1. Valuable, to obtain knowledge and do good, these are, 605.6.
  2. Valuables, Ormazd alone is valuable; the man who hath the most All Light hath the greatest, 238,239.23,24.
  3. Vain, thou shalt not be, for nothing is thine, 195.22; 117.19; 217.17; 219.33. why will man be, of himself? 537.17 to 19. thou art, O man. Canst thou tell why the grass is green? 554.23.
  4. Vampires, angels that nestle in the atmosphere of mortals, living on their substance, 317.3. that live on mortals and in swine and cattle, 459.26. spirits who suck the blood and the flesh of mortals till the brain and heart are wild and mad, 462.18. spirits who inhabit mortals in order to live on the substance they eat and drink, 496.10. two classes of, spirits, 686.10.
  5. Vanity, who shall answer for the, of men and angels? 512.33; 190.29. O the, of Thy little children, 257.40.
  6. Veda, the, given through Brahma, and written down by his son Vede, 362.1; 363.24.
  7. Vedas, the written doctrines of the, as they now are, 662.6.
  8. Vede, one of Brahma's sons, 355.24, 25. the basis of, 662 to 667.
  9. Vedic Language, thus perished the, the language of song, and of poetry, and of great oratory, 448.21.
  10. Vengeance, man loveth, 485.4.
  11. Vind'yu (India), sacred books of, rewritten by Kabalactes, 702.29 to 43. great was the peace and beauty and glory of, in that day, 411.3; 331.27. the mighty people of, reduced in 100 years by Sudga to beggary, 445 chap. xlvi. in a few hundred years, was made by Kabalactes a land of ruins, 701.20, 21. oracles that destroyed, 918.10.
  12. Vishnu, organized the first Lorddom, 300.29; 303.12 to 305.24; 310.14. the God who inspired Abraham, 328.8, 9; 701.10.
  13. Visitors from some far-off realm, who are either discordant with yourselves or bent to meddle in the affairs of other people, 188.14.
  14. Voice, My, is in all places, 65.5. My, is in the rocks and in the wind that bloweth and in all things that have not tongues, 66.6 to 9; 656.97. then came the, of the Almighty, Jehovih out of the midst of the Light, 213.4, 5. no matter how long it descended, still the, is His, 237,238.14, 15; 266.3. Thy, is ever upon all men, but they hear thee not, 239.6; 263.10. Jehovih's, spake out of the Light to Ahura, 335.9;491.22;514.11. he who will hear His, must hearken, then cometh light, 560.5. shall he hear the voice, 915.3. See also, 756.22; 827.26; 851 chap xxi; 915.1,2.
  15. Voice and Words, think not that I cannot also create. Is this not easier than to create a man who shall create words? 213.7.
  16. Voice of the Creator, the honey-bee and the ant, 217.14, 15; 66.6 to 8; 129.4.
  17. Vortex, name given by man to whirl winds in the etherean firmament, 6.8.3 to 8. See Plates 25, 26, 27, 28, 553, 554;468.23; 583 chap, i; 592.25. the earth's faces towards the north, 505.3. a time shall come when the, of the earth shall burst, Remarks Plate 40, page 565. the half of the earth's, which faceth toward the sun is a concave lens to the earth, 590.2, 8. ethe holdeth corpor in solution, and when a portion of the solution is given a rotary motion, it is called a, 591.13.
  18. Vortex, Sub, the earth's vortex is a, existing within the sun's, 585.33. See also 588.13, 19; 589.21.
  19. Vortexya, the name of the force of the vortex is called, 583.9. the great secret form and force of vortices now first revealed to man, 319.15. the lines of, are in currents from the outer to the interior, 585.34. light, heat, magnetism and electricity are all one and the same thing, manifestations of vortexian currents under different conditions, 591.11, 12; 583 chap, i; 603.1.
  20. Vortexya, M', the north and south line of the earth's vortex is called the, 583.10. the tail of a comet is called its, 588.8.
  21. Vortexian Currents, males are the manifestation of positive Vortexya and females negative, 603.9. See also 592.25; 599, 600.10 to 12; 604.2, 3.