1. The offspring of selfish or inharmonious parents and governments that thwart liberty tend to be lower in grade than their predecessors.
  2. The sins of a man are visited on the third and fourth generations of those that come after.
  3. After the fall of Egupt many migrated westward and married with the aborigines; their offspring became the Druids, Picts, Gales, Wales, Galls, and Yohans. When the Faithists moved westward and married with the apostates their offspring became the French, German, Russian and English.





  1. (Book of Judgement 34:10-11)          As, for example, the offspring of inharmonious parents, or of parents wrapt up in selfishness, are lower in grade than their predecessors, even so do the subjects of a king decline in grade in proportion to the prevention of liberty and the neglect of general instruction.
    11. Judgment is rendered against government wherein it provideth not liberty to the people, and neglecteth providing means for the development of the talents created with all.
  2. (Book of Ouranothen 2:7-12)                Nevertheless many cut themselves off by denying Him and by not obeying His commandments.
    8. And they bring darkness and misery upon themselves; and they cry out: Where is the justice of God, that He afflicteth me? or why cometh He not to those that are in distress?
    9. And when they are in darkness, they marry and bring forth in darkness and with pre-disposition to misery and death;
    10. For which reason it was said of old that the sins of a man are visited on the third and fourth generations of those that come after.
    11. And then cryeth out the infidel: Behold the misery of the creatures of God!
    12. But I say unto you, all these things were revealed long since, and ye are the testimonies of those that deny the wisdom and glory of Jehovih, your God.
  3. (God's Book of Eskra 50:30-33)            Now, after the fall of the great empire, Egupt, her people migrated westward, hundreds of thousands of them, and they settled in western Uropa, where these people married with the aborigines. Their offspring were called Druids, Picts, Gales (Gaelic), Wales (Welsh), Galls (Gauls), and Yohans (Johns), all of which are Eguptian names, preserved to this day.
    31. Now, when the Faithists were moved by the inspiration of God to have no more kings, and to flee away from the Kriste'yan warriors, they came amongst the people above mentioned. (The apostate Faithists married with them, and their offspring were the forefathers of those now called, French, German, Russian and English.)
    32. God, Son of Jehovih, had said: Suffer the apostates to so marry, for here will I find a way to raise up disbelievers in the false Kriste; and they shall ultimately become believers in Jehovih only.
    33. For, inasmuch as I have suffered them to become scattered, so will I appropriate them as seed to quicken all the races of men to comprehend the All One.