1. Tae starts to found the Father's kingdom on earth, 827 chap. i. gathers orphan babes, castaway infants and foundlings a great number, and Es comes to him, 827 chap. ii. 1 to 828.9. gathers more babes and issues a call for fifty people, 828 chap. ii. 10 to 12. 's call responded to by thousands, 828 chap. ii. 13. is told by Jehovih to try them, and this he does, 828 chap. ii. 15 to 19. is told by Sutta how to found the Father's kingdom, 828.2 to 8. told by Aborn that Sutta's project is a farce, and Aborn tells the only way to accomplish the founding of the Father's kingdom, 828, 829.9 to 17. is then told by Thurtis: Hear me, that ye may understand, 829.18 to 28. is then told by Amos what he is willing to do, 829.29 to 31.
  2. Tae is told by physicians, lawyers and teachers what they are willing to do for the Father's kingdom, 829.32, 33. told by priests of Brahma, then by priests of Budha, 829.34 to 830.62. again inquires, and is told money and a good plantation will do it; without them it cannot be done, 830.63 to 65. inquires for leaders and finds more than a thousand, 830.66 to 68. finds also lecturers, teachers, advisers, trance and inspiration speakers, but tells them that helpless orphan babes care for none of these things, 830.69 to 831.74. makes one more appeal and gets his fifty people, 831.75 to 85. takes his people to an unoccupied country, and they covenant themselves unto Jehovih, 831.1 to 834.46. and his host make the covenant of brotherhood, 834 chap. vi. founds the groups, 835 chap. vii. instructs the chiefs of the groups in their duties, 836, 837 chap, viii, ix. and his host, after duly weighing facts, make celibates nurses and teachers of young children, 839.14 to 840.27. sends Es and a woman to Uz for more children, 841.22 to 28. tells how the children were timed and disciplined, 842 chap. xiii. tells how the children took part in theatricals and in operatic performances and in other ways, 844, 845 chap xv, xvi. bequeaths unto all the children over fourteen years of age the titles of Brides and Bridegrooms of liberty, 845 chap, xvii. takes a group of children to Uz, 848 chap. xviii. calls for volunteers to form a new colony, 849 chap. xix.
  3. Taenas. See under God.
  4. Tah Tae, the chief prophet, 142.1 to 3. the highest general expression of mankind, 550. (Panic) a representative man, 624.11. the perfect man, 718.15.
  5. Take Care of Ourselves, We, let others do the same and all will be well, 187.13; 802.1.
  6. Talents, exercise of, to continue in heaven, 142.2, 3; 76.8. Osire discourseth upon, 166.20, 22; 199.4; 686 chap, viii; 851.16. the, I gave on corpor, I gave not to die on corpor, but to continue on forever, 473.12 to 14. no resurrection but by developing the, Jehovih created unto all men, 766.26.
  7. Tattling, mortal, mischievously a victim in the hands of drujas, 520.23; 524.46.
  8. Tattling Woman, The, is a good home for drujas, 519.10; 193.4.
  9. Teaching, to induce men and angels to find the way of resurrection, this is the greatest of all, 131.1; 558.12.
  10. Teeth, with the coming of the, thou shalt provide for their service also, 321.21.
  11. Te-in, God (Yima) wrote in the sand the word, 320,321.1,2,7,9, 12. God was called, in those days in that country, 326.1; 378.12; 393.18.
  12. (Te-in) Hi-kas, a Lord of Jehovih, whose heavenly place, under God, was over Jaffeth speaks before Anuhasaj: "I am but as a child in heaven, little more than 1000 years," 382.28 to 383.36.
  13. (Te-in) Hi-kas is made ruler of Jaffeth, and her heavens by Anuhasaj with the title of Te-in, 386.8. descends to the earth with his angel army to subdue his division to De'yus. Jaffeth and her people described, 408 chap. xxiv. by advice of Satan (self) cuts his kingdom off from De'yus, and establishes himself as the Holiest, All Highest Ruler of Heaven, 423 chap, xxxii. 's Lords and their angels depart to the earth to subdue it to, 424, 426 chap, xxxiii, xxxiv. subdues the land of Jaffeth to himself, great wealth of its cities, and magnificence of their temples, 443 chap. xlv. 's generals and captains revolt and establish kingdoms of their own, 462.14, 15. is cast into hell, 463.21. delivered out of hell, but limpid, helpless as water, without knowledge more than a vessel of water, 507.5. speaks at the time of his judgment and sentence, 510.27 to 512.37.
  14. Telescope, 156.2; 588.19; 596.6; 742.2; 758.24.
  15. Temper, better is it to hide and subdue your, in the presence of the young than to conquer a whole state by force of arms, 706.8.
  16. Temple of Mouru, the extent and magnificence of the, 247.8, 9.
  17. Tem'yi, the record of the Great Serpent showed the firmament of, in the third circuit of c'vork'um and dan'ha twenty-four, 17.29.
  18. Tetracts, the I'hins in the different divisions of the earth shall remember the seven, 73.68. these are the inheritances of all men, nor is any one without them in some manner or degree, 89.10, 11; 193.4; 167.14.
  19. Te Zee, king of A'shong, investigates magicians and spirits of the dead, 540.17 to 545.3.
  20. Thale, a God of the earth and her heavens, 343.4 to 346.16; 357.23 to 25.
  21. Thermometers in the cycle of Osire, 156.2 (9000 to 12,000 years B.K.)
  22. Thief, a, carries his stolen goods not only in this world, but in heaven to the end of his memory, 253.9.
  23. Thoth, the highest man in su'is, and he dwelleth in Arabin'ya, 413.12. the first mortal servant of Osiris, in honor of whom Thothma named himself, 450.14.
  24. Thoth, the Bertian, an angel under Kabalactes, 725.22.
  25. Thoth (afterward Gabriel), captain of Looeamong's hosts, 719.19. establishes Looeamong with the Israelites as God the Lord, and employs seven hundred thousand angels to be with Ezra and his scribes to write and compile the Ezra Bible, 725.27 to 31. captures Baal and all the false Gods and puts them in hell, walling the place around with fire and noxious gases, 732.21, 22. in accordance with Looeamong's many promises to him, now applies for Jerusalem and her heavens, and not getting them, establishes himself, founding the Mohammedan religion, 734 chap. xlix. raises upon the earth Mohammed and inspires him through his angels, 735, 736.1,2. and the Triunes fight for 500 years, and then divide up the earth and her heavens between them, 737 chap. li. makes great inroads upon Kabalactes and Ennochissa, 764.4.
  26. Thoth, the heavenly kingdom of, alarmed at the airavagan of Litabakathrava, 753 chap. vi. sends an arrow-boat to Paradise to banter this adventurous God to battle, 754.9. cast into hell, delivered out of hell by God and judged by Jehovih, 764 chap, xv, xvi, xvii.
  27. Thothma (Hojax), king of Egupt, builder of the temple of Osiris commonly called the Great Pyramid, 450.13, 14. at nineteen attains to be an adept and ascends the throne, 450.15, 16. provides a dark chamber, and Osiris, through his servant God Egupt, speaks to him, 451.17 to 24. ordered by Osiris to build a temple in the form of a pyramid. "Measure for measure will I show thee every part," 451.25 to 29. by command of Osiris, drives out of Egupt all Faithists, especially the Shepherd Kings who could not be made slaves of, 451,452.1 to 7. with two hundred thousand men and women in twenty four years completes the temple. Manner of construction and material used, 452.8 to 453.19. goes into the chamber of Life and Death (in the pyramid), leaving the four chief priests in the Holy Chambers, and cast himself in death (dormancy) by swallowing his tongue, 453.5. spirit of, by command of Osiris, taken by Baal for thirty days about in Osiris' heaven, also to the hells of De'yus, and then brought back and shown how to regain his body, 453.6 to 454.11. builds the column of the stars and an observing column for the sun, applies himself to imparting wisdom to all men, but cannot stay the withering of the flesh, and dies on the day he was 100 years old, 454.15 to 456.39. 's body spirited away by the angels, and Xaian crowned, second by the priests pretending it was, reincarnated; howbeit, they knew to the contrary, 457.4 to 8.
  28. Thoughts, the first, second, third and fourth lowest, 916.5 to 8.
  29. Thou Thyself art but as a seed, a spark of the All Light, that thou canst not prove to exist, 554.24.
  30. Threads of light to every person in the Temple of Jehovih made every spoken word plain to all, 248.12; 73.19; 107.14; 202.1; 352.4.
  31. Throne of God, thus was established the first, in these heavens, 15.38.
  32. Thunder, vortexya in the atmosphere will combine oxygen and hydrogen, and an explosion unsueth which is called, 584.18.
  33. Thyself, thou shalt think no more of, than as if thou wert dead, 204.17. for from, thou canst never flee, 150.17.
  34. Tides, error in place of truth in regard to, 586, 587.45 to 57; 591, 592.15 to 18.
  35. Time, A, Jehovih appointeth, unto all men, 476.4;811.33. the, of a thousand years of darkness, 62 chap. iii.
  36. Tongues, ye shall begin to speak with new, 220.2,4.
  37. Treasure, what, hath any man that he can take out of the world? Better is it to give it whilst one may, for to-morrow we die, leaving it to them that earned it not, 484.13.
  38. Treasures, whoso layeth up, in this world shall find no peace, 173.2. by the loss of earthly, the soul seeketh for that which will endure forever, 225.1.
  39. Tree of Everlasting Life, the voice of the earth spake unto us, saying, Partake ye, for indeed mine is the, 13.4, 5.
  40. Tree of Knowledge, partake ye of all the fruits thereof, save of the, which is the fountain of life. Partake ye not of this, lest ye die, 13.3. the eye is the seed of the, 596.9. God planteth the, in the land of Eden (Osiris Bible), 415.6 to 13.
  41. Tree of Life, which is both good and evil; for in the day thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die, 415.9; 624.14.
  42. Tree of Light, the growth of wisdom in man as the earth groweth older is the, 550. the seed of the, had been planted many times, but the rankness destroyed it, 550.2. through Moses, Capilya, and Chine the, was made everlasting on the earth, 551.4, 5.
  43. Triangle, Sethantes bestowed it upon Ha'jah, 34.6 to 8. the heirloom of the Gods of earth, 54.17; 120.11. I'hua'Mazda makes a, and explains it to Zarathustra, 192.4, 5. an emblem of the first three worlds, 278.1, 2. a, came and rested on Po's head, 320.7. Sam'tu (Panic), Corpor, Es, and Eolin, 612.23. under Kabalactes representing the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, 701.23. in Shalam symbol of earth, sky and spirit, 841.25.
  44. Trident, symbolical of the Arc of Spe'ta, 357.23.
  45. Tried, oft it happeneth that men are, in a way they know not the wisdom of, but which afterwards we realize to be the best thing that could have taken place, 510.16.
  46. Trinity, The, God's prophecy in regard to, 696.30,31. the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, 724.6; see 698 chap, xx; 719.15.
  47. Tripod, K'Sam (Panic), symbol of earth, water and air. Without these three, nothing can be born into life, 612.29.
  48. Triunes, 689, 690 chap, xii, xiii; 695 chap, xviii; 698 chap, xx to xxiii; 719 chap, xxxviii to xli; 728 chap, xlv to xlviii; 736.21 to 745.21; 752 chap, iv to vii; 756 chap, ix, x; 764 chap, xiv to xvii.
  49. Troy, two hundred vampires, angels of lust, were set upon a prince of, and in desperation he was driven to kidnap an Athenian princess, 459.26; 272.12; 458.8.
  50. Truants, how thou followest up Thy wayward children; Thy, that strive to go away from Thee, 513.4, 5; 335.5.
  51. Truth, expounded shall never die. 921.17.
  52. Truth and Wisdom, what mattereth it whether we try or not to obtain, 198.17.
  53. Try, Yaton'te said: To, and to, and to, this is the sum of the good a man doeth, 224.8.
  54. Tuff, eleven spells (33 years in a spell) one, 504.4.
  55. Tyrant, to dwell in a city which is full of iniquity, thou shalt be a, over thine heirs, restraining them from liberty, in order to keep them from vice, 789.24.