1. Zarathustra, to be a su'is sar'gis of the fourth grade, 176.24,25. raised up by the loo'is under the orders of God (Samati) I'hua'Mazda, 173.2 to 4. name of the father and mother of, 173.4. mother of, was by Sa'moan, an angel, obsessed before she conceived, and during the time of maternity not suffered to wake from her unconscious trance, 173.4. Fragapatti instructs God (Samati) as to what he is to accomplish on the earth in five years' time through his heir, 183.9 to 185.18. taken by his mother from the city of Oas to the Forest of Goats, 177.13. an i-e-su, a passionless birth, 174.7. stature of, equal to three ordinary men, 178.14. called by the tribes of the forest the Lamb of God, signifying strength and good will, 178.14. taught wisdom in all things by Ejah, one of God's Lords, 182.1 to 183.8.
  2. Zarathustra made a priest by the I'hins, remaining with them seven years, teaching them many things, 184.9, 10. again in charge of I'hua'Mazda, and goes before Asha, king of Oas, 185.17 to 22. used as a sar'gis in presence of Asha, 185.1 to 188.17. returns to the forest to write the Zarathustrian laws, 188.17. sat in the bushes for thirty days and thirty nights, neither eating, nor drinking, nor sleeping, 193.10. goes again to Asha, the king. Interview between them, 196.11 to 204.20. a man, All Pure, 205.5. delivers the prison, and the shaft of the keeper's spear is broken in a thousand pieces (see 261.25), 213,214.1 to 4. to visit the large cities of Shem, Ham and Jaffeth, and to travel four years delivering the Zarathustrian law, 215.5. founds the Zarathustrian religion, making Asha chief father, 215.7, 8. visits, the city of Tse'gow, and is used as a sar'gis before the king, 216.10 to 219.28. the king thrusts his sword at, but it broke into a hundred pieces and yet no part touched (261.25), 219.29.' city destroyed, and the king kills himself, 221.7 to 222.15. king appears in sar'gis, declaring he is not dead, 224.24. feeds more than 30,000 people for three days, (226.23), 225.7. teaches the people how to pray, 227.5 to 8. cometh to Ne'ki'ro, whose king was descended "from before the world was", and who was one-seventh and one-ninth of all created things, but kills himself and is restored to life by 235.5 to 240.28. departs to the upper lands of Shem, visits Ham, and returns to Oas, 241.9 to 242.13. brought before Pon'Yah, the king of Oas, who judges him and casts him into the den of thieves, 244.4 to 246.17. raises to life the messenger killed by the king, heals the sick and restores the blind and deaf, 246, 247.3 to 6. the learned people say of, if he be the master of the I'huans, let him prove his powers whilst he is hanging by the feet, 247.8. is imprisoned with two thieves, and hung between them, 247, 248.9 to 12. speaks to the learned men, and gives up his body, and it is cast into the den of lions and at first not eaten by them, but afterwards they eat it, 248.14 to 249.17. appears in the semblance of his own flesh and color, and in his own clothes, and speaks before Asha and the learned men, 250.21. inquired of as to the two thieves, who presently appear in sar'gis, 250.23, 24. inquired of as to how long a spirit lingereth around about, 251.27. in sar'gis, teaches for three days and nights the words of Ormazd, 252 chap. xxx. rises out of hada, where he had dwelt three days, 256.23. called Zoa-raaster in the Fonecian language, 333.1. See also 668.2 to 15; 543.14 to 20; 545.35.
  3. Zarathustra, so that the name of, was forgotten amongst men, 669.20.
  4. Zarathustrian Laws, 188 chap. viii. to chap. xiiv. 8; 193.10; 282, 283.31 to 37, 6.
  5. Zeredho had a God named Hoab, 186.8; 196.7; 292.4; 303.5.
  6. Zero, I created man at, but for him to add unto himself forever, 68.24; 100.2.
  7. Zeus, the Grecian name of De'yus, 435.6; 482.14. the Grecian name of De'yus, and afterwards of Baal, 699.29.
  8. Zodiac, signs of the, given by the Lord, 144.16. Osire, through his Lords bestows the tablet of the, on mortals, 167, 168.1 to 4. See Plate 64, page 613; also 614.49.