1. Magnetism mortals have been taught erroneously in regard to a north pole, in the earth, 583.14. the positive and negative vortexian power erroneously called, 586.47. when vortexya lieth dormant, as in iron, it is called, 584.21. when vortexya is charged in iron, it is called, 591.12.
  2. Magnitudes, how shall we measure? 224.7.
  3. Majority, the highest wisdom in the state or in a community is not with the, but with a small minority, 835.29. a, is, and was, and ever shall be the lesser light, 856.2. why not decree according to the, vote? That is the lower light, being the light of men only, 708.12 to 14.
  4. Man, the failures of, are worse than any other living creature, 2.7. how was the beginning of, 9.8 to 11; 37.7, 11;819.17 to 23;553.16, 17. the first of the race of man on earth began about 78,000 years, B.K., 597.21. the name of the first race was Asu (Adam, 450.11), because they were of the earth only, 42.4; see Plate, page 57.
  5. Man, and there was born of the first race (Asu) a new race called, 9, 10.12 to 18. the name of the second race was I'hin (Abel), because they were capable of being taught spiritual things. The Lord said: Man only have I delivered unto knowledge of his Creator, 42.1 to 5. strayed out of the garden of Paradise, and began to dwell with the Asu'ans (Adams), and there was born into the world a new race called Druk (Cain), 42.13. mature, and the immature, 25.7. in the time of the earth when, was brought forth from mortal to immortal life, the earth passed beyond se'mu, 10.5. the nearest blank of all the living created He, 25.8, 9; and yet shall attain to more subtle senses than any other living creature, 58.17 to 20; 460.1. and, dwelt with beasts, falling lower than all the rest, 46.19. by the Lord was, made upright on the earth, 67.18;26.15;42.1. the Lord left, for a season to himself, and he fell from his high estate, 58.21. the Lord raises, up once more, and again departs, and the race of, descends into utter darkness. And, became on the earth as a harvest that is blighted and rotted because of its rankness, 58 chap. ii. for I created, to enter heaven as helpless as he entered earth life, 83.27. but instead of beatifying his thoughts, hearkeneth to tetracts and clotheth himself in clouds, 98.16. in the early age of a world, hath inherent but two impulses, 113.9. the appearance of, as Apollo remembered the earth, 113.16. in the time of Apollo (18,200 B.K.), in his present form, was brought into being on the earth, 113.10 allowed by God to eat cloven-footed animals, except swine, 115.20,21. taught by the angels to make books of skins and of bark and of cloth, 129.5. the first, the second, and the third passion of, 132.6. in the time of Thor (15,400 B.K.) considered not the shapeliness of his spouse and even today seeketh a spouse of wasted flesh for sake of gold, 134.15, 17. should learn of what he can see and hear and prove rather than of spirits whom he cannot prove nor find when he wants them, 145.20. it being not the will of Jehovih that, should be forever led, because, forsooth, his Lord saith, 150.15. advanced in great learning of corporeal knowledge, 155.19, 20. the power and glory of, were greater than had ever been before in all the world, 156, 157.1 to 3. becomes conceited, and God goes away from, for a season, that he may learn wisdom, 157.4 to 7. takes to worshipping the stars, 158.11. thou hast said: Man can make himself whatsoever he will, 150.15. the spirit of, groweth by giving away of whatsoever the spirit hath to give, 159.13 to 16; 109.8, 9; 208.14. shall search all things to find Me (the All Highest), 170.8; 154.11. hath it been proven to thee that, cannot stand still? 199, 200.4, 8.
  6. Man, there is a spiritual, within all men, and it never dieth, and is only one that can discern spiritual things and recognize the spirits of the dead, 187.9. each and every, is bound in his own channel by something stronger than himself, 197.14. will rise up in self-conceit against his Creator, saying: Behold me! I am the highest of all things, 317.23; 179.4; 187.11. that which, calleth evil is unripe, and that which, calleth good is ripe. Without green fruit none could be ripe; without evil none could be good, 556.17; 191.17 to 19. when a potter hath a pot half made, sayest thou it is an evil pot? Nay, but that is not yet completed. Even so are all men. Those who are good are completed, but those who are evil are unfinished work. 240.4. and thus becometh, evil instead of good, 819 chap. vi. 18, 19. the highest, best, most perfect, is he who can do all things, 325.10. the corpor of, I created as a womb for the es of man. By death, behold, the es is born, 552.26, 27. to find the se'muan age of, 597.26, 27. cannot advance to the highest kingdoms until perfected in all particulars, 686, chap. viii. in Kosmon, shall be conceited of himself above all the ages past, and they shall deny Me, and quarrel with My name, and cast Me out. Remarks under Plate 91, 748; 50.18. how, is made, kept alive and accumulateth knowledge, 816, 817 chap, i, ii, iii. how one, is a skeptic, and one a believer in the Creator, 817 chap. iv. is spoken to by the Creator with two kinds of voices, 817 chap. v. is told the order in which Jehovih created animals and man on the earth, 818 chap. vi. is instructed as to the direct and indirect inspiration of the Creator, 819 chap, vii, viii; 820 chap. ix. is told by Jehovih to let all men hear Him in their own way, and not to interfere with his brother, 821 chap, xi; 358.17 to 21. only, of all My created animals, created I not perfect in his order, 822.1. as there was a time when I created every animal perfect in its order; so shall such time come unto. And now is the dawn thereof, 823.31,32. is given liberty to choose his inspiration, 823, 824.17 to 30. the, of darkness more ruled by angels than the, of light 826 chap, xviii. apply thyself to understand the spirit of my discourse, 916.1.
  7. Man's, the Lord gives the earth into, keeping, 95,96.10,11. hair on his head grows long and straight, and he begins to have a beard (400 years after Apollo), 125.13. covenant with Jehovih, 559.29 to 42. according to, birth and surroundings so is he good or bad, 820 chap. viii. 5.
  8. Mansions. Yima caused mortals to be taught that there were, in heaven ready for their souls after death, 262.12.
  9. Manuscript, thy spirit is a, in thine own handwriting; thou art daily writing thy grade and the place of thy abode in heaven, 792.46.
  10. Marriage, not he alone can annul that which hath been united, nor yet they twain; for, by their bondage, I (Jehovih) am also a party to the contract, 160.27. the fullness of earth knowledge requireth, yet the bondage after death holdeth the spirit of man for six generations to his own heirs, 322.25. God discourseth thereon, 788 chap. xiv. one, only do we permit (in Shalam) to any man or woman, 852.8 to 10.
  11. Marriage Rites, the Divan laws in regard to, 283.13, 14;291.14, 15.
  12. Marry, thou shall not, but once; neither shalt thou look after any other partner all the days of thy life, 323.11; 321.19; 322.26, 29; 519.19. no man nor woman shall, more than one time, 814.2 to 4.
  13. Mass, the origin of saying, 54.12. night, for the spirits of the dead, 229.12, 13. is Sanscrit for moon (mas), 621.108; 229.12 note to 12.
  14. Master, origin of, as applied to the Creator, 308.10, 11. to be, of one's flesh and desires and passions and words, these are great gifts indeed, 479.3.
  15. Masters and Servants, 325.7; 338.13; 512.36; 828.11.
  16. Mastodon, the Hogawatha, the rooting animal of wisdom, 370.14.
  17. Materialization (Sar'gis), by spirits of the dead, the angels could readily take on corporeal bodies for themselves, 9, 10.14 to 18; 10.4; 42.2. angels of darkness came upon the earth, taking upon themselves the semblance of corporeal forms and dwelling with mortals, 134.22. Asha sees spirits, but yet he believes not, 185.1 to 186.5. the angels took on forms looking like mortals, 217.18 to 219.28. the king of Tse'gow, having slain himself, appears in Sar'gis, 223.18 to 224.24; 225.5;226.8;229.13. Zarathustra, and afterward the two thieves, in sar'gis, 250.21 to 24; 252.1; 252.23. the spirits took on sar'gis and walked about amongst mortals, being seen and felt; and they talked audibly, 263.17. the angels in Sodom walked amongst the people, and the people knew they were angels, but cared not for them, 330.7, 8. one of the evil angels who had followed Abraham and his people from Sodom appears to them, 330.11 to 331.19. angels appear to Brahma and his family, 356.5, 6; 359.16; 359.1 to 360.11. Yu-tiv appears in sar'gis, 365.5 to 366.11. the angel of God came in the sacred circle and stood in the midst, 366.1 to 3. Brahma and Yu-tiv appear in sar'gis, 366.4 to 367.13. an abundance of familiar spirits dwelt with mortals; took on sar'gis forms and ate and drank with them, 445.22. the three angels, Egupt, Baal and Ashtaroth, show themselves to the college students, 354.13. many spirits came in sar'gis in the families of the Eguptians, eating and drinking with them corporeally; yea, and even doing things whereof no man may speak, 458.13.
  18. Materialization, Jehovih's angel appears before the king Yokovrana, 496.32 to 34. the land of Egupt is overrun with spirits of darkness, and mortals have attained to see them, and they dwell together as one people, angels and mortals, 502.2; 513.39, 40; 626.23. Te-zee, king of A'shong (in China), investigates mediums and spirits of the dead, 540.17 to 545.36. Te-zee's conclusions in regard thereto, 545.1, 2. after Chine died and his body was burned to ashes, he appeared and walked about on the earth, even the same as before death, for seven days, 548 chap. xxx.
  19. Me-de, the kingdom of, established in the first remove from the earth, 378.10, 1 to 6.
  20. Memory, their, is as a troubled dream that will not go away from them, 397.8. how can I deliver thee (Ahura) from them? I may take away thy person, but I cannot deliver thy, 311.22. a thief carries his stolen goods not only in this world, but in heaven to the end of his, 253.9. when a murderer is in heaven his, of the deed writeth in human blood a stain on his soul, which all others see, 253.10. when thou art fevered, or entranced, or in diverse action from thy usual bent, thy soul turneth into these stores, and thy, cometh forth wonderfully, 817.12.
  21. Men, unto all, alike gave I all things in My worlds, 149.14; 756.23. where, oft unarmed, went into the arena and fought lions and tigers with their naked hands, choking them to death before applauding multitudes, 404.2; 446.13.
  22. Menial Office, neither have I exalted any God so high but the most, is his glory, 181.12; 392.27.
  23. Meteoric Stones, how formed, 593.1, 2; 594.7. fell like a shower of rain, 292.4. See also Nebulae. See also Plate, 29,555.
  24. Methodists professed the true Kriste, 769.17.
  25. Microscopes in the cycle of Osire, 156.2; also 590.7.
  26. Mighty Power, a time cometh to every man and woman born, on earth or in heaven, when sore disaster, if nothing else, will cast him helpless in agony, to make him own the, who created him, 460.5.
  27. Migrants (Ghans) from Shem, Ham, and Jaffeth, 129.6 to 132.17; 226.9; 611.21.
  28. Milk, a substitute for, 841.29 to 34; 321.21; 148.20, 24.
  29. Mine, to him who saith this is, I have not spoken, 149.6, 7; 777.31; 852.2.
  30. Miracle, So-qi said: Thou hast come and said: Behold, a what value is a, save to those who witness it? 176.5 to 7. what man is not accustomed to he calleth a, 701.1 to 3.
  31. Miracles, Chine said: Whosoever becometh one with the Father, to such a man are many, possible, 539.9. Sakaya said: Even magicians and spirits of darkness can attain to the same, 710, 11, 12. and to whomsoever worshippeth Gods or Saviors because of, give thou them plentifully of, and signs through unclean spirits and through mortal sar'gis of low grade, 774.20 to 22. Zarathustra did all things that the ancients accredited to the Gods as, 668.15; 205.5.
  32. Miracles, Moses discoursed to Pharaoh (Nu-ghan) on, 520.13, 14; 523.7. I will show, unto all the world, that no man or God is worthy to be worshipped because of, 813.16 to 30; 774.23.
  33. Miriam, sister of Moses, 528.32.
  34. Mishm the hosts of the Lord God were called, 377.5.
  35. Missionaries, God judgeth, 803 chap. xxix.
  36. Moabites who were of the Foneceans, 333.2.
  37. Mohammed announces his doctrines, 736.18. draws the sword for Gabriel (Thoth), 736.2, 19, 20.
  38. Mohammedans when they died went to Gabriel's heaven, 738.22.
  39. Mohammedanism, the origin of, 734 chap. xlix.
  40. Mongrel, a fourth race rose up in the world, and it was, being dark and short and less noble, 297.19; 298.2; 302.11, 12,16.
  41. Monstrosities betwixt man and beast, 45.6, 8; 46.18, 19.
  42. Months, how the, are defined, 824.16 to 23.
  43. Moon, how the, was made, 594.14; 179.15; 156.33;23.18. the cause of the light of the, 586.43; 589.26 to 590.35. the temperature of the, far below zero, yet she emitteth both, light and heat, 597.16 to 18. Git (Panic), 612.36; 194.9; 615.51 to 53. 's, the, vortex being an open vortex, turneth not the moon, 583.4.
  44. Moon Gods, 665.44, 45.
  45. Mormons, a sect established by a drujan God named Piad, who called himself, The True-Kriste, 769.7, 8.
  46. Mortal, the, desireth to become a spirit, an Etherean, an Orian, a Nirvanian, an Oe'tan and then to travel in the surveys of magnitudes, 220.8.
  47. Mortals, how, were taught to worship the names Lord, and God, and Lord God, and Joss, and Ho'joss, and De'yus, and Dyaus, and Deity, and Zeus, according to the language of the people, 418.2. Te-in said: All, at best are but as unhatched eggs; and when they are dead their souls are as hatched chickens for the Gods to play with, 424.16; 428.20. Osiris and Ahura discourse upon, 422.10 to 13. and, took to destroying ill-formed children and cripples, 125.7. by the works and behavior of, are all things known and proven, 520.26. God showeth that all, are under the dominion of spirits, 777.22; 912.10.
  48. Moses, before his birth, perceived by the loo'is capable of the Father's voice, 503.11. thy son's name shall be, signifying a leader-forth, 508.8. the Israelites were looking for a leader-forth even as I was named in the basket, 515.48. was a large man, pure I'huan, copper colored, of great strength, master of many languages, 509.13. found in a basket, in the palace grounds, by Leotonas, the king's daughter, 507.2, 3. a thousand Israelitish male children to be put to death, among the rest, 508.4. the truth of the matter in regard to, 508, 509.8 to 12. raised as a prince by Pharaoh, 509.13. made embassador to foreign kingdoms, 510.14. told to life up his voice for his people, 510.18.
  49. Moses, travels over the land of Egupt, and returning, has an interview with the king, 510.21 to 511.23. ear opened to hear the Voice, 511.24. an angel of Jehovih appeareth to, 511.27 to 30. and his brother Aaron travel about in Egupt, 512.13. accused of killing an Eguptian, 512.33. ordered by Jehovih to return to the king, who is sick, 514.42. consults with the king as to the migration of his people, 514.43 to 515.50. has a commission appointed, 515.1 to 3. appoints a time for the people to start, and every family to offer a lamb in sacrifice, 517.12,13. goes to the king, who dies in his arms, 518.15 to 17. goes quickly to his people, 518.1. goes before the king (Nu-ghan), and pleads his cause, 519.8 to 522.18. said: Whether in this world or the next, thou (Nu-ghan) shall yet call unto me to deliver thee from torments, 522.19. is foretold of the cloud of locusts, sends the prophecy to the king, and the locusts appear, 523.7 to 524.10. prophesies the coming of frogs and reptiles, 524.11,12. prophesies the death of the first-born, 524.13. starts with his people to go out of Egupt, 525.18. and Aaron review the people as they pass, 526.22. the number of people taken by, out of Egupt, 527.30. guards against his being worshipped, 529.1 to 530.6. establishes rites and ceremonies, 530.8 to 12. writes the Levitican Laws, 530.13. the age of, at the time he reached Shakelmarath, 531.15. it is doubtful if the world ever produced so good and great a man, 531.14. in heaven, payeth the judgment of Jehovih, 692 chap, xvi; 695.1 to 4. and Elias come from etherea and take Nu-ghan and his host to etherea, 727.3 to 11,15. and Elias went and stood before Joshu, 727.13. 's song unto Jehovih sung by his sister Miriam, 528.32 to 529.16.
  50. Motion, which is everlasting unrest, 140.10; 5.1. no angel in heaven, however exalted, can create, 684.14.
  51. Mountain, I made the way of life like going up a, 854.42;851.11. Ka'yu said: I saw a man on a, calling to his flocks in the valleys, but they understood him not, and came not. Then he came midway down the, and called; and the flocks heard him and understood, and they went up to him, 717.61.
  52. Music is of two kinds: sound and assimilation, 501.14.