1. Xerxes, inspired by the Goddess Ashtaroth, 699.18 to 23. with the largest army in the world, goes against the Argos'yan (Grecians), 700.32. having had the greatest number of slaves, is sent for by God to help liberate those in Guatama, 770.2 to 4. goes to New York and takes thence the guardian angels, leaving the city in the hands of drujas, 771.16.
  2. Xerxes' army scattered and destroyed, 700.14, 15.
  3. Xerxes and Leonidas try to make mortals in Guatama, see justice and liberty, 771.15. allot themselves to finishing the war, 772.31 to 33. inspire mortals to athletic games, 772, 773.40 to 45.