenly banners made, with the promises of this false Lord inscribed thereon, and with these went in processions in heaven, crying out: Bread or blood! Bread or blood! We come not to bring peace in heaven; we come to bring a sword! We come to set angel against angel! Give unto us, O thou, our God, or hell shall be thy portion!
    16. Thus, it came to pass, as had been foretold by God, whereof he had said: Anarchy shall encompass your heavenly kingdoms, and ye shall yet own that ye are false before Jehovih.
                                     (Book of Es 16: God delivereth the four false Gods out of the four hells) (Book of Es 17:9-12) Ye, who cried out falsely: Behold me; I am the light and the life; through me is the way of salvation.
    10. Ye, who have used your names to lead mortals and angels away from the Creator; saying of yourselves: Behold me, I am the Lord; I am God; my heavenly place is the all highest.
    11. Behold, I had spoken in the olden times; I had said:
    12. Whoso aspireth to be a king of the earth, or queen, or emperor, or ruler over a nation or people, and I give to him his desire, he shall be bound with the people of his administration. Neither shall he rise to My emancipated heavens, till he hath carried up with him every soul that he had dominion over. But he shall be bound unto that people in the first and second resurrection, until even the lowest of them are raised in wisdom and virtue and good works, sufficient for the grade of Brides and Bridegrooms to My etherean realms.