1. Oan (Panic) one who believes there is no person or thing of personality but man, 626.23.
  2. Oas, the sun city of Par'si'e, 174.14 to 175.20. whose kings aspired to rule all the world, 403.1. and, the mighty city, shall fall before his (Zarathustra's) hand, 173.2.
  3. Obegia. See under Ship.
  4. Observatories, so constructed that the stars could be read as well in the day as at night. Records covered more than 1000 years (9000 B.K.), 175.16. Oke'i'git'hi, Temple of the Stars, 156.27; 404.4.
  5. Ode, sky-time, equivalent to eleven long years, 504.4. this name was applied to the Israelites in satire, as the Anglo-Saxon word odius is used to this day, 505.10.
  6. Odes, the Israelites made sweet songs and called them, 505.10.
  7. Oe'tan, maker of worlds, 220.8.
  8. Oibe, a false God delivered from a knot by Hoab, 254.21 to 258.4.
  9. Old Year's Day, 824 chap. xiv.
  10. Om (Panic), the negative of Jehovih. Na is the positive, 623.10. and the mountain plains of (Mexico), 108.6. bridegroom of, 289.9 and note.
  11. Omnipresent, this new property is called life, and because it existeth everywhere it is called, 595.19.
  12. One, whosoever becometh, with Me shall not only hear My voice and receive My power, but also inherit that which he createth out of My creations, 262.6. whosoever would grow in all gifts, let him labor to become, with the Father, and the Father will grow in him forever, 653.3.
  13. One Man, because, cannot lift up the whole world he shall not grieve, nor cease doing what he can; for his glory lieth in exerting himself to the full, 463.6.
  14. One Person, a community becometh, 241.19.
  15. Onesyi, Goddess, delivers the first harvest of the earth, 33.2 to 40.19.
  16. Ong'wee, the same as is called Indian, 368.22. I'hins, mingle with the Druks, 367.3 to 6.
  17. Ongwee-ghans, signifying good-shaped men, 111.29. See Ghans.
  18. Oniy'yah. See under Ship.
  19. Ootgowski, put a guard over me, for I am obsessed of Satan with the seven horns (tetracts), 308.6 to 8; 307.22 to 26.
  20. O-pah-E-go-quim, afterward called Algonquin. Forty mighty nations shalt thou found, and every nation shall be an independent nation; but all the nations shall be united into a brotherhood of nations, as one mighty people, and that one shall be called, 374.48. See also 375.49, 5; 688.12; 764.13, 14 and note.
  21. Opinion, there is no value in discoursing with any man who hath an, to establish, nor is man's, of value to raise up the souls of men, 237.11; 118.12, 13. an, is not light, 917, 918.4, 5,13; 301.34.
  22. Opinions, thou shalt respect the, of all men, for even thyself may be in error, 324.21.
  23. Opinions, consider, then, how unjust it is to foist thy, on any man's, uncalled for, 537.13; 317.23.
  24. Opium, go thither and enforce upon them the, trade, 764.10, 11; 787.31.
  25. Orachnebuahgalah, 600.17.
  26. Oracles, why do the, tell lies? They, are the words of angels. If a man will not think for himself, examine for himself, the Creator suffered him to be the recipient of lies, 492.12, 13. I have searched the spirits of the dead, and the Gods of the, and they are lies, lies, lies, 495.27. Moses said: What are the, to me? To feel assured one is in a good work; this is better than, 515.49,50.
  27. Organic, and if the record show a sufficient time for growth in such man or woman whereby these virtues become, 30.3.
  28. Organic Heavens, the beginning of the, of the earth, 13 chap. i.
  29. Origin and Destiny of Man, as given by Chine to King Te-zee, 546, 547.26 to 28.
  30. Ormazd, I'hua'Mazda makes a circle and a cross and a leaf. Whosoever pronounceth this mark pronounceth the name of, the All Master, 190, 191.13, 14; 205.3; 282.23; 187.13. the name was given by Zarathustra to the Highest known, 668.5, 6.
  31. Ormazdian Law, as proclaimed by Div, 282.18 to 23.
  32. Os, chief captain of the ethereans, comes to possess the heavenly places Soo'fwa and Gir-ak-shi and their lands Japan and Heleste, 309.14 to 17. made God of the first Spe'ta, and sent to the earth to inspire Eawahtah, during dawn, 328.10 to 329.16.
  33. Osire, an etherean God of a reign of 100,000 years, who came to the earth 12,200 years B.K. Called also Osiris, 138.1.
  34. Osiris (idol), designed by Osiris (the false), Plate 90,667. and the male idol shall be called, 448.9, 12.
  35. (Osiris) Che-le-mung, a Lord (under God, son of Jehovih) whose heavenly kingdom was over Arabin'ya, 383.37. made ruler of Arabin'ya and her heavens by Anuhasaj, with the title of Osiris, 387.10.
  36. Osiris descended to the earth with his army to subdue his division to De'yus, Par'si'e, Heleste and Arabin'ya, and the inhabitants described, 400 chap, xix to 406 chap, xxiii. gives a great feast and awards prizes for valorous deeds, 406.1 to 407.9. by his angels, obtains possession of the oracles, and is asked by mortals as to the end of man, 408.14 to 16. refers the matter to De'yus (Anuhasaj), 408.17 to 20. gives his own version of the flood, 417.35 to 40. confers with Baal and Ashtaroth, and cuts loose from De'yus, 429 chap, xxxvi. the Fountain of the Universe whose name was Unspeakable, 441.3. for I was a globe, boundless as to size and swift as to motion. And I put forth a wing for flying and a hand for labor. Without me nothing is, nor was, nor ever shall be, 449.13 to 17; Plate 66,616. I am the Light, the Life, and the Death, 615.54. Son of the All Central Light, 430.14. sends Baal and Ashtaroth down to the earth to subdue it unto him, 430.1.
  37. Osiris, the capital city and palace of, described, 441.1 to 4. this then is that that I will accomplish, 442.14 to 18. appropriates the names of all Gods acceptable to mortals, not defining which God, but God only, 448 chap, xlvii. assigns to Baal and Ashtaroth the subjugating of the people of Par'si'e and Heleste to himself, and the manner of their doing it, 458 chap. lii. applied to by Baal and Ashtaroth demanding separate kingdoms of their own, and answers them, 461.1 to 6. the Gods of, begin to revolt, taking their kingdoms with the, 462.11, 12. is cast into hell, 463.20. was in hell for more than a hundred years and in a knot fifty years, 507.6. delivered out of hell, but deranged, preaching Jehovih, calling everybody Jehovih and everything Jehovih, 507, 508.6, 7. speech of, at the time of his judgment and sentence, 508.13 to 509.17. shall be bound while the pyramid standeth, 483.17; 474.5, 6; 620.89.
  38. Otevan. See under Ship.
  39. Oxidation, 594.17.
  40. O-yra, divan laws in regard to the, 378.9 to 379.18; 379 chap. vi. 1.