1. Nature, what is, O man? 556.21 to 24. all things are, and of growth, 157.5.
  2. Nature's Laws, setting at defiance, 406.9.
  3. Nebulae, third degree of density of atmospherean worlds, 6.8. brought forth by etherean currents, 6.2. Fragapatti explains in regard to, 221.4 to 223.11. internal and external to the sun's vortex, 588.16 to 19. fell in many places (on the earth) to the depths of three lengths (17 ft.) 463.4. then I overcast the earth with falling, 819.15. the earth in, Plate, 33,558.
  4. Neighbor, thou shalt not talk of thy, behind his back, for Ormazd heareth thee, and angels will go tell thy neighbor's soul what thou hast said, 195.24. no man should hold dominion over his, 183.5.
  5. Neph, God of the earth for 4000 years preceding and 200 years after the flood, 61.33; 32.9, 11. See also 71.7, 8; 81.6; 82.6; 85.1; 90 chap. xiv. 8.
  6. New Year's Day, on this day the sun taketh his course for the Hadan line, and from this time forth (73,000 years B.K.) it shall be called the, 30.13. when the sun on his southern course starteth towards the north, 824 chap. xiv.
  7. Night is manufactured by the earth's coming betwixt the master's focus and the outer extreme, 585.35.
  8. Nightmare, they were in chaos, or more like one in a troublesome, from which there is no awakening, 270.1. in an unending, of madness, 462.17. Nu-ghan (Pharaoh) said: And will I relapse again into yonder terrible, of horrors? 694.53.
  9. Nirvana, to him who hath attained it, things past and things to come are as an open book, 108, 109.5, 6; 217.19. whoso liveth the higher law will pass on to, where dwell Gods and Goddesses of endless light, 709.17. the spirits of the lower heavens, for the most part, know nothing of the higher heavens, which I (Sakaya) proclaim unto you, 710.13. they (the Budhists) will say: War for Budha, and thou shalt attain Budha, which shall be followed by, which they will also call nothing, 722.28.
  10. Nirvanian Heavens, ye shall be heirs in my, in peace and rest, 484.8. it was a star-ship from the, Chia'hakad, 745.2; 673.4.
  11. Nirvanian Worlds, where lieth unending paradise for the pure and wise, 358.23.
  12. Nirvanians, he employed ninety thousand million for 4000 years, 469.25.
  13. Nothing is, nor was, nor ever shall be without Me, 500.13. without me (Osiris the false), is, nor was, nor ever shall be, 449.17; 615.54.
  14. North Star, called Cnest, 168.5 and note, the key to the place of the, 380.9. the observing line of the great pyramid was in the median line of the variation of the (Tuax),451.26.
  15. Nu (Panic), all the living are begotten by indulgence; to worship the organs of indulgence is the highest worship. Is not the All Creator but, 626.25.
  16. Nu-ghan (Pharaoh), successor to Pharaoh the friend of Moses, on coming to the throne issues his decree, 518.2 to 519.7; 518.1. puts extra hardships upon the Israelites, and the result, 522.1 to 523.6. swears he will destroy Israel, man, woman and child, 525.17. pursues the Israelites who cross safely on the land of the bottom of the sea, but his army is caught in the tide and drowned, 526.24 to 527.27; 531.16. before the throne of God in heaven, 692.1 to 11. again before the throne, and before Moses, 693.29 to 695.57. 's people delivered out of hell, and established, 695.2 to 4.
  17. Nu-ghan, given a new name by Moses, 694.55, 56. gives his experience of being in hell 76 years and in a knot three years, 692.10; 694.47 to 55.
  18. Nurse, whatsoever ye, will grow, 706.12.