1. Pan (Panic), the ground, 609.1. signifying earth, the heading to Book of Aph, 65. map showing the continent of, Plate 62, Book of Saphah, 1. the name of the submerged continent in the Pacific Ocean, 17.28. also called Whaga, from the name of the first Lord, of, 17.27, 28. (Whaga), to be discovered in the Kosmon Era, 75.12.
  2. Panic Language, Ah-ce-o-ga (earth language), 126.3 to 27.10. Apology, Book of Jehovih, 5;45.4; 146.6,9; 322.27;819.2.
  3. Panic Numeration Table, Plate 17, 464.
  4. Panic Primaries, Plate 64, Book of Saphah, 3.
  5. Pain, becoming unconscious to, by force of the will, 447.14; 636.20.
  6. Paine's doctrines, 762.7 to 21.
  7. Paradise, the garden of, 42.13; 63.20. a heavenly kingdom over Arabin'ya, established by Cpenta-armij, 331.27; 689.3;695.1;767.15.
  8. Parodars, when a pure man dieth, the first living creature he seeth after he waketh to his condition is, 666.60, 61; 347.36.
  9. Parsa, 387.12 and note.
  10. Par'si'e, signifying warrior Faithists, 147.14. a mighty nation of I'huans called, 174.14; 458 chap. lii.
  11. Par'si'eans lived in a nation by themselves, and were large and mostly the color of new copper, 147.15 to 148.19. were a proud race, built up in great comeliness by the God Apollo, 403 chap. xxi.
  12. Password, O Jehovih! Thou alone art the, to all the universe, 257.40. He is the All One, who is the, to the highest of heavens, 779.43. remember the, which admitteth thee to the all highest kingdom is Jehovih, the I Am, 815.24.
  13. Patriotism, I taught them my brother was my enemy; that to fall upon him and his people and destroy them was great, 3.17, 18;4.32. an evil man saith: I will war for Egypt, for this is my country; but I say unto you, all countries are Jehovih's (Moses). Be not slaves to any country nor to any king (Abraham), 622.5.
  14. Peace, the highest, is the, of the soul, which cometh of consciousness of having done the wisest and the best in all things according to one's own light, 484.14.
  15. People, whom do the, in the world belong to, if not to me, the sun-king? Are not the, mine? 199.22; 218.26, 67.
  16. Person, His, 201.14 to 6; 547.9; 560.5; 690.14, 15; 745.20; 704.12; 723.16; 716.39. the, which is called individual, 192.5;684.9, 12, 14; 326.13.
  17. Persons, Three, have I found: one believeth only in earthly things (114.1; 175.20) one in spirits of the lower heavens (41.8), and one who hath faith in the All Creator (i.e. the Faithist), they all raise to the destiny they have chosen (Confucius), 624.12.
  18. Pestilence proveth man's disobedience to My commandments, 101.5.
  19. Philosophers of those days (about 9000 B.K.) knew the mysteries of heaven and earth, 156, 157.2, 3;490.17.
  20. Photospheres, Plate 41 and Remarks, 566; 584.23 to 25; 588.19; 589.29; 598.5, 6.
  21. Plagues, the cause of, 495.7.
  22. Planet, A Dead, no longer giveth forth light and heat to radiate upon itself, 596, 597.14 to 18.
  23. Planets, whirling vortices of the solution of corpor by ethe make, 598.9. wherein they have taught error in place of truth in regard to, 587.56, 57. See also 588.6, 16; 592.18, 23; 914.29. it is an error to say the sun threw off rings or, 598.10; 505.10; 543.16.
  24. Plymouth Rock, the landing-place in Guatama of the mortals who left Uropa for conscience' sake, 758.7.
  25. Po, Jehovih prepares a way for the birth of, 301 chap. xiii. was an i-e-su in birth, 317.1. was an I'huan of the I'hin side, of grade ninety-five, 326.11 to 13. inspired by the God Yima, 328.5 to 7. was 20 years old, laboring at scutching flax and hemp, when God (Yima) came to him, 318.6,7. is tried by God, and found to know the Ormazdian law, 318.7 to 11. sacred laws given through, by God, 321.17 to 326.16. visited by Cpenta-armij, 348.8.
  26. Pon'yah, king of Oas, adjudges Zarathustra to death, 242.1; 244 chap, xxviii; 246.1 to 3;248.13;249.17.
  27. Poor Man, thou hast set up the, in faith; he toileth day and night, 219.29 to 32. doth not the, say, O, if I had this, what great good I would accomplish? 224.8. to thee, my exactions are lighter than a straw on a camel's back, 323.8.
  28. Popes, priests, archbishops, bishops cardinals and monks marched in the procession of heaven, praying, singing and even carrying burdens hundreds of years, for the privilege of ultimately approaching the throne, believing they were to look upon the very Creator, 754.10; 738.23.
  29. Port-au-gon. See under Ship.
  30. Possessions, he that seeketh to glorify himself in his, bindeth himself, 100.2. I have more faith in my, than in Jehovih, 218.27 to 219.28. all, save wisdom and love, are but vanity and vexation, 509.17. what are the, of the earth but chains of bondage? 785.4.
  31. Possible, with Ormazd are all things, 189.7; 366.6.
  32. Powder, angels taught mortals how to make explosive, 445.19.
  33. Power is obtained more by concerted oneness of purpose than by anything else under the sun, 834.22.
  34. Practice, to utter words but to, not, is of little value, 227.9. for above all philosophy that many may preach, holdeth the highest place, and is most potent, 253.15; 500.6, 8; 768.23; 791.19; 775.50. in fulfilling good works and living up to My commandments shall be all that will avail for the establishing of My kingdom on earth, 751.29. answer them not lest ye also, darkness, 917.28, 30.
  35. Pray, 748.17, 18.
  36. Prayer, L'hua'Mazda explains, to Asha, 208, 209.8to 16; 227.5 to 9. Capilya explains, 489.22 to 25; 52.9; 776.5. O that thou knew where the virtue of, beginneth, 788.38, 39;801,.17. Han, king of the Sun, said: If there be an Unseen Light, He will do His own way. What is the use of praying to Him? 316.20. Ahura said: Why shall I pray unto Thee? Thy ways are unalterable, and Thy voice answereth me not, 488.8.
  37. Prayers of mortals as heard by Cpenta-armij, 317, 318.5 to 12.
  38. Praying, by not, to the Unseen, the Unseen will be forgotten, 317.23.
  39. Preachers, 200,000 sent to De'yus' kingdom, 398.16 to 19; 226.14.
  40. Preaching, neither shall there be, to them, nor praying for them. They are tired of these things, 102.4. henceforth I will neither preach nor hear, 559.41;706.22,23. thereafter shall the virtue of, come to an end, 751.29. behold the day of, and professions is at an end, 775.43,44, 50.
  41. Precipice, whoever hath attained to the height of his own ideal is on the, of hell, 240.15 ; 275.14;419.11.
  42. Pregnancy, thou shalt not lie with thy wife during, 195.29; 372.18, 19. to maintain sacred the maternal period, 490.32; 820.27; 829.20, 21.
  43. Presbyterians professed the True Kriste, 769.17.
  44. Presence, objective and subjective explained, 477,478.5 to 11; 547.9. Whose, moveth all things in heaven and earth, 435.5; 734.59. by virtue of My, quickened I into life all the living. Without seed created I the life that is in them, 8.14. by My, I teach the bird to build its nest. By My, I color one rose red and another white, 818.18 to 22; 911.9. I have no laws I do by virtue of My own, 821.19.
  45. Presence, The Ever Living, 289.6; 657.109. The Ever Personal, 289.8.
  46. Present, The Ever Living, 557.25, 29.
  47. President, the, inspired to free the slaves, 771.20 to 772.30.
  48. Priests, they take of them that are born in darkness and raise up, 358.3.
  49. Primary Soul, chapter of the, education in the, 287.9 to 288.19.
  50. Prince of Peace, behold all ye four (Kriste, Brahma, Budha, and God Gabriel) profess to be the, but ye carry concealed daggers, and ye strike to death those who glorify the Creator, 744.13.
  51. Principal, God said: As ye declare the Creator to be but a, a nonenity, without sense or unity of purpose, so shall mortals declare of you all (Brahma, Budha, Kriste, Gabriel), 743.7 to 11. See also 561.10; 665.46; 722.28; 778.40, 42.
  52. Pro-creators, man and woman are. Whom they beget are theirs, not for a day, but forever! Take heed of thy offspring, O woman! Take heed, O man, 116.3.
  53. Property, because of their religion they could not own, 209.4.
  54. Prophecy, in regard to the earth, 599 chap, vii; 601 chap. viii. there are two kinds of: By the direct action of vortexian currents, and by spirit speaking through the prophet, 604 chap. x. college of, and rules in the same, 604.1 to 5; 381.10; 784.20 to 23 ; 784.20.
  55. Prophet, the true, is such as hath attained concordance, 603, 604.7 to 11. the foundation for a good, and advice to a, 605.8 to 13. in the hands of drujas, 800.11.
  56. Prosperity, for so I created man, in, he idolizeth himself, 385.6; 389.9. how strong we are in health and, and how weak in adversity and death, 493.15. two precipices have I left open for testing man's strength, and they are, great, and great adversity, 419.11.
  57. Protection, have I made a law that one king or one country shall protect itself against another? 354.19; 807 chap, xxxiii.
  58. Protestants, 757.21.
  59. Proven, this only is: that man is vain and conceited, desiring to make others believe he is wise when he is not, 560.16.
  60. Proxy, 243.35 and note; 94.5, 6; 719.37.
  61. Purgation, the intermediate world or place of, 913.8.
  62. Purgatory, worshippers of Looeamong serving their bondage of 200 years (as they verily believe in), 754.10; 378.3 and note.
  63. Purification is the first law I give unto you, 707.1 to 9; 710.17. of thyself, and the beginning of power, 919.15.
  64. Purity, without, no man can see the Creator; with, all men can see Him and hear Him, 707.6.
  65. Pyramid, see heading, Book of Lika, 465; 470.5; Plate 19, Remarks, 493. the great. See under wisdom to all men, but cannot stay the withering of the flesh, and dies on the day he was 100 years old, 454.15 to 456.39. 's body spirited away by the angels, and Xaian crowned, second by the priests pretending it was, reincarnated; howbeit, they knew to the contrary, 457.4 to 8.">Thothma. (Panic) Sarji, sarguz, 612.27.