(Sakaya Muni)

  1. Birth foretold by the Faithist prophets. Was born a prince and a twelfth generation Suddhodana (purely vegan). Nicknamed Sramana Gotama by the people.
  2. Went about for three years among the poor with the alms-bowl and excluded himself from speech for another four years desiring to acquire the ecstatic state.
  3. Gave up conventional Brahminism after being spoke to in a dream. God arranged a line of light down to Sakaya and followers came from remote distances to hear him preach (Sakaya's Doctrines).
  4. In all, he preached and practiced fourteen years and founded seventy-two communities. He was poisoned by the Brahmans and his spirit was taken up to the throne of God.


  1. (God's Book of Eskra 15:2-7) Thou, O Etchessa, shalt go down to the earth, to the land of Vind'yu, taking these hosts with thee. And thou shalt establish a heavenly place of worship, which shall be thy head-quarters.
    3. Behold, I have given thee many generations in which to bring about the desired result. Survey thou, then, the generations of Faithists in that land, and take thy choice as to place and caste and family.
    4. He, whom thou shalt bring forth for this purpose, shall be of some royal family, a prince of high estate.
    5. I shall prove through him, that for love of righteousness, and to serve Jehovih, he will forsake his kingdom and family and friends, and all earthly things and desires, and make himself as a poor man, dwelling with the poor, laboring with them, teaching them, and instructing them.
    6. For, because of the idolatries that will be amongst these people, they will be bound in caste; but he, whom I will teach through, shall prove unto the world that the service of Jehovih requireth of men, that Jehovih shall stand uppermost, even above kin and caste. In the example of which willing sacrifice, man shall be taught, that all the evils of the earth can be overcome.
    7. And thou shalt provide unto this man many disciples, and roadways for him to travel, and places to preach; and provide followers unto him, to go about with him. For without these, his preaching and practice would be of little avail. See to it, then, that thy hosts control the generations of men, that there may be born in the world a sufficient number, to be disciples and followers of his doctrines, that he may be a power in the world for re-establishing the Faithists in the Great Spirit.
    (God's Book of Eskra 24:1-4) SAKAYA was born in Hagotha, province of Nao'wan, on the borders of Nepal; but because his birth had been foretold by the Faithist prophets, and that he would re-establish the doctrines of Capilya, the place of his birth was afterward called Capilya'wahtu.
    2. Sakaya's father's name was Metanga, and he was of the twelfth generation of Suddhodana (that is, of pure vegetable food). During which time none of his forefathers ate fish or flesh, or of anything that breathed the breath of life.
    3. Metanga was very old when Sakaya was born, but the wife of Metanga was but fifteen years old; for which reason, the people nicknamed the child, Sramana Gotama, that is, passionless from father and mother.
    4. Metanga was High Father of the province of Nao'wan; consequently, Sakaya was born a prince, as commanded of Jehovih, in heaven, he should be. Wherein He said: He that I will raise up, shall have the glory of the earth before him; and he shall grow up as learned as a king and a priest, and he shall re-establish peace and good will on earth.
  2. (God's Book of Eskra 24:9-10)          At fifteen, he desired to acquire the ecstatic state, and he joined a band of seven Brahmin priests, and went about for three years with the alms-bowl, begging for the poor, living as the poor, and fasting and praying, and studying with his teachers and priests.
    10. And, yet for other four years, he excluded himself from speech, save to the Holy Ghost, dwelling out of doors, night and day.
  3. (God's Book of Eskra 24:11-15)       But Jehovih suffered not the ecstatic state to come to Sakaya. And one night, his guardian angel, Etchessa, spake to him in a dream, saying:
    12. Behold, I am Jehovih, and not the Holy Ghost! Why hast thou put Me off? Did I not create thee alive, and make thee a person also? Thou art born of the race of Suddhodana. Thy labor is not to seek the ecstatic state for thyself, which is selfishness, but to renew My light on earth.
    13. Therefore, give up this, thy most useless life of going about praying, and return thou to thy father's house, and take thee a wife. For how canst thou attain the wisdom of the earth, without becoming a husband and father?
    14. Sakaya awoke, remembering his dream, and he told it to his priests, and asked them to interpret it. And they said unto him: This was not a dream, but the voice of satan; put thou it aside.
    15. But Sakaya was more convinced of his dream than of his priests; and he, therefore, gave up his fasting and praying, and returned to his father's house, saying: Father, thou art wise after the manner of thy generations. Henceforth I will be no more a priest, nor in fact a Brahmin, for that matter, but pursue thy doctrines, which are of deeds more than words. Thou shalt, therefore, choose me a wife, for I will wed and become a father. (God's Book of Eskra 25:1-5)  Etchessa, angel chief of the loo'is, that brought forth Sakaya, seeing the resolution of Sakaya, departed at once to Paradise, before God on the throne, to receive the commission of Jehovih, and to establish a line of es'ean light to the mortal sphere.
    2. And thereupon, God caused his officers to select from the volunteers the highest grades, and to arrange them in a line of light down to the earth, to Sakaya, that the voice of God and his Holy Eleven might speak through Sakaya, with the wisdom of Jehovih. The hosts to be under the direction of Etchessa.
    3. The million loo'is were also summoned to their places in the line; and in five days' time, the light of the throne of God was made one with the soul of Sakaya, and he began preaching, even from the steps of the palace of the king, his father.
    4. In the meantime, the loo'is of the hosts of Etchessa inspired their mortal wards, men and women, who had been born into the world to become disciples and followers of Sakaya, to come before him.
    5. And it came to pass, that presently, there assembled in Sakaya's native city, to hear him preach, men and women from remote distances. So that people said, one to another: Such coming of strangers, proveth that the Great Spirit is with Sakaya.
  4. (God's Book of Eskra 30:20-26)    In all, Sakaya preached and practiced fourteen years; and he founded seventy-two communities.
    21. And all the members thereof were sworn against war, and against caste, and against idleness, and to worship only the Great Spirit, Ormazd. And he gave them many rites and ceremonies.
    22. And then Sakaya said unto the Creator: I know Thou hast in some mysterious way inspired me to do all I have done. Therefore, all the glory is Thine. How best, O Father, may these great truths be impressed upon mortals, that they will not soon forget Thy words through me?
    23. Then answered God to Sakaya, saying: By thy death by the hand of the idolater.
    24. Sakaya said: Then, O Thou, Who createdst me alive, provide Thou my death as Thou desirest.
    25. Then God cut asunder the cord of light that extended to the heavenly throne in Paradise. And suddenly now the Brahmins conspired against Sakaya, and they went privily and poisoned his food with the blood of swine, killed with poison.
    26. And Sakaya ate thereof, not perceiving it; and he was taken with a bloody flux and died.