1. Sabbath Day, The Most Holy, the Old Year's Day shall be named the, 824.11; see also 810.10 to 13. the seventh day of the new year shall be thy next, 824,825.13, 14,27.
  2. Sabbath (Ebra), a moon's birthday, 615.53; 660.11.
  3. Sacrifice, being willing to make any, of thine own self's desires for sake of founding the Father's kingdom on earth, 792.39, 41. art thou willing to make any, of thine own self's desires for sake of Jehovih's kingdom? 798.13, 14; 227.10.
  4. Sakaya, God provided for the birth of, 691 chap. xv. father and mother of, and his birth, 703.1 to 3. nicknamed by the people Sramana Gotama, that is passionless from father and mother, 703.3. was born a prince as commanded of Jehovih, 704.4. at twelve years of age took vows of Brahmanism, 704.8. at fifteen desired to acquire the ecstatic state, and went about for three years begging with the alms-bowl, 704.9. for other four years, excluded himself from speech, dwelling out of doors night and day, but Jehovih suffered not the ecstatic state to come to, 704,.10, 11. is spoken to in a dream by his guardian angel, 704.12 to 14. takes a wife and becomes a father, 704.15, 16. decides to quit the earth and the passions for earthly things, 704, 705.17 to 23. the voice of God and his Holy Eleven speaks through, 705.1 to 3.
  5. Sakaya, the doctrines of, 705.6 to 710.20. preaches and travels for four years, and has seventy-two disciples, 709.1, 2. given by God signs and miracles, 709, 710.3 to 11. preaches and practices fourteen years, and founds seventy-two communities, 710.20. is poisoned by the Brahmans, and his spirit borne to the throne of God, 710.22 to 28. See also, 721.21 to 23, 26.
  6. Sakaya Muni, thou (Kabalactes) hast falsely called thyself Budha; and doubly false hast thou taken the name, 741.23.
  7. Salvation, I gave not to any person individual, or resurrection, 160.24, 27, 28. doing with all his might for his own, 749.22; 793 chap, xviii. 1,4; 705.14. his own, being the subject paramount to all other considerations, 916, 917.12 to 20.
  8. Samati. See I'hua'Mazda, 255.25 and note; 257.33 to 36.
  9. Sanscrit, the languages from which, descended, 702.45.
  10. Satan, who is, and his attendants, 163.10; 332.11. desire for leadership, which is the captain of death, 73.68. (self) comes to Anuhasaj, 381.6. whoso loved evil and practiced it, I named, 683.5; 820.16.
  11. Satellite, 591.13; 593.26.
  12. Satellite Laws pertained to the minor affairs of a city or province, 505.10.
  13. Satellites, the central kingdom was called the Sun Kingdom, and the others were called, 155.26. behold, there is one sun and his; there shall be but one kingdom, with, 316.16. the king of Egupt was the Sun-King, and his subkings (governors) were, 505.10.
  14. Satisfied, to be, with one's own self and behavior is to be a God in fact, 188.15.
  15. Save, I will, myself! Guide Thou me, O Father, 749.21.
  16. Savior, the angels of thy holy ones shall come and purge them of their, and make them clean in My sight, 374.48. but in Kosmon I shall send nor, nor archangel, 747.13. that the doctrine of a, is unjust; that no honest man should accept another's dying for him (Paine), 762.16; 778.22.
  17. Saviors, who are, 654.38 to 41. the forty-nine, given by the Triunes to mortals within 200 years, 719.11 to 720.3. when man was in great darkness I sent, and deliverers unto him, 747.12; 721.10; 722.1.
  18. Scarlet Hat. See Hi-rom.
  19. Science, thy supposed exact, is nothing, and thy supposed truth is only falsehood compounded and acquiesced in, 554.27. how shall we class the man of exact? Where shall we find him? 560.11 to 15.
  20. Scriptures of that Day. See under Bibles. Hindoo. See under Bibles.
  21. Seasons of the Earth, Thothma, the learned man, has said: As a diameter is to a circle, and as a circle is to a diameter so are the rules of the, 504.4; 113.10. there are, when man shall be changed from one condition to another, 113.5.
  22. Second Resurrection, this it is to begin the, 103.26; 19.31; 31.2. initiation to the, under Sue, 104 chap. v.
  23. Sects, 769 chap, xviii.
  24. See, never more shall I desire others to, through my eyes. Only by one Eye can things be seen through, 276.25; 358.17. for I created no two men to, alike the same things on earth, or in heaven, 750.13.
  25. Seeing, the impossibility of one man, through another man's eyes, 357.15.
  26. Seffas shall embrace atmospherea and the whole earth, 19.36; 34.7; 50.15. here the beginning of the death of, 233.24; 550.
  27. Self, of all virtues in man which standeth highest, which is, never to mention one's, 22.22. 's, whatever man or woman hath put away self-desires for, sake, 30.3. who is it that will not mention himself, or make himself a manifested, 34.9. every one-is for, 102.2. to learn not to speak of one's, nor to think of one's, whether praised or rebuked, is this not the right road to Jehovih? 213.11. think not what thou canst do to escape hell fire, for that would be laboring for, think what thou canst do to save others, 240.2. thou shalt speak but little of thy, or anything that is thine; for all others have a history also, 324.22; 257.43. who hath uttered a word of praise or thanks and left out, 359.15. he that soweth for, he shall reap a harvest of selfs, 390.7. for thou (Anuhasaj) wert forever talking of thy, 392.26; 524.45. the, which is myself, and the, which is thy, which wilt thou serve? 534.3, 4. to every, am I the, of that, to perfect that, which is in all selfs; such a man is one with Me, 533.2. this is wisdom, O king; to get away from the individual, 546.18. such is the, in man; it cloudeth his soul; and when he hath put, away, then is his soul clear, 547.9. in whatsoever a man doeth and his own, receiveth prestige over others, that man offendeth in the sight of Jehovih, 706.20. whoso saith: I will build unto my, planneth an edifice that will tumble down upon him in time to come, 743.14. the first lesson liberty, which is to free him, from, 791.25 to 28. whatever doctrine showeth, as the chief consideration, 801.13, 15. neither more will I talk of my, 105.40; 659.4;833.25;918.5. as ye live on earth, serving, only, even so, in a selfish heaven, shall ye enter My es worlds, 855.63. in all things thou shalt weigh the object and end aimed at, and the final result; and wherein, standeth as part or whole consideration, know thou such matter is not of Jehovih, 801.15. who, so believing in the Father, that he will give up, in all respects, and work for these little ones, let him come, 831.75.
  28. Self-desires, if ye cannot curb your, in this world, neither can ye in the next, 658.119; 30.3; 32.4, 5.
  29. Self-God, to be a, is to own all things possible and hold on thereto, 300.26.
  30. Selfishness, thou (Sudga) showest me (Ahura) that the line betwixt, and unselfishness is finer than a spider's web. Even Gods cannot distinguish it, 440.14.
  31. Se'moin, and the Lord came down in the night and engraved it with his own hand, 45.2 to 4; See 609.
  32. Se'moin, Tablet of, 609 to 622.
  33. Se'mu a sign given to man that he may comprehend, 8.4. the earth in, Remarks, Plate 39,564. the manner of the formation of, 595.18.
  34. Se'muan Age, Remarks, Plate 39,564; 597.19; 472.7. the end of the, Remarks under Plate 7,138.
  35. Se'muan Firmament, Plate 6, 135.
  36. Se'muan Forest, 472.7.
  37. Sense, 25.9.
  38. Senses, the natural, cannot understand spiritual things, 172.7. the culture of the corporeal, and the culture of the spiritual, 168.6, 8. the basis of the spiritual entity lieth not within the measure of the corporeal 109.7.
  39. Serpent, and man neglected to guard himself against the, corporeality, 59.12. but because of the, (the earth) of the woman, she hearkened unto him (her flesh) and the woman had confidence in the,415.10, 11;415.16, 17. the woman said: The, (her earth body) beguiled me. And the Lord God said unto the, (the flesh), 416.14, 15. See also, 611.22; 620.85.
  40. Serpents, the evil voice (Satan) emcompassed the earth about with, that spake like men and angels, and the, made friends with All Evil, 141.14 (Hindoo Scripture) millions of death-dealing, 316.17. the, I created were carnivorous, feeding upon one another. Self-impregnating created I them, 818.8 to 12. cruvara, with four legs, fifty paces in length, 665.50,51.
  41. Servants, they that make, of others must also raise them up to be angels of light. Heaven is just, 151.22; 397.7, 8.
  42. Serve, no man shall, another but for love, which shall be his only recompense, 397.7.
  43. Sethantes, an archangel, first God of the earth, and organizer of the first kingdom in the heaven of the earth, 13.17, chap, i, ii; 59, 60.5 to 9. having toiled 100 years, day and night, without ceasing, rests by visiting his five Lords on the earth, 21.10. goes first to Whaga, Lord of Whaga (the continent of Pan), 22 chap. vi. goes then to Jud, Lord of Jud (Asia), 25 chap. vii. goes then to Dis, Lord of Dis (Europe), 26 chap.ix. goes then to Vohu, Lord of Vohu (Africa), 27 chap. x. goes then to Thouri, Lord of Thouri (America), 28 chap. xi. causes Moeb to be built, 30.4. at the end of 200 years ascends to etherea with Onesyi and the first harvest from the earth of Brides and Bridegrooms, 39 chap. xxi.
  44. Sexes, were the positive and negative vortexian currents equal in duration, the, born into the world would be equal in number, 603.9.
  45. Sexual Indulgence, 520.23; 913.4.
  46. Shaker Heaven, established by a drujan God Lowgannus, pretending he was The True Kriste, 769.9.
  47. Shalam, history of, 830 to 853. the temple of Jehovih, temple of Apollo, and other buildings in, 840.1 to 841.21. the voice of Jehovih in, 851 chap. xxi. the commandments unto the inhabitants of, 852 chap. xxii. marriage of the children of, 852.1 to 9 chap. xxiii. colonies of Faithists in Jehovih spread in every direction, 853.11 to 24.
  48. Shame, 42.1; 58.1; 225.11; 226, 227.20, 21, 22; 268, 269.12, 13 ; 554.23; 837.12.
  49. Shem, name given by the Lord to one of the fleets of I'hins at the time of the flood, 71.48. the fleet named, landed to the south, 73.59. landing of the I'hins, ships destroyed, 81.4 to 11. the land was called, as proof to all the world, 141.16. the boundaries of, named by Fragapatti, 192.3. the land of, now called Vind'yu, 465.2.
  50. Shepherd Kings lived on goats' milk, 148.19 to 24. chief of all in the Osirian philosophy were the, 156.35. Listians, every man a king and every woman a queen, 183.5. the Great Spirit named them, 404.3, 4. the, migrated in vast numbers into Egupt, 450.8. were driven out of Egupt by Thothma, 451.1,2.
  51. Shew-bread,660.16.
  52. Ship for six thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms, 136.4 to 11. star, of Aph (92.7), Crescent of Sue, 96.3, 4. arrow, such as swift messengers use, 140.5. fire, a million varieties of, 320.18, 19. the different names of ships are called after the manner of their construction: Abattos (51, 32, 34), arrow-boat, 752.12, 8; 754.9. Adavaysit, a description of the, of Cim'iad, 121.7 to 12. Airavagna of Nista, her sun-ship, 106 chap. vii. of Cpenta-armij, 315.10; 318, 319.13 to 15; 324.14. of Lika carries a thousand million angels, 471.2. of Litabakathrava travels four hundred million miles a day, 752.17 to 20. Airiata, the size of the, of Betatis, 132, 133.14. to 20. the, of Osire carries more than five thousand million angels, 166.27. Avalanza carries twenty thousand million angels, 135.8. the, of Fragapatti described, 196.3, 4; 202.1. the, of Ye'a-Goo described, 504.1, 2. Avalanzas, eleven, rise up with more than forty thousand million angels on board, 773.5,8. Beyan float (177.8), Ballast Flags (401.6), Calyos (502.1). Cowppon, the Goddess Lissa takes to etherea with Lika in a, sixty-four thousand million angels, 530.2; 531.15. Es'elene (142.1), fire-boats, 132.12; 754.5. Koa'loo, almost like a world, so vast, 179.13. Oniy'yah (112.6; 620.90), Otevan (751.4), Otevan with wings, 85.8, 9. Ometr, a swift rising (309.14), Obegia, a float, 170.9 to 11. Piedmazr, row-boat (259.7), Port-au-gon, an Orion, 47.18. Seraphim, a mighty fire-ship, 141.15. Vessels. Many of those who manage them serve a thousand years' apprenticeship, and thousands of millions of miles of roadways, in heaven, are as a well-learned book to them, 251, 252.1 to 5.
  53. Ships, (atmospherean and etherean), as ye travel from heaven to heaven in atmospherean, even so shall ye inspire mortals to build corporeal, and sail across the oceans, 14.12; 17.1. as mortals sail corporeal, across the corporeal ocean, so sailed the ship of God in the atmospherean ocean, 24.1; 418.10. man built, and sailed over the ocean in all directions (about 43,000 years B.K.) 60.21; 75.20. so have I (Jehovih) taught ethereans to build vessels to course My etherean seas, 477.2, 3;55, 56.2 to 13;91.1. seven, carry sixteen thousand million angels 292.18. five, of fire carry twelve thousand million angels, 293.12, 13.
  54. Shirk, let no man, from the trials I put upon him, for in so doing he robbeth his own soul, 653.5.
  55. Shower of fire, brimstone, iron and phosphorus upon the five divisions of the earth, 32.4.
  56. Shrevarhs, Osirian, 32.2 to 4.
  57. Signs of the Times (Esfoma). The unseen progress of things speaking to the senses of man, 561 chap. vii. there is something in the wind, 550, 566, 567.3,4,6.
  58. Sih (Panic), the worshipper of a Savior is, the worshipper of a God born of woman, is, 624.12.
  59. Silence, sit in, to hear My words which I speak into the souls of men and women and children, 373.21.
  60. Sincere, improve thyself to be, in thyself and in all thou doest; and when thou hast attained this, thy words shall be with power, 921.18.
  61. Slat of the Temple (pyramid), 451.26. Probably the entrance passage or observing line. See also 446.11.
  62. Slavery overthrown in Guatama, 770 chap. xx.
  63. Sleep, Jehovih gave man, so that his corporeal bound spirit might see and hear heavenly things, 26.13; 134.13.
  64. Snow-flakes, in the, are both the casting and the mold of discordant m'vortexian currents, 593, 594.5, 6.
  65. Socatta, oracles that destroyed, 918.10.
  66. Son, Only Begotten, I'hua'Mazda His (Ormazd), born of the Virgin Mi (the Substance Seen), 205.4. Oibe styled himself Thor, the, of Jehovih, 265.4. Ahura'Mazda, The Creator! The, of the Unknowable, 306.17. Baal the, of Osiris, into whose keeping he had assigned the earth and all mortals thereon, 441.3. not content to worship the Great One, they have a representative, saying: He is the, 619.77. Yima, a savior, who claimed that he was the, 663.6.
  67. Sons and Daughters, some have thick tongues and poor speech, nevertheless they are My babes, My, 56.19.
  68. So-qi, king of Oas, capital city of Par'si'e, 173.1. ordereth every male child in Oas to be cast into fire if Zarathustra and his mother are not brought before him, 177.12. slain by his people, and not one infant slain, 182.6.
  69. Soul, the, lieth in the ocean of the Creator, 192.5. the ghost, which is incomprehensible, 191.2, 5. when I was risen in spirit, I saw the spirit of things but, alas, the, lay still beyond, 217.18,19. the third part I gave to man is the, which joineth him to Me, 643.4.
  70. Sounds and Music, three primary sounds, 603.1 to 6. See chapter of the Primary Soul, 287.0 to 288.15.
  71. Spectroscope, errors in regard to what the, revealeth, 599.15.
  72. Speech and Language, man began to use his lips and tongue, 45.1. the first talkers; men with mouths for words; ears for words, 367.3.
  73. Spell, three odes, 33 years signifying a generation, 505.4.
  74. Spe'ta, when a world attaineth to, 351.14, 15; 352.5 to 7; 354.2. the feast of, 348 chap, xi, xii, xiii.
  75. Spirit, he who locketh up goodness of heart cannot obtain strength of, 159.14. cannot be proved but to, 200.28. to learn to create, to invent, to cast one's, forth with power (88.8), to congregate and make, is to go on the right road, 240.16. all learning is as a gymnasium to the; knowledge is the strength of the soul, 325.12. after it has quit the corporeal body, is free; manner of clothing the, 557.10, 11. the, which liveth after the earth body is dead, 643.4. testimony of a, of no more value than the testimony of a mortal, 559.38; 710.14. of the age in which we live! No man desireth a leader or a dictator over him, 830.68.
  76. Spirits, the of the newly dead shall have power to take upon themselves the semblance of corporeal bodies, 10.4; 121.12. manifestations of, such as had never been before since the foundation of this world, 262, 263.14 to 18;403.10. deranged, more helpless than a mortal, 258.5. millions and millions of, who could not believe they were dead, but maintained they were confined in dark dungeons, howling and cursing day and night, 174.11 and note; 223.18; 265.5. millions of, not knowing that they themselves are dead, especially those slain in war and in unbelief in spirit life, 187.11. many, even after death, will not admit they are dead, 776.11, 12. the air is filled with the, of the dead, 218.25; 217.19. and when they died their, continued to lie about in the places of their mortal life, 137.14. taught mortals the art of magic; of making seeds grow into trees and flowers, etc., 447.14. after death, these, continue for the most part in their former places. The merchant in his counting house, the banker in his bank, etc., 779.22; 849.16 to 19. such are the, of the dead, 911.15.
  77. Spirit Birth, out from the head of the corporeal body the spirit is born, 365.6.
  78. Spirit Circle, the Lord said: Come now into, Murdhan, 143.7.
  79. Spirit Communion, edicts against, 165.9; 166.5, 6;523.15;525.2;545.3,4, 13. the spirits of the dead can commune with the spirits of the living, 714.13, 14.
  80. Spirit Communion, a child that is raised up without learning, is but half raised, 838.17.
  81. Spirits, Evil, who are, they are both yourselves and the dead, 221.9, 10. See also, 53.5; 164.14; 263.18; 496.16.
  82. Spirits, Familiar, who are? See under Familiars.
  83. Spiritual Growth, the secret of all, lieth in giving out the spirit, 208.14.
  84. Spiritualists, two kinds of, 776.14.
  85. Spontaneous Combustion, 585.35.
  86. Square, four dan'ha shall be called one, because this is the sum of one density, which is 12,000 of the earth's years, 48.6.
  87. Standing Armies, behold what great, we have, 3.26; 1.12, 13. trained in the labor of death, 199.25; 515.18. Anuhasaj placed a, around his heaven, 394.5; 749.32, 33. ye have thus caused mortals to provide, to protect themselves, 742.34 to 36. Ugh'sa (Panic). They not only wage war, but in time of peace they maintain armies ready for more war, 622.4.
  88. Standpoint, O that man had some, to judge things by. O that he had a measure and a foundation to stand upon, 495.27; 2.5; 558.16.
  89. Star, the little, of light He hath given to every soul, 264.20; 495.28.
  90. Star Chamber, with a table sprinkled with sand, and the Lord wrote in the sand with his finger the laws of heaven and earth, 156.29; 157.7.
  91. Stars, double, triplets, and quadruplets, 592.22, 23. everything is upward from the, 170.12; 277.2;480.7. influence of the, Asha's opinion on the, 196, 197.11 to 14. it is erroneous to say that according to their birth under certain stars, 598.11; 174.12; 198.20.
  92. Stars, Temple of the, the name of the observatory, 156.27; 262.15.
  93. Submersion of Whaga (Pan) decided upon in etherea, 62 chap. iii. and the carrying away of her heavens, Book of Aph, 65 chap, i to vi.
  94. (Sudga) Arc-wotchissij, a Lord of Jehovih, under God, his kingdom was over Vind'yu, 383.39. appointed by Anuhasaj ruler over Vind'yu and her heavenly kingdom, with the title of, 386.9. descends to the earth with his army to subdue it to De'yus; country and people described, 411 chap xxv. 's description of, capital, 439.1 to 4. subdues the land of Vind'yu to himself. Cities and temples of great magnificence, 445 chap. xlvi. 's generals and captains start kingdoms of their own, 462.13. is thrown into hell, 463.21. delivered out of hell a very maddened maniac, choked up with madness, 507.2 to 4. 's speech at the time of his judgment and sentence, 509.18 to 510.26.
  95. Suicide, spirits persuade mortals to, and they kill themselves by thousands and tens of thousands, 137.14; 198.15, 16.
  96. Sum, four cubes (576,000 years) shall be called one, because the magnitude thereof embraceth one equal, of the Great Serpent, 48.6.
  97. Sun, every side of the, a pole to the corporeal worlds around it, Plate 45, 568. distance of the, from the earth, 597, 598.2, 6,7. Git'ow (Panic), the central light, 612.37.
  98. Sun Emperor, 718.12; 723.20.
  99. Sun Father, 713.6.
  100. Sun God, 543.19, 20; 505.10.
  101. Sun King and Kingdom established, 155.26. Pharaoh, the king of Egupt, was the, 505.10; 507.19 and note; 518.2.
  102. Sun, King of the, into the far-off country of Jaffeth will I take the title of, and bestow it upon Ya'seang, 271.7. Han, 316.15 to 17. Hi Seiang was made ruler of Jaffeth, receiving the title of, 326.6. over Oas they made a king, and called him, 174.15.
  103. Sun Laws extended over all Egupt, 505.9 to 506.11.
  104. Sun Measure, 505.10.
  105. Sun Places, 506.12.
  106. Sun Planet, 598.6, 7.
  107. Sun Spots, 586.42; 596.14; 598.6.
  108. Sun, Temple of the, 446.13.
  109. Suns Central, 469.2.
  110. Sun's Vortex, the, I caused to rotate, and I gave it power to carry other vortices with it, 6. chap. iii. 7. spirality of the, 597.3.
  111. Swear unto thy Father in heaven every day of thy life, 654.44,45. stretch forth thy hand unto thy Creator and, thou unto Him thou wilt conquer every passion that is unclean, and every habit not conducive to the purity of the growth of thy spirit, 788.35.
  112. Swedenborg Heaven, established by a drujan God, Sayawan, who called himself the Lord, 769.10 to 13.
  113. Swift Messengers assumed their respective globes of light, and began to ascend in every direction, 31.7.
  114. Swine's flesh forbidden as food in the time of Apollo, 115.20. kings and queens pass laws against eating, 165.10;728.33.
  115. Sympathy, Asha said: Nay, is the enemy of law and justice, 179.8. Te-in's opinion in regard to, 437.15, 17, 20. a man that has learned, is better learned than the philosopher who will kick a cat or a dog, 500.4.