1. Yak, a picture of a, Plate, page 57.
  2. Yaks were born of the Druks and Asuans, 43.5 to 9; 46.18. were born of the Druks and I'huans, 97, 98 chap, ii; 1.3 to 8. not capable of everlasting life in heaven, 45.6.
  3. Yaton'te, Lord God of North Guatama under Fragapatti, 193.8. location of the heavenly kingdom called, 223.1. relates the story of his adventures in founding his kingdom, 224.3 to 228.29.
  4. Yaton'te, the voice of Jehovih comes to, saying, 228.2 to 229.6. at the end of dawn takes his host to Mouru, 277.7. the only subjective heaven in the region of the red star (the earth), 527.2. See also 682.10; 686.9.
  5. Year, from one New Year's day until the succeeding one shall be called one, 824.6.
  6. Yeshuah, the heavenly place in atmospherea of Ah'shong, 49.11, 12; 108.6.
  7. Yi-ha Language, 143.5; 416.6, note; 189.27.
  8. Yima, Lord God of Shem, under Fragapatti, 193.8. a high raised God (301.4) into whose charge was given the 6000 loo'is for the raising up of Abram, Po, Brahma, and Eawahtah and their followers, 301, 302.5 to 9. the God who was the inspirer of Po, 328.5 to 8. a Savior; self-assumed Lord of the earth, 663.6,15. a self-made God in after times, who announced himself, son of Vivanho, 665.49. the captain of Kabalactes, host, 719.20.
  9. Yoke, man shall no longer be driven in, and harness, 810.22.
  10. Yokovrana, king of Hafghanistun of the capital city Oblowski, 467.13. consults the oracle in regard to an heir to the throne, 468.17. 's wife also consults the oracle, 468.18 to 22. ordered by the oracle to no longer pursue the sacrifice of human blood, 469.1, 2. See under Capilya.
  11. Young, the, are your angels given you by the Creator and ye are their Gods, 706.6. the, were taught in schools a knowledge of the sun and the moon and stars, and of all things that are upon the earth and in the waters thereof (43,000 B.K.), 60.21. I (God) labor not so much to convert adults, as to prepare the minds of the, 814.2. the new edifice shall be of the, and not of the adult, 814.9, 12; 802.7, 8.
  12. Yu-tiv, a damsel, fairest of women, 347.35. becomes the wife of Brahma, 349.47; 350.6. death of, 364.9; 365.16 to 20. after her death appears in sar'gis, 365, 366.5 to 11. See also under Brahma.