1. War, man obeyed the beast, and, came into the world, 1.6 to 8; 42.16; 44.14. nor will I, for the king, nor chief ruler, nor for any man, nor for any land, nor house, nor earthly things, 652.29; 424.17. whosoever engageth in, or leadeth in, 767.18; 775.40. God's judgment against, 806.13 to 15. such as engage in, cannot rise while, remaineth on the earth, 807.22 to 32.
  2. Warfare, God inquireth of Jehovih concerning, 397.11 to 13. es'sean, as mortals engage in corporeal, so angels engage in, 460, 461.3 to 7.
  3. Wark Belts of the earth and sun, 222.6 to 223.11.
  4. Washa'wow'wow, the great hunting-fields, 233.20.
  5. Washington guarded day and night by a thousand angels, 763.28; 761, 762.4, 5.
  6. Water Spouts, how caused, 593.3.
  7. Weakness, what is my, that I cannot overcome it? 2.3.
  8. Westward, 191.4; 484.4.
  9. Wheel, the meaning therof was, 79.60; 610.10; 702.26.
  10. Wheel of Ormazd, 228, 229.3 to 8; 230, 231.1, 2. hung in country-places by the roadside, 267.10.
  11. Whirlwind, the, made I as a sign to man of the manner of my created worlds, 6.3; 816.23;583.10;553.15.
  12. Wife, I am thy first, why slewest thou me? Was not the world wide enough? 218.22. in seeking a, see to it that Om is her transcendent virtue, otherwise she will be a thorn in thy side (Abraham), 623.10.
  13. Winds, the cause of the, chiefly, 585.32; 593.27,28.
  14. Wisdom, nor have I made, possible unto any man or angel that knoweth not My elements and the extremes of evil and good which I created, 13.9, 10. is not Jehovih wise as the universe and immutable? and to be in harmony with Him, is this not the sum of all? 67.24. the evidence of, lieth not in learning one thing only, but in the adaptation of man to Jehovih and His words, 110.2. mortals have said: It is good to be good, but it is not practicable. It is wise to be wise, but, runneth in a thousand roadways; every man for himself, 260.3; 310.9. cometh not suddenly; as darkness goeth away, light cometh, 551.10. there is more, in the song of a bird than in the speech of a philosopher, 560.6. to learn how to live, to rejoice and to do good, and make thy neighbor rejoice also,-this is, 570.19. to find what will make men loving and good toward one another, is not this the greatest (Confucius), 624.26. is not all, to be proved within each and every man? 559.38. think not that great, cometh suddenly by dying, 795.19.
  15. Wisdom of Jehovih, 920.1.
  16. Wise, but the, bide their time, and oft are fortified when others know it not, 422.31.
  17. Within, this nation, this government, and this people shall not be attacked in the places ye build. It is, 855.19 to 22.
  18. Woman in Vind'yu had risen in knowledge higher than the highest of women in other parts of the world, 411.6; 252.8.
  19. Woman, how nearly a righteous, dwelleth with the Creator! 359.12. Pharaoh said to Moses: My son, with all thy wisdom canst thou understand a? 514.45, 46; 791.32, 33. the way (according to the Osiris Bible) in which woman was made, 415.8.
  20. Woohootaughnee, the ground of games and tournaments, on the eastward of the lake (Salt Lake), 370.17.
  21. Word, a written, is not a, but an image of an idea which hath been spoken, 126.1. not one hath found a failure in Thy, as it speaketh to his own soul, 219.32. the Father's, from this time forth shall dwell with mortals, 267.5 to 7.
  22. Words, are not all, at best but pictures and paintings of the spirit that findeth them? 66.11. all, came from the Lord your God, 67.17, 18;19.36;27.10. at best, are but slow and course representations of the soul's conception of things, 109.5. the first heavenly, given on tablets and skins and cloth, and in books to mortals save what, were given in secret to the tribes of I'hins, 255.22; 317.23. spoken, are a breath of air; they blow away. Written, lay in silence; they are dead, 706.22.
  23. World, the formation, life and death of a corporeal, 7.13 to 20. I want no higher life. This, is good enough for me, 656.105. one, at a time is sufficient for me, 785.15 to 18.
  24. World's People, The, are descended from Cain (Osiris Bible), 416.29.
  25. Worship, Han's idea of, 317.18, 19. to, the father and mother, 424.17; 425.15. it shall be guaranteed unto them to, in any way their conscience may dictate, 746.41.
  26. Wotchak, a false god in atmospherea, overthrown by Osire, 151 chap. iv.