1. Uh'ga. See Wheel.
  2. Um (Panic), direction of motion, 621.109. (Panic), the motion of the sun and moon and stars, 621.109. the position of the (time to conceive) in the sign of the zodiac, 164.17.
  3. Unbelief is so entailed upon thee that evidence is worthless before thee, 186.6.
  4. Unbelieving Man, the, and the Faithists do mostly all the good that is done in the world, 361, 362.24 to 29; 28.6, 7.
  5. Uncloven Foot, neither shalt thou eat the flesh of the beast with, 115.20.
  6. Unknowable Nothingness, to worship the All Light, the, 199.20.
  7. Unseen, which is potent, 5.5. the, I made of endless duration, 7.6, 7; 154.14; 317.23. the subtle, the, to mortals is the cause and ruler of all things, 199.21. why wilt thou, O man, search forever in corpor for the cause of things? Behold, the, part of thyself rulest over the seen, 553.8,9. in all things it is the, that ruleth over the seen, 249.19; 7.3; 217.17.
  8. Uropa, a Goddess, appointed over a division of the earth by Fragapatti, 192.5. first Goddess of a barbarian division of the earth, 273.1; 277.10; 331.30.
  9. Utaya, a false God overthrown by Osire, 146.11 to 147.31.
  10. Utility, we heard no voice but, we were thirsty for amusement and light-heartedness, 200.5.
  11. Uz, or the fourth dimension of corpor, 584.30; 8.1; 550. two triangles of different kinds of wood interlocked without severing by spirit power, 613.40; 286.25. the cure is, come thou out of, and be thou clean. Whoso hath more faith in, let him remain in, 793.23, 24; 841.24; 815.17. departing out of, 920.16.
  12. Uzated, the star T-lemos was, 467.16.
  13. Uzians, world's people (840, 841.10, 11, 25), in contradistinction to Faithists, 2.21. and call ye out unto the, 917.18.